1. The Star’s Ellen Roseman reviews the Canadian edition of Dan Solin’s book The Smartest Investment Book You’ll Ever Read.
  2. I enjoy money manager Tom Bradley’s blog and wondered why he doesn’t post anymore. Turns out that the feed for the blog has changed. You can subscribe to his blog here.
  3. The Wealthy Boomer is finally becoming a real blog with a RSS feed (sadly, no full feed yet) and comments (you have to register to comment). Jon Chevreau wrote about “a get rich quick” real estate event in Toronto in which The Donald was scheduled to make an appearance.
  4. Jonathan Chevreau reviews John Bogle’s The Little Book of Common Sense Investing.
  5. With a month or so left to file your income taxes, you can still get a $10 discount on QuickTax just by visiting the TaxWiz website.
  6. Still on the subject of taxes, check out this top ten list of tax-filing tips from Ernst & Young.
  7. Jeremey Siegel reports on a chat with the Oracle of Omaha.

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  1. Dear CC,

    You can access Bradley’s blog without subscription at http://blog.steadyhand.com/

    His colleague, Scott Ronald also blogs http://scott.steadyhand.com/

  2. The one Warren Buffet investment philosophy that I recently (meaning starting about 1.5 yrs ago) took to heart is his investment time horizon. I decided a year ago that I should invest with a time horizon of “forever”. Is that what we call it a Buffet-ism?

    The only exceptions to that rule I’ve made since that time is some tax loss selling after our government decided to blow up our income trusts. Aside from that, I also got bought out of a few of my stocks – but I made some good cash on the buyouts, so no complaints here!

  3. Hey CanadianCapitalist,
    We’ve had kind of a serious situation going on over at my site: I was going to ask for some help from the personal finance bloggers to spread the work.

    SEE: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2007/3/prweb514902.htm

    I sent out a press release to notify Canadians of a potential bogus demand letter scam.

    After a few postings on our forum about Deanna Natale and Natale Law Office in Feb-Mar 2007, there were hundreds of visits to our site from others who were presumably receiving the same letters.

    In the press release I’ve included some tips as to what people can do to determine if they’ve actually received a bogus demand letter.

    If you could write a small alert in your main area, it would be much appreciated.