1. It is heartening to see that Canada’s world-beating mutual fund fees are falling. Rob Carrick writes in The Globe and Mail that RBC Direct Investing is planning to give DIY investors a significant break in the trailer fees on Royal Bank’s in-house funds. The fee reduction will be worth as much as 90 bps on some equity funds.
  2. Canadian Financial DIY shows why investors having an unhedged exposure to an international fund like the EFA, are not affected by the currency fluctuations between the CAD and USD.
  3. Standard & Poor’s explains why investors should invest in foreign equities even if markets are highly correlated.
  4. As mortgage rates start to creep up, here’s some good advice from Canadian Mortgage Trends: Plan Early for Mortgage Renewals.
  5. SteadyHand’s Tom Bradley wonders what could derail the current multi-year bull market.
  6. The Star’s Ellen Roseman offers tips for navigating travel insurance waters.

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