1. To celebrate our Fourth Blogiversary I’m giving away ten copies of Findependance Day by Jonathan Chevreau. Don’t forget to enter your name in the giveaway as the contest closes tonight at 8:00 P.M. EST.
  2. The leveraged buyout of BCE is almost dead over a little-known clause in the deal. This Globe and Mail story takes you behind the scenes of why the deal collapsed.
  3. It is true that recent stock market returns have been terrible but some of the claims about past performance are flawed.
  4. Money Grubbing Lawyer offers his take on the Canada Revenue Agency going after eBay PowerSellers.
  5. Four Pillars says that reports of the death of indexed investing are vastly exaggerated.
  6. Unfortunately, a weak economy means lay-offs and job searches. Squawk Fox has put together a list of resume no-nos.
  7. Blunt Money on ending over-the-top gift exchanges and having a peaceful holiday.
  8. Mike wrote a guest post on spreading investing knowledge around.
  9. Money Ning says that if you have time for a shower, you have time for personal finance.
  10. Million Dollar Journey took the Moonjar, a new-age piggy bank for a test drive.

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  1. Its hard to remain polite in regards to the BCE scandal. I feel very sorry for all those shareholders who have basically been the victims of a fraud on a massive scale.

    Clearly KPMG are doing the banks bidding and the ordinary shareholders have been ripped.

    There will be lawsuits and the board at BCE should resign on masse. They have neglected what was once a great business because they were all eyeing the huge bonuses they would make of the leveraged buyout.

    Who will lead the company now? The same morons who created this catastrophe for shareholders? Probably.

  2. Thanks for the mentions.

    The BCE situation is quite strange – the deal/financial info has been sitting there for months – why kill it now?

    That said I’m thinking of buying some today – anybody with me? 🙂

  3. “That said I’m thinking of buying some (BCE shares) today – anybody with me?”

    I already own to many to risk it. 🙁

  4. Thanks for the link CC. Are you going to use any special piggy bank system for your kids?

  5. Canadian Capitalist

    Mike: I don’t follow BCE enough to be confident of buying. The market’s good is probably better than mine, so I’ll pass.

  6. BCE at this price is no better investment than in Telus or other non telco stocks. In fact in could fall much further if hedge and arbritrage funds who did not unload BCE yet could unload anytime. I won’t buy BCE but would buy at $15.00


  7. Another interesting tidbits, Microsoft Canada has launched a new section dedicated to recent happenings in the Canadian economy and trying to inspire innovation from Canadian businesses as means of digging our way out.

    Microsoft Canada’s Canadian Economy

    Check it out.