1. Warren Buffett took questions from yet another group of business students and Fortune magazine was there to record his answers.
  2. ETFs were supposed to be a good thing that offered broad diversification in a low cost, tax efficient manner. Trust Wall Street to spoil the fun.
  3. Ellen Roseman wrote about online resources available for picking a discount broker (and thanks for the mention!).
  4. Rob Carrick notes that savvy mortgage borrowers can knock 0.6% off prime a variable-rate mortgage and 1.5% off the “posted” rate for a five-year fixed-rate mortgage.
  5. Prem Watsa has been called Canada’s Warren Buffett. The Star reports that the chair of Fairfax Financial Holdings (TSX: FFH) is extremely bearish on equities.
  6. Tim Cestnick writes in The Globe and Mail that doing the little things right can help save tax.

Blog Roundup:

  1. Triaging My Way to Financial Success highlighted Rob Carrick’s article on mutual funds that have increased the MERs since 2003. Even if MERs stayed the same, the fund companies are not passing on the 1% GST cut to the customer.
  2. Now that spring finally seems to be here, Canadian Financial stuff reminds us to take the snow tires off the car.
  3. Squawk Fox started a series of posts about succeeding in most people’s biggest asset – their careers.
  4. Four Pillars wrote about using the new Tax-Free Savings Account for an emergency account.
  5. Million Dollar Journey reviewed TradeFreedom, a deep discount broker.
  6. Middle Class Millionaire offers the secret to financial success.
  7. Thanks to Gather Little by Little for including my post on Another Reason to Avoid Hedge Funds in the Carnival of Personal Finance.

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  1. As always, honored to be mentioned. Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Thanks for the mention!


  3. Thank you so much for mentioning my career series! Many people have downloaded the series templates and worksheets throughout the week. Have an awesome weekend!

  4. Thanks for the link, I still have my snow tires on though… next week they come off.

  5. The Tim Cestnick article is interesting. One of the points he brings up is income splitting to reduce taxes. He uses the example of paying family members for working in a business but he also touches on spousal RRSPs. I’m wondering, now that we have pensions income splitting (which I think includes RRIFs) do spousal RRSPs make any sense anymore? I suppose if you were using the spousal RRSP to withdraw from before retirement and you did the necessary steps to avoid the attribution rules then they could make sense…

  6. Canadian Capitalist

    oxCC: I think spousal RRSPs still make sense for folks aiming for an early retirement but the introduction of pension income splitting did take a lot away from the benefits of spousal RRSPs.

  7. About article 6: I often hear about non-taxable benefits, but have never found a definitive source on the subject.
    How are these handled at tax-time?
    If an employer doesn’t provide a group benefits plan, could they instead pay for your glasses/prescription/dental themselves? How would you set that up with them so that it’s not treated as additional income (and taxed)?

  8. After reading the articles featuring Prem Watsa and Warren Buffett I’d say Mr. Watsa seems to have little in common with Buffett. Buffett’s whole mantra is admitting you’re not smart enough to time the market yet that is exactly what Watsa is attempting based on macro data.

    Thanks for the articles and links CC.

  9. Canadian Capitalist

    Hamcake: Let’s say you received Microsoft Office software at deep discount through your employer. The software retails for $600 but you were allowed to purchase it for $50. I believe the $550 benefit is non-taxable. i.e. it is not treated as employment income and you don’t have to declare it on your taxes.

    The non-taxable benefits I’ve personally received were already offered by the employer. I don’t know how to actually set it up, so other readers might have more comments.

  10. Thanks for the mention also CC!!!! (Added you to the Blogroll)