[Front Cover of The MoneySense Guide to Retiring Early]

The MoneySense Guide to Retiring Wealthy, edited by Duncan Hood, Dan Bortolotti (a.k.a. Canadian Couch Potato) and David Aston, is an excellent, concise 130-page guide to saving for retirement in every decade of one’s life. Featuring columns that appeared in MoneySense magazine over the years and packed with fact-filled sidebars, the book attempts to answer questions such as “how much should I save for retirement?”, “how to retire early?”, “what to look for in a retirement home?” etc.

Mr. Hood addresses the question of who will find the Guide useful in the Introduction: “If you worry that you don’t have enough saved, or that you could be handling your finances better, read on. The solutions that follow are simple, they’ll save you money, and over the long haul, they’ll make your retirement dreams come true”.

The Guide is available at Wal-Mart, Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblaws and Chapters/Indigo for $9.95. You can also order it at moneysense.ca/nestegg for $9.95 plus $3.00 (S&H). You can read “Are you on track? “, the final chapter in the book, on The Globe and Mail website.

Full Disclosure: A copy of the Guide was provided by Duncan Hood. And in case you haven’t noticed, I write this blog under the MoneySense banner.


With holidays around the corner and retirement planning top-of-mind for most Canadians, I think this book would make an excellent stocking stuffer. And thanks to MoneySense, you can win one of five copies in this giveaway.

Entering in the giveaway is super simple. Just leave a comment in this post (please do not send an entry via email) and don’t forget to include your email address. If you are reading this through your favourite RSS Reader, you have to click through to the website and scroll to the bottom of the page and type in your comment. Some quick rules: (1) Deadline for entries is 11:59 p.m. EST on Friday, November 26, 2010. (2) One entry per person. (3) Canadian residents only. (4) I treat your privacy very seriously. Your email will be used for the sole purpose of contacting you if you happen to win. (5) I’ll pick five entries at random and announce the winners after the deadline.

Update: The website suffered an outage this morning. It is back up and running again. If you tried to enter in the giveaway during the outage, you may want to try again sometime. Thanks.

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  1. Trevor Schofield

    Looks like a great read!

  2. I’m very interested in reading this, great giveaway!

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  4. Been meaning to buy this, maybe now I won’t have to 😉

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  6. Never too early to start planning!

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  8. Great giveaway! Thx for the chance to win this!

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  10. Better than retiring poor! I hope I win!

  11. I`m 35 and my concept of saving for retirement is to get rid of my only debt ( that’s my mortgage) as soon as possible and have some form of life/disability insurance. I think if i can get rid of my mortgage debt by the time i`m 45-50 i`ll have at least 10 years for savings because i can retain / invest and grow big chunk of my income conservatively. I live a very modest life and that is not going to change even when i retire as they say ‘ habits die hard’

  12. Grea review, I’m 39 and need to continue working on my retirement program !

  13. Interesting.

  14. Potato is becoming an icon! Hope I win!

  15. Will make a great gift.

  16. In like Flynn ….

  17. Here’s hoping I get picked. BTW – your review of ‘Pensionize Your Nest Egg’ motivated me to buy a copy. Very interesting read, now slogging through the hard part of figuring out my $$$ and cents!

  18. Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  19. I’ve just started taking a more active role in my retirement plan, this could help!

  20. Love to have this, and I can think of a few people who need this!

  21. That would be the right read for the Christmas season 🙂

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  23. Sounds like an interesting read. Great giveaway!

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  25. Would love to validate my retirement plan!

  26. Your generosity is showing through again. The older I get, the greater responsibility I feel to my family and my retirement. Life goes by pretty quick, so books like this are always worth the read.

  27. Count me in. Looking forward to reading it!

  28. looks interesting.

  29. Please enter me in your contest!

  30. would love to win the book

  31. Great mag, so I am betting it is a great book… pick me 🙂

  32. I was quite happy when I found out Duncan Hood came back to Money Sense. I always enjoyed his articles.

    I throw my name in the hat to win.

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  40. More valuable financial advise in simple terms under the banner of MoneySense

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  42. Always read your blog.

