Aggressive Pension Return Assumptions: The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Zweig points out that many private pension plans have unrealistic expectations of double digit returns from stocks. On the other hand, Berkshire Hathaway, whose pension plan is overseen by Warren Buffett, expects stock returns to range between 8% and 9%.

Pricey Dividend Payers: This column in the New York Times points out that investors attracted to dividends should note that the sectors that a rich in dividend-payers such as utilities, REITS, health care and consumer staples are now trading at rich valuations.

Canada’s Housing Bubble: The Economist magazine weighs in on housing prices in Canada pointing out that the ratio of housing prices to income is now 30% above the historical average.

Modest Housing Returns: Larry Swedroe points out that a long view of history shows that returns from residential real estate are rather modest. In any case, he suggests that we think of housing as a consumption item rather as a pure investment.

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  2. I’m surprised that Warren Buffett has changed his tune. As recently as his 2007 Annual Letter to Shareholders, he criticized even 8% projected pension returns as being far too rosy:

    Realistically, given the poor returns of pension funds over the last few years, even double-digit blowout returns over the next few years are not going to generate a long-term average of 8%. It’s increasingly hard to find either experts or academics who are projecting anything over 6.5-7% for pension funds:

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  10. Larry Swedroe makes a point I’ve been flogging: home ownership works well as forced savings, but as an investment barely breaks even. And now, it’s time for taxes — thanks!

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  25. There is going to be a lot of pain in the US when everyone realises those pension promises are a lie based on the 8% return assumption. Mebane Faber put out a paper on the topic:

    “What if 8% is Really 0%? Pension Funds Investing with Fingers-Crossed and Eyes Closed”

    I’m concerned enough about the CPP’s 4.2% real return assumption being realistic. So far they have achieved only 5.9% nominal, or perhaps 3.9% real.

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  54. Expecting any more than a 9% return on stocks is unfortunate. And after the fees and taxes one might want to reconsider their investment strategy. My suggestion is always measure twice (or as many times as you need) and cut once with confidence.

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