Europe’s “comprehensive” solution: Markets cheered news out of Europe on a plan to address the debt crisis. The Economist magazine explains the proposed solution and why the solution may not be so “comprehensive” after all.

Behavioural Biases: Daniel Kahneman is an expert in behavioural finance. Along with Amos Tversky, Prof. Kahneman is a past winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics. He has just published a new book titled Thinking Fast and Slow. Bloomberg ran a four part series of excerpts from the book on behavioural biases and how it affects us. You can read it here, here, here and here.

How scammers work: A gold scammer who bilked investors out of tens of millions of dollars talks about how he found his victims and convinced them to invest in non-existent gold bullion.

America, the comeback kid: The Telegraph newspaper reported that due to a confluence of factors, the US may be about to reverse its economic and strategic decline.

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