QuickTax is Canada’s leading tax software product and it is easy to see why. When compared with all its competitors, QuickTax has the slickest and most intuitive interface and provides the maximum flexibility by allowing users to prepare their taxes with either the interview method or directly using forms or switching back and forth between the two. As in previous years, QuickTax Desktop software comes in four main flavours: Basic ($19.99), Standard ($39.99), Platinum ($69.99) and Business Unincorporated ($99.99). All flavours allow you to file eight income tax returns (same as last year) and the main difference between the various product tiers lies in the range and sophistication of the interview process. If you are comfortable preparing your taxes directly with the forms and don’t need any guidance, Basic should be sufficient for your purposes.

I asked QuickTax executives to give us a rundown on what’s new this year. Here’s what they told me (my comments are in italics):

  1. Life Changes Profiling, available on Standard and higher tiers, guides tax filers through life changes that affect their tax return such as a marriage, a new baby, starting a business or going back to school. In my limited test drive of QuickTax Standard so far, I found this feature to be well integrated within the interview process.
  2. You can now import 2008 tax data from UFile or H&R Block and automatically import tax slips from epost.ca, CanadaHelps.org and RRSP providers. A lot of tax filers seem to demand an import feature but I find this to be of marginal use. After all, how long does it take to type in your name, date of birth, address and SIN number? However, I can see directly importing tax forms being useful in eliminating input errors.
  3. QuickTax has expanded its support options and offers free technical support through phone, chat and email for all product tiers. A new feature called “Ask a Tax Expert”, which costs $15, allows tax filers to ask unlimited questions and receive responses directly from a taxexpert. I found that QuickTax has integrated its community within Standard, which might be useful if you are stuck. For example, the screen where you enter your income slips has, on the right sidebar, useful questions like “Where do you enter union and professional dues?”, “I’ve cashed bonds. Where do I enter them on my tax return?”, etc. The answers come from QuickTax community of users but a quick check revealed that the quality of responses is very good.
  4. Audit defence was successful last year and is once again available for $39.99 this year. I wrote about this last year and have little to add to my comments. See post What’s new in QuickTax 2008.
  5. The online version of QuickTax has two free options. QuickTax Free Online and QuickTax Student Online. If you are preparing just one return and are comfortable preparing taxes over the Internet, the online versions of Standard ($16.99) and Platinum ($29.99) are much cheaper.

Giveaway: I received copies of Standard and Platinum versions of QuickTax 2009 for review purposes. I have installed and test driven the Standard version but I don’t think I’ll have the time to check out the Platinum version. That’s where you come in. I’m giving away one copy of QuickTax 2009 Platinum (retail value of $69.99) to a lucky reader. You can enter by simply leaving a comment in this post (please do not send an entry via email) and don’t forget to include your email address. If you are reading this through your favourite RSS Reader, you have to click through to the website and scroll to the bottom of the page and type in your comment. Some quick rules: (1) Deadline for entries is 8 p.m. EST on Tuesday, January 26, 2010. (2) One entry per person. (3) Canadian residents only. (4) I treat your privacy very seriously. Your email will be used for the sole purpose of contacting you if you happen to win. (5) I’ll pick one entry at random and announce the winner after the deadline.

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  1. I’d love to check it out, thanks!

  2. Hey there,

    I’ve always done my taxes manually, but this year will be my first with dividends and capital gains to declare, so that software could be real useful.

    Keep up the good work, this is a terrific site. Without it, I’d have bought “canadian-hedged” products and gotten hosed over time…..

  3. count me in. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Thanks for the review.

  5. Thanks for the review!
    Quick question – will it be able to file my provincial return in Quebec?

  6. I usually use Studio Tax but would love to give this a go.

  7. Nice review. I’m thinking of filing my taxes for the first time on my own this year and QuickTax might be anice way to try it. Hoping that the software is Mac compatible.

  8. Whoot – free stuff!

  9. I like free!!!

  10. Excellent! Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Historically I’ve been using Studio Tax, and before that it was cute tax whose name has changed to Tax Chopper. I would love to give a commercial software package a try.

