Saving Investors from themselves

In an excellent column in The Wall Street Journal Jason Zweig says that though the market constantly changes, sound advice rarely does.

Daniel Kahneman Interview

In an interview with The Motley Fool behavioural economist Daniel Kahneman discusses his field, his book and how his insights could help investors.

Designing an ultimate portfolio

The article is aimed at US investors but this Paul Merriman’s article in MarketWatch offers a step-by-step process for designing what he calls an “ultimate buy-and-hold” strategy.

Is ‘Smart Beta’ all that smart?

An article in The Economist magazine wonders if the new trend towards “smart beta” — capturing excess returns than the market by deviating from traditional capitalization weighted indexes — will suffer the same fate as alpha seekers.

Say No to Postal Code Requests

An article in Forbes points out why it may not be wise to give out your postal code when stores request it for customer traffic analysis purposes.

Home Brew Beer

The weather is hot outside and one’s thoughts naturally turn to beer. Canadian Money Forum members shared their experiences with brewing beer at home.

It’s takes a thief to know one

Bernie Madoff who operated the largest Ponzi scheme in history for decades and is now a “communications director” at a US Federal Correctional Facility offers tips on keeping your money safe from the predators on Wall and Bay Streets.

Normal markets, not 2008

Money manager Cliff Asness tells Fortune magazine that either interest rates are going to head back down or economic growth is going to pick up and either scenario is good for stocks.

Things to never buy new

This video on Yahoo Finance says that buyers can save a ton of money by buying things like cars and jewelry second hand.

Dow 36,000 revisited

While admitting he was wrong, the co-author of the unfortunately titled and timed book Dow 36,000 says he is now more respectful of the role that bonds can play in a portfolio.

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  1. Interestingly enough, the “ultimate portfolio” described above is quite similar to the portfolio I’m using described in a comment to your previous post.

  2. Sadly, a book titled “Ok maybe bonds aren’t that bad” won’t sell as well as “Dow 36,000” despite being far more useful.

    • Canadian Capitalist

      @Richard: I have a feeling that Mr. Glassman’s mea culpa may turn out to be unfortunately timed if bond yields normalize. I do find his theory of increasing exposure to Emerging Markets because of higher GDP growth is certainly problematic considering the evidence.