Irwin Michael, portfolio manager of ABC Funds, is a value investor who has easily outperformed the TSX index over 5, 10 and 15 year periods. In the Value Investigator website, Mr. Michael writes about his investment philosophy and his analysis of some of ABC Funds’ stock holdings. I would rank it as the best Canadian investment site and like this article notes, it “is a true gem and a must read”.

I find the site to be a great place to get investment ideas. For instance, I learnt about Canadian Natural Resources (TSX, NYSE: CNQ) and upon further research, decided to initiate a position in my portfolio. It has turned out to be one of my best investments so far. Thank you, Mr. Michael!

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  1. Bruce MacDonald

    Hmph. Some gem! I followed their advice and my portfolio is in ruins. Iona Energy, Savannah, Sherritt, all crashed. Seems they missed the oil price slump, as did almost everyone.

    Oh well. It was free. You get what you pay for. But please don’t call Mr Michael a genius and this site a gem!

  2. Bruce MacDonald

    Plus the site has mysteriously disappeared.