Million Dollars ain’t what it used to be…

A New York Times column points out that with bond yields low even retirees who have saved up as much do not have a lot to live on.

Commodities for the Long Run

What can we say about commodity prices over the long run? This paper provides fascinating insights into real commodity prices over 160 years. One example: prices of stuff that is grown have depreciated over time but prices of non-renewable resources have increased.

Another week, another alleged fraud

The Vancouver Sun reported on yet another alleged fraud in which a former financial advisor sold extremely risky securities to retirees and senior citizens.

Are Homes Investments?

The Wall Street Journal asked a panel of experts how a personal residence fits into one’s investment portfolio.

The knock against credit cards

This article says that credit cards are making us poorer and fatter. Are credit cards also responsible for global warming?

REITs down

With bond yields spiking up, the hunt for yield may be at an end says this Bloomberg article. One of the hardest hit categories is Real Estate Income Trusts, which have dropped sharply in the past few weeks.

The Hindenburg Omen

Hindenburg Omen is supposed to foretell a stock market crash. If you believe in these things, it probably will distress you that the Omen has reportedly occurred five times in recent weeks.

Effects of the housing bubble

A recent story on CBC’s The Current looked at the effect high housing prices are having on Canadians.

Housing Bubble or not?

Canadian Money Forum members weighed in on whether Canada is experiencing a housing bubble.

Stephen Harper, Funny Man

Here is a funny video of Prime Minister Stephen Harper mimicking Brian Mulroney, Joe Clark and Preston Manning. You can safely skip the video after the two minute mark.