Let’s face it: tax software is a commodity and a program from one vendor can easily be substituted with another if you are willing to put up with a little bit of a learning curve. The realities of the marketplace seem to have escaped the folks at Intuit, the makers of the biggest-selling tax preparation software, QuickTax. Despite my distaste for learning to use yet another tax-preparation software, I am shopping around because:

  1. Despite the big print that says “Prepare up to 20 returns” QuickTax Standard, the 2007 version allows you to prepare just 2 returns, down from 6 last year. You’ll have to pay extra to prepare more than 2 returns.
  2. It’s not clear if QuickTax Standard allows entering investment, rental property or self-employment income. It’s ridiculous that we have to pony up $20 more for QuickTax Platinum to declare a little bit of dividend income.

The good news is that there are plenty of options: CRA’s website lists eight competitors for the 2006 tax year. Maybe this is the year I’ll try out UFile instead. Helpfully, UFile’s website states that the program allows data to be imported from QuickTax and the folks at Financial Web Ring have discovered that UFile has increased the number of returns for 2007.

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  1. I’ve been using UFile.ca for the past few years, and have really liked it. It was especially nice as a student to use it for free (since I was under their income threshold to have to pay).

    Since you only pay when you choose to file, it is definitely worth checking out.

  2. I use cutetax.ca every year for the past few years. It’s cheap, easy, and seems to work just fine. You can do you taxes on it without paying (as I’m sure most others can to) so you could give all the online services a try and see which one you like, pay the one you like and they let you download your netfile (or PDF forms) files.

    Keep in mind it may be easy for me because i have a very simple tax situation. My S.O this year will have business expenses as she’s now in business for herself, so now that there isn’t just a T4 and some RRSP deductions it may be a different story. I find each year I log in to a couple and check them out, and this year will be the same. If I can’t find any advantages to the others, back to Cute Tax I go.

  3. Wow, that’s seriously disappointing to hear that QuickTax has decreased the number of returns and disallowed any kind of investment income. I have to confess that a friend of mine and I used to buy one copy and split the number of returns (since you could install quicktax on two PCs, it worked well). My guess is that Intuit is either is trying to crack down on that kind of behavior or they’re just getting plain greedy.

    The sad thing is that I’ve tried out the competition in past years and have always found myself coming back to Quicktax cuz its ease of use despite the higher price. But paying $80+tax is just unacceptable (I am a contractor, so I need Business Edition) and I will definitely try one of the competitors.

    I have no doubt Intuit will lose market share this tax year.

  4. I used TaxFreeway the past 2 years. It’s $10 for unlimited and as long as you know what you are doing it works great.

    It doesn’t have the Wizards that Quicktax and some of the others have but those are worth an Extra $30 to me.

    I suppose people are so used to using Quicktax with it’s import feature and as well the heavy advertising that Intuit can go along and just release the same program year over year and even reduce the # of returns for the standard price and get away with it.

  5. I used Taxwiz, and then Intuit bought it up and closed it down, so I’m shopping around this year as well.

    I do six returns that count for immediate family, so not only is Quicktax’s 2 return limit crazy, but if it is like prior years, they charge MORE for digital licences for extra returns than they do if you go and buy another box… last year when I had to use them I had to buy two boxes … 5 returns on 1, 1 on the other.

    I do buy the software though, because I think it is a real risk to do your taxes on a website. You have every bit of personal information on there that someone would need to commit complete identity theft, and all it would take is one missed security patch, one mishandled backup, or one corrupt employee and you have a real problem.

  6. I was stunned to read that I would need QuickTax Platinum to declare dividends and capital gains, because I have been able to do this with QuickTax Standard in the past. The Intuit web site isn’t much help. I can’t decide if I need QuickTax Platinum just to declare investment income, or if Platinum just has extra analysis tools and advice (that I don’t need). Does anyone know for sure whether QuickTax Standard will allow you to declare dividend and capital gains?

  7. I always used Intuit’s QuickTax in the past and I had no idea that they are forcing us to pay for a higher (more expensive) version in order to declare investment income. Thanks for the notification on that issue.

    I echo Steve’s security concerns with doing your taxes on a website versus sending a coded file direct to CRA. I think CCRA had a downloadable application which allows you to work on it on your computer and then send the coded file to CRA when it’s ready. I recall seeing it last year on CRA’s website when I filed, but at the time I preferred to use QuickTax. This year may be different.

  8. I have been using TaxFreeway for the past couple of years. If you are reasonably comfortable with how taxes are prepared, it is more than adequate.

    Prior to TaxFreeway, I used TaxWiz, which I found barely usable — this was the 2004 version, I am sure that it must have improved.

    Prior to that I used TAXcel — which was used MS Excel as a base and then added on forms etc extensions. It was very klunky but it did work OK. It no longer exists as a product — it evolved into TaxFreeway.

