1. Well, that didn’t take long. The Ottawa Citizen reported that the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) will ask its members to bow to the demands of the Competition Bureau of Canada and allow easier and possibly cheaper access to its Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
  2. RRSP season is well underway and financial institutions are bombarding us with constant reminders to make a contribution. To help navigate the tricky shoals of investing and RRSPs, Larry MacDonald asked several experienced financial advisers to comment on pitfalls investors should avoid.
  3. Labour-Sponsored funds used to be very popular. But now investors are shunning them due to lousy returns and lack of liquidity, says Ellen Roseman in The Star.
  4. If you have a defined benefit pension plan, what type of RRSP commitment should you make? Canadian Money Forum members weigh in with their opinions.
  5. Blessed by the Potato wonders if Toyota’s recent troubles will help him land a deal on a Prius.
  6. Million Dollar Journey comments on a on a strategy to split income with a stay-at-home spouse through a spousal RRSP.
  7. Preet observes that many Canadians have an extreme home bias in their investments and explores why it is so.
  8. Thicken My Wallet offers his take on what the Competition Bureau’s attempt to pry open the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to discount brokers means for the buying and selling of real estate.
  9. Michael James reports that it is dangerous to give companies with less-than-stellar reputations permission to make automatic withdrawals from a bank account.
  10. The Dividend Guy pointed out that you should be aware of the risks in dividend stocks and take steps to manage those risks.

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  1. Thanks for the mention. I expect to stay in my current house long enough for the dust to settle in this MLS real estate battle that will hopefully result in lower costs.

  2. Thanks for the mention Ram – have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks for the link! Yes, it did — but just a day after we agreed to a price, the recall for the Prius brakes was announced. I’m sure I could have done even better had I waited longer.

  4. Thanks for the link. And here I thought CREA would put up a delaying action at least. Glad I was wrong.

  5. Another set of good reads. Thanks.

  6. Family Day in Alberta too!

  7. Thanks for the link CC, enjoy the long weekend!