With traditional pension plans covering less and less numbers of Canadians, RRSPs are supposed to take their place. But, a significant number of Canadians don’t even have a RRSP and only a tiny fraction contribute the maximum every year. One of the reasons for this sad state of affairs is a lack of awareness – even people who contribute to a RRSP are under the impression that it is an “investment” they have to buy to save some tax within the deadline. Preet Banerjee, a stock broker, financial planner and the blogger behind the Where Does All My Money Go? was motivated to write a valuable reference book on RRSPs (subtitled “41 Strategies Canadians need to know about our country’s single greatest tax planning tool”) when he couldn’t find an up-to-date book on the subject despite the role that RRSPs are going to play in the retirement dreams of many Canadians.

Preet sent me a draft version of the book that I managed to read over the weekend (to be honest, I did “skim” through some strategies because it is so hard to stare at the computer screen when you already do it for a living). The book covers an exhaustive list of strategies that you can implement with your own RRSP, whether you are a beginner, have been contributing for years or are close to retirement. Everything that I can think of (and some I didn’t) is here (Check out the Table of Contents for a self-explanatory list of strategies): from RRSP loans, over-contribution rules, spousal accounts, meltdown strategies, withdrawal strategies. I myself picked up a nugget of information or two that I didn’t know about.

The book is available from The RRSP Book website for $25 (including taxes and delivery). You can find some excerpts on the book’s website and a lot of content from the book is also available on Preet’s blog (such as this discussion on the eternal debate between the Save to an RRSP and Pay Down the Mortgage camps).

The Giveaway: Preet has generously offered four copies of the book for the readers of this blog. Participation is very simple – just leave your email address and a comment to this post. Deadline for entries is Friday, January 18, 2008 at 8 p.m. EST. One entry per person. Canadian residents only. Your email will not be shared with anyone. I’ll pick four entries at random after the deadline. Good luck!

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  1. RRSP contributions made during the first two months of the year, is it optional which tax year the contributions are applied towards (the one past or upcoming)?

  2. I guess this is a good a time as any to tell you I enjoy your site! In fact, it has been my homepage since I stumbled upon it a few weeks ago. Keep up the good work CC!

  3. I’ve really enjoyed reading your site since finding it about 6 months ago. Great articles

  4. Great blog. Would love to read the book.

  5. Thanks for the link to the site – before I order I will see if I can win a copy!

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  12. #1 – You can defer the RRSP deduction as long as you wish. Therefore, an RRSP contribution in the first two months of the year can be claimed in the previous tax year, the same year, or any year thereafter.

  13. I really enjoy reading this blog. It’s my favorite Canadian financial blog!

  14. Is there a percentage that a person can overcontribute to a rrsp without penalty.
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  15. Shameless contest entry – thanks for the work you do on the blog!

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  22. I definitely *have* RRSPs but they’re in a variety of different places, different terms, different interest rates, etc. Not really sure how good or bad that is. What is bad is that I don’t come close to maxing out my contributions and have only a couple of decades left until I’ll need to think about moving them over to RRIFs.

    This is the year I want to really figure out my investment strategies. How much in RRSPs vs. how much in unsheltered investments. How much in mutual funds vs. how much in stocks. Etc., etc.

    I bet this book would really help!

  23. Long-time listener, first-time caller here.

    Just wanted to let you know to your site is fantastic! I’m just a novice in the areas of finance and investment, so a book win will really help me.


  24. What a great time of the year to win a RRSP book :)

  25. Great to know there is a new book on RRSPs. I wonder if the government has ever thought of sweetening the pot by making contributions to RRSPs like they do to RESPs. I just discovered the beauty of this when the CESG money went into my son’s RESP. Instantly the real return jumped from 0.5% (it’s only been there since the last month of 2007) to 9% because I now had a chunk of a fund worth a certain amount of money but for which I paid $0! I think it’s something they should consider.

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  27. Hi!
    I came across Preet’s site and quickly added it to my list of financial blogs (along with CC, of course). Great information, especially for those going a bit beyond basic financial planning advice.

  28. As a young person now getting into the workforce, I am already trying to plan for retirement! Count me in for this contest!

  29. So happy to see this book come out.

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  32. I’m a new Canadian so this is definitely of interest. Pick me!

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    Thanks, Mike.

  34. I’ve just jumped on the RRSP bandwagon this year and just discovered your blog – a “late bloomer”. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest.

  35. It’ll be great to have a new reference book on RRSP’s. Thanks for your postings: I learn alot.

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  37. looking forward to reading the book

  38. It’s scary the number of Canadians that are too little prepared financial. I have had to manage my own retirement savings for almost twenty years. I have done all the right things, except pick the right stocks, funds and advisors. So “freedom 55” looks more like “freedom 75”. I worry about those who have done less than I. Governments should be doing more to encourage Canadians to save for retirement because in the end we will all have to fall back on government programs for survival. Another scary thought!

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  51. I love your site, thanks for taking the time to guide us through our financial journey for Canadians. I’d love to read this book because I started saving money through my company’s RRSP but I’m afraid I don’t know much about it.

  52. Good idea for a book Preet. And based on the number of replies CC has got so far, I’m not the only one to think so.

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  54. Preet put a lot of work into his book and it definitely sounds like it’d serve as an excellent planning resource.

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  58. As I am planning to double the size of my RRSPs this year, this book would most likely come in handy.
    Awesome blog as always.

  59. I suppose that winning a copy of this book would be cheaper than buying it if I decide to review it myself.

  60. Wow – I just found out my younger brother doesn’t even know what an RRSP is, let alone what his tax bracket is and thus what his savings would be if he invested inside one…
    This book would be great for him, and I’ve also referred him to your blog for some other great information.

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  130. Wow! RRSP vs mortgage … that IS a great question! It seems that just when I save up some $$$ (and it’s NOT a lot, trust me!) and try to decide which pile it should go into, that something else will happen! That’s pretty much the way that it goes every year :-(
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  194. Canadian Capitalist

    The contest is now closed. The winners will be announced shortly.

  195. Canadian Capitalist

    Here are the winners picked by this page:

    Here are your random numbers:

    158 134 139 26

    Timestamp: 2008-01-19 13:26:06 UTC

    Investoid, David Summers, Swanny & Traciatim are the winners. I’ll be contacting you shortly. Thanks for everyone for entering.

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