Intuit Canada, maker of the best-selling QuickTax software package, has stopped offering TaxWiz for download. Instead, for a limited time until January 17, 2007, Intuit is offering QuickTax Standard for download for $29.99, which is $10 less than the sticker price. Also, if you are a regular user of Norton AntiVirus software (retail price $49.99), you might be interested in downloading it along with QuickTax, which would save you $20 off the tax software and a $35 mail-in rebate from Symantec.

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  1. Link doesn’t seem to work?

  2. Was there a code we’re supposed to use at checkout or something? The link takes me to an empty shopping cart, and there’s no mention of the $29.99 deal anywhere.



  3. Canadian Capitalist

    Sean, Joe: Looks like this offer was specific to existing customers. This is the link that was sent to me (I downloaded both QuickTax and Norton AntiVirus). I hope it works for you!


  4. Be wary of continuing to use Norton AntiVirus.

    I’ve found over the last few years that the program has become bloated and causes most systems to use way too many resources for what’s required.

    While it still does protect, the overhead required will make even some of the newer systems bog down.

    I know this isn’t a tech site, and while you will same some money by doing this, it may not be the best use of your money.

    Consider looking into something like NOD32 (I know crazy unrecognized name) at

    It at least uses low system resources for scanning and has active anti malware protection in the same software. This could help keep the system performance your used to and you’ll be less likely to think of upgrading your computer.

    Just a suggestion, take it for what it’s worth.


  5. For my taxes I use which is much cheaper. I also use free virus scanning with AVG, but may switch to avast.

    In the voice of Waterboy’s Mom, “Symantec Products are the DEVIL!”.

  6. Canadian Capitalist

    I’ll look into AVG/avast. I guess I have always used Norton and continue to do so due to sheer inertia.

  7. personally, I think QT is too expensive, I use as my personal income solution. Happy NewYear

  8. I used “” last year and it works well. Its really!

  9. Thank you very much for the discount!

  10. Note also that Snaptax is gone… this was Intuit’s $10.00 offering last year.

    Cutetax was just certified by the CRA (I sure the list will fill out in the next couple weeks).

    Personally .. I used Studiotax last year and plan to do so again this year. I downloaded the 2006 version to see they had attached the provincial return for QC (not approved however). It will be nice if that works out since it will open careware tax software to nearly 100% of Canadians.

    If you are lookin for NETFILE products I suggest this link:

    If you are looking for tax calculators (with no netfile), I suggest these 3 products which are all free.

    Is the Canadian Capitalist planning to testdrive any new software this year? Or will he stick with Quicktax. Last year IIRC he tested out Taxfreeway and gave it a semi thumbs up.

  11. Canadian Capitalist

    Barry: Thanks for your comment. I am not very keen on test driving tax products this year.

    The $10 QuickTax rebate is still available from the TaxWiz website

  12. I have stuggled through 35 pages of quick tax (business) and none of the pages proceeded to the next page with ease. I had to back a fill on every page to get to the next one.
    Then to top it all off the damn software would not allow me to create a “.tax” file for net filing. In one way or the other every year has been the same. My software cost $40 and because I included my wifes with mine it also cost $40. Cheap bastards