1. Morningstar warns investors against the false sense of security provided by stop-loss orders. As the flash crash has shown, these stop-loss orders can have disastrous consequences.
  2. What was behind the violent swings in ETF prices? What can investors do to protect themselves? John Heinzl weighs in.
  3. Jon Chevreau highlighted a report from Vanguard Group titled Deficits, the Fed, and rising interest rates: Implications and considerations for bond investors in his column in the Financial Post. Mr. Chevreau urges investors not to make ill-timed tactical adjustments based on forecasts of which way interest rates are headed.
  4. Preet says that the next time you hear a talking head on TV use the phrase “a stock picker’s market”, it’s a signal that the next few minutes of your life are going to be a giant waste of time.
  5. Michael James weighs periodic rebalancing against threshold-based rebalancing and comes down in favour of the latter.
  6. Kevin Press takes a closer look at media reports that focused on the fact that close to half a million homeowners will be in trouble if mortgage rates rise to 5.25% and finds reasons for optimism.
  7. Canadian Couch Potato calls high tracking error and fees, the “dirty little secret” of indexing.
  8. Got a tax refund this year? Million Dollar Journey offers some ideas on what to do with the windfall.
  9. Mr. Cheap reviews Saving Penny, a web-based video series offering young women financial tips and information.
  10. The Financial Blogger draws inspiration from the perseverance displayed by the Montreal Canadiens. Go Habs! Go!
  11. Larry MacDonald welcomes RBC Direct Investing’s recent announcement that it will allow clients to hold US dollars in their RRSP accounts.
  12. The Dividend Guy suggests how to plan when stuff happens when it comes to dividend investing.

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  1. Thanks for the link.

    Kevin Press’ article is quite interesting.

  2. That was definitely a wonderful Game 7 victory that the Habs had against the Penguins last night.

    But if I were to use a sporting analogy to investing, it would revolve around the definition of “luck”. The definition of luck is when preparation meets opportunity. So, if an opportunity presents itself, such as the puck passing in front of the opposing team’s net, then if you don’t have a player in front to shoot it in, then you didn’t have the preparation to capitalize on that opportunity. It is worthy to note that just because you are prepared, it doesn’t mean that you will find the right opportunity, but if you’re not prepared, then you’ll never be able to capitalize on it.

  3. Thanks for the mention. The quote you pulled from Preet’s article is a good one. There are other good signals on television that the next few minutes will be a waste of time such as “I’m Jim Cramer and …”.

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  5. Thx for the mention!

    I’m glad you are cheering for the Habs! (I thought you would be a Leafs fan 😉 ).
    I still can’t believe we made it…

    The Bruins will be eaten alive!

  6. Another good signal that you might be wasting your time is when you hear: “Welcome viewers, you are tuned to CNBC…”
    Many years ago, I tried the stop-loss technique. Then there was some bad news one evening and the stock opened the next day some 25% below the stop-loss, and the stock got sold at that price.

  7. Thanks so much for the link (and for the kind words, Four Pillars).

    Will Dunning struck me as relatively pessimistic about the gobal recovery, which is why he doesn’t see rates rising sharply here at home. His view that the Bank of Canada will have to raise rates slowly because of the “tepid” recovery around the world probably deserves more discussion.

  8. Thanks for the link Ram! Have a great weekend!

  9. Interesting list again… thanks!