1. This blog and Million Dollar Journey are teaming up to launch a new platform for freewheeling discussions on all things financial called the Canadian Money Forum. To get the project off the ground, we are conducting a giveaway where you can win one of eight (8) $25 Chapters or Amazon.ca gift cards. To participate in the giveaway, all you have to do is register here before Friday, April 10, 2009 at 8 PM EDT and we’ll pick eight names at random after the deadline.
  2. Mutual funds are often criticized because they are managed to be more profitable to shareholders rather than unit holders. It is pleasantly surprising, therefore, to read Rob Carrick’s column on Francis Chou who is refunding almost all the management fees for a poorly performing fund.
  3. Ellen Roseman wrote a blog post and column on why you should not buy insurance from your bank.
  4. Gail, the host of Til Debt Do Us Part, is conducting a short survey on kids and money.
  5. Larry MacDonald highlighted a CMHC outreach program that aims to help homeowners in danger of defaulting on their mortgage.
  6. The Wealthy Boomer on four reasons why buy-and-hold still works.
  7. Million Dollar Journey discussed technical analysis basics such as support and resistance.
  8. With tax season under full swing, Thicken my Wallet tackles an important question: Should you file your own tax returns?
  9. Michael James points out an important feature of Ontario’s plan to harmonize sales taxes that is missing from most coverage of the matter — the input tax credit available to businesses.
  10. Financial Highway covered the basics of critical illness insurance.

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  1. Looking forward to check out the forums – you and FT have great communities and are the perfect blogs to launch this sort of thing.

  2. Love the forum CC!

    I’ve been keeping my eye on it all morning!

  3. Great job with the Forum CC! thanks for the link

    enjoy your weekend!

  4. The “register” function is not working on the Forum. I accept the Forum rules and click “reigster” but it does not take me to the point where I can fill out the profile.

    • Canadian Capitalist

      Terry: I’ll look into it. I think moderation might be on. I’ll check and get back to you.

  5. I am also unable to register.

  6. Thanks for the mention. The new Canadian Money Forum looks interesting. I’ll have to check it out when I’m back from vacation.

  7. To complicate things, the “Contact Us” on the site does not work either. I get the page to raise my question but if I click in any of the boxes to enter information, the page disappears and I am returned to the list of Forum topics. It is really weird

  8. I figured out the problem. I went to the forum through Google Chrome. I tried again this evening using Windows Explorer and the system worked. They are obviously not set up for compatibility with Chrome.

  9. yes. I was using Safari. I’ve just installed firefox on my lap top so I’ll give that a go.

  10. Canadian Capitalist

    deni, Terry: We’ll test with Safari and Chrome and check that everything works. Thanks for your patience as we iron out some of the bugs.