  12. Like others, I’ve converted to Studio Tax.
    Prior to that though, I used QuickTax.
    It would be interesting to see how far the commercial product has come and if it would ever be worth spending money on tax software again.
    Great blog! Keep up the great posts!

  13. Dang, and I just bought Quicktax Platinum!!! With Quicken too, so not a bad deal.

  14. Thanks for the review, and the opportunity!

  15. I’m a big fan of Studiotax (the price is right – FREE) but I’d love to check out what’s changed in Quicktax since I last used it 3-4 years ago. Count me in!

    For those who don’t win on the giveaway, give Studiotax (www.studiotax.com) a try. I used it last year, and it did a great job.

  16. I’ve never used tax software.
    Would definitely be interested in trying it out ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I’d love to prepare taxes platinum style.

  18. Excellent. I use quick every year.

    CC, I do appreciate your post on disclosures after Preet did the same. Hopefully other financial bloggers will take some hints ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Please count me in.

  20. I will love to try it.

  21. Nice, I want it.

  22. Please enter me in the draw, thanks!

  23. I would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to review the Platinum version of QuickTax – our taxes got much more complicated this year since we started dripping both Canadian and U.S. stocks, my husband has a home office (a la T2200) AND we had a baby! I need help and would be happy to provide lots of feedback on my experience with the software!

  24. Thanks for the offer. Count me in please.

  25. Please enter me in the draw! thx

  26. Unfortunately Quicktax Incorporated does not also have the abikity to allow you to have a personal tax entered as it did in the past.

  27. I’ve been using Quicktax for many years, please enter me in the draw!

  28. I have used Quicktax the last 5 years and have had no complaints. I’m interested in this years Life Changes feature – that seems like it could be an excellent addition.

  29. Wayfare usually buys quicktax business unincorporated, but last year I did pretty much everything by direct entry into the forms so I suspect platinum would be more than enough for us ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Thanks for the review!

  31. I would find this software helpful and the “life changes” aspect of the interview would be great as my common-law spouse and I both returned to school this year.


  32. Thanks again CC – please count me in.

  33. I’ve used UFile for years – wouldn’t mind checking this out for free ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Count me in!

  35. I’ve been a QuickTax fan for many years. I’d love to be entered into the draw! Thanks!

  36. Please enter me.

    Will you be reviewing Studio Tax 2009 for those who don’t win?

  37. Thanks CC โ€“ please count me in.

  38. I have been using Ufile… but willing to try a different option.

  39. Count me in and thanks for the useful review!

  40. Never tried the Platinum. I’m in.

  41. include me please

  42. Like to see the platinum version. Thanks!!!

  43. Please include me. I’d love to file electronically this year. I’ve been filing paper forms for years and would like to finally catch up with the times.

  44. I enjoy your blog! Please include me in the draw. Thanks.

  45. Love the QuickTax.


  46. it is great if I get to review quicktax!

  47. Do these tax programs just interview you? Do you still get the capability to go to each form and enter your own data after the interview process?

  48. I have used quicktax for many years.I find it very useful and indeed educational.I found out things that Inever knew before.I will kep on using it. I use standard so far but Platinum has many other features

  49. Calgary Investor

    Excellent blog, count me in for the contest!

  50. Thanks for the review. Count me in.

  51. I’ve been using ufile all these years but I wouldn’t mind trying QuickTax.

  52. I’ve used QuickTax for years but never spent the coin on the premium version. Nice to see what I have (haven’t) been missing.

  53. I’m in!

    I now live in a little village that doesn’t have much for retail outlets. I was kind of thinking that I had to switch to something that I can download for my 2009 taxes.

  54. I have used the program for years… love the online feature. keeps your records together while travelling and get your return done quickly.
    include me in the draw…..

  55. Susan Anderson Behn

    Count me in for the Quicktax draw.
    Our household taxes are complicated because one of us has tax exemptions on some or all of of their income under the Indian Act. We also have a company and some part of the tax exempt income comes from that source as well.

    I have been doing all the taxes manually, and had just looked into using Quicktax, and can see that it “should” do these calculations properly. Since I am also using Quickbooks Professional, they should link together properly.