  43. The more info I can get on preparing for and managing retirement, the better I’ll be. This sounds useful


  44. Sweet deal, would love to have a read of this guide.

  45. Great website!
    Who doesn’t worry about their future savings??

  46. Leading Edge Boomer

    Put me into the draw please.

  47. Thanks for the review!

  48. Great blog and very practical posts. Thanks

  49. Great info as usual, many thanks!

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  51. i love free giveaways

  52. In your review you note that “the Guide is available at Wal-Mart, Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblaws and Chapters/Indigo for $9.95.”

    If I were Prime Minister of Canada I would decree that books could only be sold in book stores, and not in drug stores, supermarkets, and big box stores. In the meantime, you should invite your readers to buy this fine guide at a local book shop (while a few survivors still remain in operation).

  53. Count me in, thanks!

  54. Retiring wealthy? That would be interesting.

  55. great posts! Thanks

  56. I love all the advice and tips provided through MoneySense. And now having all this retirement info rolled up into a single neat package will be incredibly helpful. Thanks!

  57. Would be good to get the articles all in one place.

  58. Books are best when they are free.

  59. I need to figure out what to do when I decide to sell all my Nortel stock (although maybe I should hang onto it – the outlook is good, right?).

  60. I’d love to read this book. I used to read Duncan Hood’s articles on Moneysense all the time.

  61. I read and enjoy your post every day. Maybe I’ll get an early Christmas present.

  62. I’ve subscribed to Moneysense for years, and probably have read and saved some of the articles in the book. I think its great that they are all assembled into a single place, so I’ll be buying it!

  63. Can’t wait to read this.

  64. Long time reader here, count me in on the draw! I think I’ll buy the guide even if I don’t win =)

  65. Can’t wait to read this

  66. I viewed this booklet at my drugstore’s magazine rack. It really has the best articles and summaries of the most important moneysense articles. Well done!

  67. I’d love to read this book.

  68. Great blog…..read it every day. Almost bought the book a few days ago, so it would be nice to win it instead.

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  70. I always enjoy your blog. I’d love to win a copy of this book.

  71. Book please! Thanks for the chance.

  72. Count me out for the giveaway; I’ve read it, and it’s pretty good, except for the obvious omission about good equity strategies other than buying and holding (ignoring) broad ETFs forever.

    The best part is the breakdown of Chapters by life-stage. This makes it possible to read only the Chapter(s) aplicable to one’s own age and stage. My main complaint about most financial planning books is that they are too long and daunting for the average busy Canadian.

  73. I’m hearing good things about the way the book is organized.

  74. Count me in.

  75. Sounds like a great little book, but I’m already retired and looking for creative ways to strrrretch the buck.
    Would make a great stocking stuffer for our 26 year old daughter though!

  76. Looks good.

  77. Very interested in taking a look at this book – thanks for the heads up!

  78. Thanks for the review and this giveaway.

  79. This sounds like a really interesting read. Hope I get to read it.

  80. A free book for Christmas? Sure! :o)

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  82. would love to have this to give away at Christmas. Love your blog

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  86. I’ve been waiting for a review of this book and you’re the first one I’ve seen – yay!

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  88. Your website taught me a lot this past year, thank you so much. Hope I will get this for Xmas!

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  92. This will make for some great holiday reading to aid in financial planning for the new year.

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    great website!

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  96. Friday’s This & That is a “must read” for me!

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  115. Carlos Betancourt

    Great Blog, continue with this excellent job educating people

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  118. We are in the midst of becoming DIY investors and would love this book.

  119. Thanks for the offer. I’ve been trying to save for years and my explanations to my wife just haven’t panned out. Maybe some real explanations from someone who knows would help.

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  121. Would love to win a copy.

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  139. The contest is now closed. Thanks to all of you for entering. I’ll pick the winners and contact them shortly.

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  141. Would love to win!

  142. How can I buy one???Been to shoppers and chapters to look for it.

  143. @carol: You can purchase online here:


    Note that there is a $3 shipping & handling charge.