A number of personal finance blogs have come online over the past year and quality posts are being written all the time. I am planning to collect posts that I found interesting and publish a list every other week.

  1. If you invest in a mutual fund that is closely identified with a star manager, you run the risk that the manager will leave the fund for greener pastures. Ellen Roseman and Tom Bradley share their thoughts on a recent departure from Sceptre Equity Growth Fund.
  2. Canadian Financial DIY offers a primer on how value stocks in an index are identified. I found it surprising that different index providers use different metrics in addition to price-to-book to determine “value”.
  3. Million Dollar Journey recommends Interactive brokers for active traders.
  4. Your local grocery store or supermarket will most likely place a more expensive at your eye level. Thicken my Wallet is conducting a little experiment to see how much money can be saved at the supermarket by buying a product located at a non-ideal location. You can check his latest results here and here.
  5. If you live in Toronto, you may be able to take advantage of Four Pillars’ painstaking research to find out which grocery store will save you money overall.
  6. Canadian Mortgage Trends points out the effect Toronto’s new land transfer tax will have on the frictional costs of home buying. Also, will this ugly example spread to other Canadian cities?
  7. Canadian Dream has some suggestions for raising happy children without going broke.
  8. Growth in Value comments on a column about money being a taboo subject despite the importance of financial compatibility in a relation ship.
  9. Larry MacDonald says that though natural gas stocks (such as Encana) have had a strong rally, they still have room to run.
  10. Money Gardener shares his stock selection process by examining Walgreen (WAG), a drug store chain in the US.
  11. Financial Jungle explains why he prefers Bank of Montreal over investing in a 10-year bond.

Happy Canada Day everyone. Since it is a long weekend, I won’t be posting on Monday.

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