In a wide-ranging interview with Charlie Rose on PBS, Jeremy Grantham says that the era of 3 percent economic growth is over.

Jason Zweig says that automatic enrolment with opt-out can help alleviate the retirement savings crisis.

Rob Carrick says that you can give your kids their inheritance early by starting early and contributing regularly to a Registered Education Savings Account (RESP). It’s good advice because the Government kicks in at the very least an extra 20 percent.

Bitcoins were in the news this days as the value of these virtual coins soared in the wake of events in Cyprus. This blog post takes a deeper look into the strengths and weaknesses of Bitcoins.

As the old saw goes, investing is simple but not easy. This article offers ten tips for overcoming some common investment errors.

Larry Swedroe highlights the findings of a study that found that there is no special advantage to a strategy of investing in dividend-paying stocks.

Michael James calls value averaging — an investment strategy that involves adding or withdrawing money from a portfolio based on a pre-determined rate of return — “non sense”.

Canadian Financial Stuff says that he finds passive investing still means you have to pay attention to your portfolio. I tend to agree but it should be mentioned that the time demands of a passive portfolio are fairly minimal.

Google recently announced that it is shuttering the Reader product. Blessed by the Potato wonders why Google is killing off some of its useful products.

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  1. Swedroe is taking quite a chance provoking dividend investors. They’re less litigious than Scientologists, but no less rabid. Thanks for the mention.

  2. Thanks for the mention, as you said my point is not that Passive Investing takes a lot of time, just that you can’t ignore it completely either.

  3. Thanks for the reminder on the RESP!

  4. Thanks for the interesting links, CC!

  5. Good information on RESP’s and on the need to start early for the compounding.

  6. I enjoy reading your articles.

  7. The tax coupon would be a blessing! Many thanks.

  8. I would love to win the H&R tax software. Thank you for hosting the giveaway!

  9. Appreciate your roundup of interesting articles from the web. Thanks for the opportunity to win tax software.

  10. Please include me in the H&R Block giveaway. Thanks a bunch. 🙂

  11. Thanks for the giveaway! I could def use help with my taxes.

  12. VA seems to be working for me, I keep a lower percent of bonds and then some HISA cash that would maintain a balance of fixed income/cash close to 100 minus my age. I don’t end up buying when the market has just risen quickly and when it slows or drops I add to my portfolio. As well I can still rebalance from bonds to equities if there were a large drop and then use whatever cash I had. Does anyone else here use this strategy?

  13. Count me in for the draw.

    Always great to read through the articles you link to; having them linked here tells me they’re likely worth my time !

  14. I’ve already filled my taxes using UFile, but it would be interesting to compare the experience/results with the H&B one.

    I really like your blog btw, many thanks for all your informative posts.

  15. Enjoyed the links. Thank you.