  56. Here is my post for the drew. Thanks alot.

  57. Thanks for the giveaway! ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. Thanks CC!

  59. Hmmm, hmmm. Abandon my beloved StudioTax? I’d have to be mighty impressed… but hey, I’ll keep an open mind. Thanks for the contest.

  60. I love Quicktax platinum. Others may be cheaper but I’ve used platinum for years and it works well.

  61. Wow, I’m in the sixties already. Kudos to the popularity of this site!

  62. Would like to try it.

    Gil D.

  63. I use Studio but wouldn’t mind trying this free

  64. Count me in. Thanks.

  65. I’m in, thanks.

  66. Count me in for the Quicktax draw.

  67. Count me in for the draw, please!

  68. I’d like to try it ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. Please include me in the draw. Thanks!

  70. Count me in for the draw.

    Other advantage about the online version is I’ve found a 20% discount the last two years. I believe it was through CIBC one year, and ScotiaBank the other year.

  71. Never used it before, but there’s always a time to start!

  72. Mmmmmmmm Taxes.

  73. Pick me! Pick me! ๐Ÿ˜›

  74. Count me in

  75. Thanks for the review CC. This will be my first year doing my taxes on my own after terminating my advisor and starting self-managed portfolios, so I am planning to buy a tax software package this year. Winning one would do, though ๐Ÿ™‚

  76. I like QuickTax!

  77. You didn’t explain what the differences are between the versions. I have filed my own taxes for over a decade but recently got married. Is it worth getting the Standard? What about for investments with capital gains?

  78. Thanks for the quick review of QuickTax. Please enter me into the draw =)

  79. I really want to the lucky one as one of this blog reader.

  80. So the Standard Online version is actually cheaper for a couple than buying the cd. That makes sense, and I’m glad they did it this way.

  81. I have been using Quick Tax for a long time and would like to be considered for testing the new version as I do my husband’s, mine and my daughter’s income tax.

    Thank you

  82. I’ve been using Quicktax for the last few years; it’s a very simple program to use. I only wish they would include the import from Quicken feature in the standard version.

  83. sounds interesting

  84. Good review. I will consider switching over from UFile to QuickTax

  85. Count me in please!

  86. Count me in, to win that is…

  87. This is the version I need!!!

  88. I haven’t decided which tax software to purchase this year but winning a copy would make the decision for me!

  89. I want to try Quicktax.

  90. I find it too expensive vs. UFile, but if I can get it for free… Thanks for including me in the draw.

  91. great review

  92. Yes please!

  93. Hi, thanks for this review! 2009 will be my first year with changes like Northern benefits, so I think software would sure help with that.

    Your efforts are much appreciated.

  94. Wish me luck!

  95. I filed with standard last year and it’s a great product. I’d love to try platinum!

  96. Nice review!

  97. To be honest, I haven’t ever filled my taxes manually in over ten years. I find I always wind up with a headache, kind of like when somebody tries to explain the rules of cricket to me for the fifth time in a row. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve been doing it online or on my computer ever since.

  98. Thanks for all the useful tips and information you give us.

    Now I would like to win this software.


  99. Please don’t pick me as I already have a copy. I just want to say I have been using it the last few years and it really speeds things up. For the first time last year, I filed electronically and got my refund back in about 2 weeks time.

  100. As always great work!

  101. Any word on a Mac version? They disappointed me a few years ago by disontinuing it.

  102. I would really like to try that software to prepare my taxes.

  103. I hope I am the lucky one!

  104. Awesome giveaway, count me in!

  105. Cool giveway – please include me in the draw.

  106. In for the give away. Thanks.

  107. Ooooooh, the tax man

  108. I don’t understand the 8 tax returns. I just need one for me and my spouse. They should offer a discounted version for fewer returns.

  109. thanks for the review. you have an awesome blog, btw.

  110. sign me up.

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  112. I’ve been using Quicktax and filing my taxes electronically for almost 10 years and got a bit tired of Quicktax’s 90’s look and feel that hasn’t changed much other than the price of the product.

    Last year I used their free e-mail support that wasn’t much helpful, it felt like they just did a quick copy and paste from Revenue canada website in their responses.

    And no marginal tax rate calculation, come-on Quicktax !!

