1. What caused a financial crisis so severe that 12 out of the 13 largest were at a risk of failure within a week or two? The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission blames lax regulation, poor risk management at huge financial institutions, highly leveraged balance sheets and poor crisis management among others. The entire report is available here.
  2. Blessed by the Potato is hopping mad with a CRTC ruling forcing Teksavvy to match Bell’s outrageous internet bandwidth charges. Shame on you CRTC!
  3. A recent story in The Ottawa Citizen offers one more reason to be careful about what you post on social media sites: insurance companies are mining these sites for inconsistencies with insurance claims.
  4. Canadian Money Forum members share a chuckle over Derek Foster’s ill-timed move to dump all his holdings.
  5. My Own Advisor reviews Lowell Miller’s Single Best Investment, a bible for the dividend investing crowd.
  6. The Financial Blogger wrote a very funny post making super heroes out of bloggers.
  7. Larry MacDonald wonders if the rising cost of Government means taxpayers in all brackets are better off avoiding RRSPs. Check out the comments for some dissenting viewpoints.
  8. Money Smarts Blog offered his take on the new US-Friendly RRSP from Scotia iTrade.
  9. Financial Highway offers five super smart tricks for living within your means. The key is picking a saving strategy that suits you. Once saving becomes a habit, it becomes easy to stick with it.
  10. Million Dollar Journey reveals that Derek Foster has published a new book on how anyone can become wealthy by picking “idiot proof” stocks. Put me down in the skeptic column.
  11. Canadian Couch Potato warns investors against buying a stock just because you use its products or services. One hopes buyers of Derek Foster’s new book are listening.
  12. Michael James liked Rob Carrick’s Guide to What’s Good, Bad and Downright Awful in Canadian Investments Today.

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  1. Thanks for the mention CC! Hopefully enough people will rise up against this that the CRTC will come to its senses and allow for competition.

  2. “The CRTC’s mandate is to ensure that both the broadcasting and telecommunications systems serve the Canadian public….] I am not sure how this decision will serve the public, unless by public they meant BCE.

    Thanks for the link have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks for the mention.


  4. Highlighting Potato’s analysis is a good idea. Thanks for the mention.

  5. @Potato: I’ll be writing my MP. Unfortunately, he is a Liberal, so not sure how effective it will be.

    @Ray: By “public”, CRTC means communications companies and their shareholders!

    @Money Smarts, @Michael: yw.

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  7. Thanks for the mention Ram. Enjoy the snow here in town this weekend 🙂

  8. It’s worth noting that if you want to write to your MP about the Usage Based Billing issue it will be postage free if you use their Parliament Hill address :

    Your MP’s Name
    House of Commons
    Parliament Buildings
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K1A 0A6

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  10. I still fail to understand the buzz around Derek Foster.

    He made his million $ throwing all of his eggs into one basket (Philip Morris) in one huge gamble and that makes him an “investment guru”? If that’s the case, then there’s a new “investment guru” made twice a week in Lotto 6/49! If you ask anybody who WON the lottery, they’ll tell you it’s the best $2 investment that they’ve ever made – put $2 in and make $2 million. A no brainer – and it worked for them, so therefore it should for you…?

    A kid brother of a friend of mine “retired” at 28 when he made out like a bandit on a junior mining stock (he was a geologist by training). That’s a full 6 yrs younger than Derek Foster, but he’s not out there trying to sell himself as an “investment guru”.

    • @Phil S: Agree. An investment strategy has to be repeatable. Making a leveraged bet on 1 stock isn’t an repeatable strategy. And it’s BS that DF is “Canada’s Youngest Retiree” when the reality is he switched one job with another (writing flaky investment books).