In the following video, Larry Swedroe, the author of a recent book called The Quest for Alpha chats about housing market, commodities and why investors should follow a passive investment strategy.

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  1. In a recent essay, GMO’s James Montier explained the seven immutable laws of investing. I found GMO’s 7-year Asset Class Return forecasts to be very depressing.
  2. Investors have always chased returns, so why should silver be any different. A Barron’s column points out that retail investors were loading up on the precious metal just before it plummeted from $46 to $34. Hat tip to Steadyhand for the story.
  3. Canadian Mortgage Trends reported that discounts on variable rate mortgages are shrinking.
  4. As a big believer in diversifying globally, I thought Rob Carrick made some excellent points in making a case for going global in your portfolio.
  5. If you are looking for ETFs to own in your portfolio, you need to look past the sticker price (aka MERs) and look at tracking errors. Canadian Couch Potato posted an analysis of tracking errors displayed by US and international ETFs in 2010.
  6. Jim Yin weighs in on the question of how much you need for your retirement.
  7. Michael James explains why advising investors to stick to a plan but asking them to be prepared to make adjustments is contradictory.
  8. Million Dollar Journey offered some tips on how to cope when a new parent stays at home with the baby. I’m pretty sure a home day care will not work for us. Looking after our own kids is tiring enough!
  9. Money Smarts Blog explained how to avoid overpaying grants to a beneficiary when withdrawing from a family RESP.
  10. Boomer and Echo point out the five common mistakes investors make. I’m a bit surprised that paying too much for investments did not make the list.

That’s it for this week. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there. Have a great weekend everyone.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning Boomer’s post on common investing mistakes.

    I’m sad to see the shrinking VRM’s since I was hoping to secure a prime minus .75 before moving into our new house in August.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I don’t see a home daycare in our future either. 🙂

  3. The Swedroe interview was good. I found his strategy for dealing with demands for predictions interesting. Instead of refusing to give predictions he gave them but prefaced them with the disclaimer that people should pay no attention.

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  5. Hey Ram! Thanks for including me. Your support of my writing is really appreciated

  6. Interesting article on silver. Some people have been learning this week of the dangers of chasing the latest hot investment.

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