Whether you are in good financial health, directly experiencing the downturn in the economy or concerned about the state of your personal finances, I’m collaborating with the authors of the Moneygardener and Triaging My Way To Financial Success and holding a Personal Finance Clinic for our readers.

We recognize that finding the answers to your questions on topics of personal finance can be difficult in the best of times; they should not be hard to find in the worst of times.

With the abundance of material published online and in print media on topics of personal finance we are holding a clinic to tackle your best questions on a variety of financial matters. Best of all no health card or credit card is needed.


Questions can be on topics that include personal savings, net worth, budgeting or investment fundamentals.

Readers simply need to send their question with identifying name to personalfinanceclinic*no spam*@gmail.com before May 31st, 2009.

We will each select an equal share of questions from all submissions based upon our personal knowledge and ability to research the topics. Responses to specific questions can not be guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

We are not certified investment professionals and are not licensed to provide financial advice. We hold no liability for responses and our answers are intended for educational purposes only. When possible we will supply references and/or links to articles, content and alternative tools.

We cannot guarantee that all questions will be answered in the clinic due to both the number of responses and the limitations of our personal time.

We will not provide recommendations on specific investments or their potential for investment. We will not accept questions on any specific stock, mutual fund, ETF or financial product and their investment potential for a reader.

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  1. Way to go! Great idea and I think you are the bee’s knees for doing this.

    • Canadian Capitalist

      Alexandra: Brad (of Triaging my Way…) had to drag me kicking and screaming to do this. I was worried about the legal aspects!

  2. I think that is a great Idea’s I will pass this on to my readers as well!

  3. What a great idea! Thanks for taking the time to help us readers out in these troubling times!

  4. Great idea CC! I wonder if we can incorporate CMF into the puzzle somehow.

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  6. I don’t know about “kicking and screaming” but CC was definitely hesitant initially. Good interest so far from a number of readers and I think the questions are balanced in a number of categories (age, PF, investing, etc).

  7. Interesting idea. I would love to read about the end result of this experiment.

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  13. I just heard about this today – I tried to send a question but it was returned. Any chance I can add a question.

    • Canadian Capitalist

      @mhogan: Just send me the question through the Contact page. I’ll add it to the list of questions that we have received so far. Thanks.

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  18. I am a dedicated reader to your website, and have read with great interest most of the follow-up to questions originally sent to the Personal Finance Clinic.

    My question might be too late, or irrelevant to the present postings, but is pretty basic and I hope some helpful person might take pity on a neophyte “E.T.Funder”.

    I am trying to build a modest [high 5 figures] investment portfolio in E.T.F’s and obviously want to make it as tax efficient as possible. However, I am somewhat confused by the terms “annual dividend” & “quarterly cash distributions”? Are they one of the same, and for tax purposes, will they be taxed as dividends or as interest?

    many thanks