Tax season is (almost) upon us (deadline is April 30, 2005). My wife and I have straightforward tax situations, so we always prepare our own taxes. We can either file a paper return or file electronically using CRA’s Netfile. We usually opt for the latter because it is less error-prone and we tend to get our refunds much faster.
To file electronically, we can either use web-based tax software or a stand-alone application. I am uncomfortable using web-based tax software that stores all our personal information in some remote database.
There are three popular stand-alone tax applications available: QuickTax, TaxWiz and UFile. QuickTax retails for $34.99, TaxWiz for $31.99 and UFile for $24.99. We’ve been using TaxWiz for many years and the product has improved a lot after being acquired by Intuit. We also like the ability to import the previous year’s tax return so that we don’t have to re-enter lots of information.
I was shopping around for TaxWiz and found that the download version is only $22 (takes less than a minute to download). QuickTax costs $34.95 to download and UFile costs more to download ($29.99) than buy at a retailer!

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  1. Ufile prohibits me from netfiling. A window keeps popping
    up saying that I do not have a browser installed. How do
    I get help? No phone support. No answer to email.

  2. Check out myTaxExpress. Extremely easy to use. The download version is $13.99.