    Anyway, this year I am giving a shot to UFile ( http://ufile.ca/ ) which is still on sale until end of January for 19.99 (full Desktop version).

    I personally prefer a desktop version.
    Online tax software would store all my confidential information on the supplier’s servers which are located “who knows where”. I know they say it’s secure (… until something goes wrong)

  113. I’ve used quicktax for many years since I first came here. It’s easy to navigate. Please count me in.

  114. I would love to try this out!

  115. Would love to have an opportunity to try this, thanks.

  116. Thanks for the opportunity.

  117. Yahoo, free stuff!

  118. Thanks for the review.

  119. Thanks for the opportunity.

  120. Good luck everyone, and especially me!

  121. Count me in. Thanks..

  122. Thanks for offering the free software! Love this blog!

  123. Please enter me in the draw – would love to try out the software.

  124. fingers crossed!

  125. Good information on this, sounds much better than the one I have previously used. Thanks, hope to win

  126. Thanks for the giveaway!

  127. I think Ufile is still better for the value.

  128. Would be great to try it out!
    Thanks for the offer.

  129. Quick Lunar Cop

    Hey, who doesn’t want software for free? Count me in!

  130. Hi there — Here’s my entry. Thanks, CC, for offering it up to your readers.

  131. I will pass on the free copy.

    I also would like to know if you will be reviewing the real free options?

    Studio tax: http://www.studiotax.com/ and also another this year called Udotaxes: http://www.udotaxes.com/eng/index.htm

  132. I’d love to check it out thanks! Been using the software for years…

  133. QuickTax Platinum lottery entry
    thank you

  134. Great Blog – keep up the good work!

  135. Thanks for your generosity. I really enjoy following your RSS.

  136. I normally use Standard. Platinum might be fun to try out.

  137. I used standard for the past few years. I would like to try Platinum for free. Count me in.

  138. Thanks for the offer.

  139. sounds pretty good, i dont mind to give it a try…
    count me in ^_^

  140. thanks.

  141. Am I too late???

  142. Thanks always for your comments. I’d like to win a copy but either way I’d like to plan on getting this year’s tax done and filed!.. I’ll watch for your next write ups .. Cheers,

  143. Canadian Capitalist

    The giveaway is now closed. The winner, picked at random through random.org is:

    #25. Jim Squires.

    Thanks to everyone for entering. Cheers.

  144. Would love to win!

  145. I am a studiotax man (been using them for 3 years!) but would love to give this a try.

  146. I’d love to win the draw. Sign me up please.

  147. Count me in please!

  148. count me in in the platinum draw

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  150. I’ve heard that you can install QuickTax on two computers.

    Do you know if this is fact?


  151. Yes, Woody, you can. I share my copy with my son-in-law – it says you can install it on “two computers that you own”, but I don’t actually own HIS computer, he’s in another city. And we get the Basic QuickTax, not the fancy one – it has all the schedules and everything you need.

  152. Fernando Margueirat

    Did you hear back from Jim Squires? Is the giveaway closed for good?

  153. Canadian Capitalist

    Yes. I have sent QuickTax Platinum by mail to Jim Squires and he has received it.

    Stay tuned. I have a UFile giveaway coming up…

  154. QuickTax 2009 (Suite)
    I just prepared a first draft of my Tax returns. (Final awaits some late-arriving T-slips). This is my 12th year (I think) with QT. very smooth and easy to file. I used the pension splitter tool – it was easy – only a couple of clicks to execute.

    Quicken 2010
    I updated my Quicken from 2008 tothe 2010 version which came with the QT Suite. No aditional functionality worth talking about. I do miss the wealth planner software which had come with an earlier Quicken version, and is no longer supported.

    Also I was hoping I could run Q2010 on my MacBook Air via Crossover. This worked for Quicken 2006, but the Canadian Q2008 and Q2010 are not supported on Crossover. Too bad – as I travel with my Mac.

  155. Gardiner Westbound

    Walmart and Costco have started selling QuickTax Standard for $29. It’s usually $39.

    Looks like Intuit’s greed a couple of years ago is still biting it in the a$$. After using QuickTax and it’s predecessors for over 15-years I switched to UFile. I find it is very good. I’ll stick with it, unless they do something silly like triple the price.

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