Financial Advisor Carl Richards explained how to think about portfolio diversification in a Bucks blog post in The New York Times.

Recently, Direct Energy, which rents water heaters in Ontario, managed to yet again anger customers with a confusingly-worded agreement that would impose stiff buyout fees for clients who want to switch to a competitor. If you still rent your water heater, you can likely save a bundle by buying out your current heater and then replacing it on your own later.

A Canadian Money Forum member rounded up some of the free tax preparation software options out there.

Zvi Bodie co-authored a column in The Wall Street Journal in which he explained that investors should buy risk-free assets to cover their needs and manage stock market risk through options strategies to pay for their wants.

The Blunt Bean Counter explains the finer points of the Children’s Arts Amount and the Children’s Fitness Credit.

Million Dollar Journey wrote a post on what testamentary trusts are and when they should be considered.

Michael James on Money observed some quirks when trying to convert Canadian dollars into US Dollars with DLR/DLR.U at BMO InvestorLine.

Canadian Financial Stuff who is now a civil servant explains that working for the Federal Government is not all la vie en rose as it is often made out to be.

My Own Advisor featured a guest post that explained why premiums on permanent life insurance policies are going up.

Financial Highway put together an infographic based on a survey on investment fraud.

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  1. Hey CC- Thanks for the rec. Personally, not sure these credits are great tax policy, but who am I to question a benefit to taxpayers.

  2. The latest trick from Direct Energy makes me glad I now own my water heater. Who needs the drama for something that costs less than $1000 to replace? Thanks for the mention.

  3. Thanks for the link Ram. Have a great weekend and enjoy the warmer weather!

  4. love those tax tips at this time of year. Thanks for sharing.