I have (almost) finished the redesign of the website and hope that you like it. I would love to hear your feedback in the comments.

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  1. I liked the old design much better. There is too much white in the new design, which is very hard on the eyes. While I agree that black text on white background in printed material is easy to read, I don’t think the same is true of electronic publishing. When looking at white paper, you are looking at reflected light, while when looking at a monitor, you are essentially looking at a light bulb, and the natural tendency would be to turn the light down.

  2. I like this new design much better. It might be a little bit too white and too “clean” but I find it’s much easier to find the information I want. Good work! I think a few more iterations and you should get the perfect site 🙂 Could you experiment on a different site?

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  4. All the other site info appears on the bottom of the page for me, is that by design? If so, I’d prefer to at least have a second column of information as well. I like the fonts, and I like the comment area as well. –C8j

  5. Canadian Capitalist

    Big Cajun: The design does have two columns on the right. I wonder why it doesn’t work for you. Does anyone else have this problem?

  6. How about a picture, so we can see the man behind the blog?!

  7. I’m not big on the header (colours and fonts, it looks too plain and doesn’t really stand out). I think a nice graphic would work well here. LandlordShmandlord has a good one. Also, personally, I’d play around with the title font colours. But, that’s just me, I like earth tones.

    The organization is much better, the two-column design is superior.

  8. Im seeing your links etc at the bottom as well

  9. I too see the links at the bottom 🙁
    Even if I put the browser window has its full screen width, the “second column” is a the bottom of the page…

  10. Probably a CSS issue with a specific browser. I have seen this before with 2 sites I made. Can’t remember how I fixed it, just trial-and-error mostly. Or I might have fixed it by grabbing a tried-and-true all-browser-compatible 3-column/2-column layout with all the fixes and hacks on the web, and then modifying it here and there. Checking frequently that it STILL worked on all browsers.

  11. Canadian Capitalist

    For the folks who are seeing one column on the bottom of the page, which browser are you using? I tested on Firefox and IE 7.0. Are you using IE 6.0 or something?

  12. I like it. better contrast with the written and background

  13. don’t like it at all.

  14. I was partial to the old design, easy on the eyes with a very readable format. I agree with AC that the white is a little bright and hard on the eyes. I would suggest a slight gray background behind the post text (similar to how the comments are shown.)

  15. AC is right! I don’t like the new design for the reasons that AC mentions. The font is too big, and what’s supposed to appear on the right column appears at the bottom of the page. I’m using IE 6.0.

  16. I also think that the white background is to bright. A off white type of background would work better I think. The font style and size are much better, that I would keep.

  17. For what it’s worth, I like the old format better. The white is too bright.

  18. CC,

    I’m not a big fan of the colours, but I do like the layout a lot better.

    Just my two cents,

  19. I too feel that the font is too big, I have the impression the text
    want to crush me…
    I’m using IE 6.0 and got “second column at the bottom” problem.

  20. You can always grab an existing wordpress theme like this one: http://www.liewcf.com/blog/archives/2005/05/wordpress-three-columns-kubrick-theme/ see if it works on all browsers, and then play around with it.

  21. Ahhh that’s better. It’s back to normal, just the way it should be!

  22. I like this layout better. It feels so…familiar… Like an old friend 🙂

  23. Canadian Capitalist

    Since my first attempt at CSS failed miserably (thanks IE6) and I am a bit short on time, I’ll make gradual improvements to the current layout. Thanks for all your comments and suggestions and valuable input. It was a good learning experience.