The Sleepy Mini Portfolio has gained 6.7 percent my previous update. The Sleepy Mini Portfolio was launched in August 2007 with an initial investment of $1,000 with a target allocation of 20% bonds, 20% Canadian stocks, 30% US stocks and 30% International stocks to illustrate how a regular investment program can slowly build wealth over the long term. Another $1,000 was added to the portfolio every quarter since then for a total investment of $22,000 so far. Here’s how the portfolio looks as of April 18, 2013:

TDB909 – Canadian Bonds – $5,037 (19.0%)
TDB900 – Canadian Equities – $4,882 (18.4%)
TDB902 – US Equities – $8,336 (31.4%)
TDB911 – International Equities – $8,263 (31.2%)
Total – $26,518
Total Invested – $22,000

I’ve been a little bit tardy in adding new money to this portfolio. It’s better late than never, so let’s add another $1,000 to the portfolio and rebalance it to the original target allocation using this rebalancing spreadsheet. Here are the results:


TDB909 – TD Canadian Bond Index (e-Series) – Buy units for $420.
TDB900 – TD Canadian Index (e-Series) – Buy units for $580.

It is interesting to note how market leadership has shifted from Canadian stocks and bonds to foreign stocks.

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  11. I have the same portfolio going in my Waterhouse TFSA. I add money every 60 days. The only difference is my allocations are:
    Canadian Bonds 20%
    Canadian Index 30%
    S&P 30%
    International Index 20%
    Any reason why you chose 30% international and 20% Canadian?

    • Thanks for your comment Mark. Asset allocation is not an exact science. 30 percent allocation to Canada sounds perfectly reasonable to me. The process I follow for asset allocation is: (1) Pick the fixed income allocation first. (2) Allocate between 20 to 50 percent of risky assets to Canadian stocks. (3) Split the rest between US, other developed markets, emerging markets etc. (4) Add a sprinkle of REITs.

      In my allocation, I went with the lower bound because I prefer to put less in Canada and diversify globally.