Thinking, Fast and Slow: Michael Lewis has high praise for Prof. Daniel Kahneman’s new book saying that it seeks to explain the research of the past few decades into what appears to be “permanent kinks in human reason”.

A Financial Advisor Makes a few Blunders: In a New York Times article, a financial advisor explains how he lost his home in the housing market bust and the lessons he has learnt from his experience.

Is that an asset bubble? The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Zweig says that it is easier to spot a bubble after it has burst but it is hard to identify one that has not popped yet.

Buying an immediate annuity: A column in Forbes magazine explains the factors a retiree needs to consider when converting a nest egg into an income stream by purchasing an annuity.

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Vanguard announcement that it filed the final prospectus for its initial lineup of ETFs this week attracted much commentary. Preet broke the initial story and Canadian Couch Potato called it great news. Michael James pointed out that investors pondering a switch to Vanguard ETFs should weigh the MER savings against trading costs.

Million Dollar Journey surveyed the most expensive and lowest cost MBA programs in Canada.

Potato a.k.a. John Robertson is out with a new book called Potato’s Short Guide to DIY Investing.

Planning on borrowing to invest? How to Invest Online drills down into the details on when it can work, the risks and the tax implications.

Thicken My Wallet argues that the active versus passive debate is less important than whether the adopted strategy is implemented successfully.

Canadian Financial Stuff points out with Costco selling gas in Ottawa now, just filling up the family car will easily justify the annual membership fee.

My Own Advisor featured a guest post that explained the basics of annuities.

Have a great weekend everyone! And for our veterans out there, thank you for your service!

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  1. Canadian Financial Stuff is exactly right… simply filling up the vehicle makes a huge contribution toward the Costco annual fee… and if you have the premium membership, you’ll get % back on those purchases too!

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  4. It would be nice to have a Canadian version of the annuity article. We Canadians seem to have fewer options and I’m less clear on what financial guarantees there are in the case that the insurance company goes bust. Thanks for the mention.

  5. Hi CC,
    Thanks for the mention, I’ve just posted today the follow-up article with a couple of worked through examples here
    A salute from me to all the vets on this Remembrance Day as well.

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