    Over the years, I have used Intuit but their increasing restrictions and installation ‘issues’ have soured me against them. I also dislike that fact that they kept buying out the smaller guys in the 90s — I liked HomeTax.

  9. Canadian Capitalist

    I did a test drive of Tax Freeway and a colleague at work really likes GenuTax. That’s the good news: there is plenty of options.

    I agree with Steve that I’m paranoid about using web-based software to do taxes because they are also a magnet for hackers.

    It’s not clear if QuickTax Standard disallows declaring dividend or capital gains as I couldn’t find a list of supported forms. But, this webpage suggests that you can’t:


  10. Wow, looking at the QuickTax site, their Basic version does not even allow for Tuition deductions. I guess allowing studuents to use the cheapest version does not matter to them…

    The maximum 20 returns number appears to have mandated to the CRA (see http://www.studiotax.com/en/cralimit.htm). It appears that the CRA is trying to stop people from using NETFILE ing doing others taxes but pushing them to the EFILE program.

    It also appears that TaxWiz has now been taken over by Intuit.

  11. I looked over the two Intuit pages below to try to decide if QuickTax Standard can handle dividends and capital gains.


    I think there is a good chance that Standard can handle investment income, but that Platinum has additional tools for tracking,tax optimization, etc. If I’m right about this, it would seem that Intuit is deliberately leaving things vague. I guess they think that they’ll make more money confusing people up to Platinum than they’ll lose to people leaving QuickTax altogether.

  12. Does anyone have experience using StudioTax? The $0 price tag sounds great, I’m just wondering how easy it is to use.

  13. Canadian Capitalist

    Billy: TaxWiz was acquired by QuickTax many years back. I’m guessing QuickTax Basic is what used to be TaxWiz.

  14. Count me in as a happy ufile user. I even sent HELP emails and got fairly quick and useful responses. I had both foreign income and rental income and found it worked quite well. I actually entered all my data in both ufile and quicktax (online) and actually preferred ufile. And of course, cost matters.

  15. I did over 50 returns last year for clients (> 50% seniors) and used Taxfreeway. $10, unlimited number, had to send in paper form (just dropped them at CRA downtown!)

  16. Jamie, I tried Studio Tax last year and was severely disappointed. It didn’t run well, forms didn’t line up correctly on my PC and I found it very confusing. I went back to Cute Tax shortly after.

  17. I switched from QuickTax to UFile a few years ago, and haven’t looked back.

    I usually handle the taxes for my extended family, and it’s worked extremely well for me.

    They seem to have a special arrangement with Best Buy/Future Shop, so you can usually pick it up for $20 during the tax season.

    Intuit is definitely trying to milk all they can from QuickTax, and I am glad I haven’t supported them in their efforts!

  18. Looks like for self-employment income you actually need to get the unincorporated business version – for even more $

  19. We’ve used QuickTax for at least 7 years now, but we were burned this year by QuickTax Web (the online version of QuickTax).

    When it was introduced for the 2005 tax season, returns with income under $25K were free. This was great for my wife and I as she is a homemaker. We ended up paying for one return ($20 or $25 I think).

    Sure enough, we use QuickTax Web for the 2006 season, and doesn’t Intuit charge me for BOTH returns! My wife still has negligible income, but we need to file her taxes to get the various child credits.

    So, I’m out an extra $26 and feel ripped off. (Had I bought the retail package, it would have cost me $39.99 instead of the “online” price of $52.)

    I’m bitter and willing to do some legwork this year before throwing any more of my after-tax dollars away with QuickTax. I’m going to shop around.

    Thanks for the timely post!

  20. Wow, this is disappointing to say the least. Reducing the number of returns from 6 to 2 and keeping the price the same ($40) is a bold business move – can anyone spell monopoly?

    I did find a forum post that the Standard edition will still allow you to file a return with self employment, you just have to use the forms method (which I always did anyway). The discussion gets a a little sidetracked, but post #16 is where a poster confirms with Intuit : http://community.intuit.ca/discussion/index.php?showtopic=27541

    I guess I’ll have to weigh the inconvenience of re-entering my carry-over information against the huge increase in cost per return before I decide if I go back to Intuit. I personally think Intuit is make a mistake.
    And I really don’t like how they are “hiding” the reduction in number of returns under the “Prepare up to 20 returns” link.

    Thanks CC for making us aware of the issue.

  21. Canadian Capitalist

    Thanks for the link to the discussion. Like Michael James pointed out, it’s possible that you can enter investment and business income through forms and this is an exercise in confusion on Intuit’s part. Still, I really don’t like the way Intuit is treating its customers and I’m serious about switching to the competition this year.

  22. Ufile.ca rocks! Doing it over the web it so much easier than buying software.

  23. I have also used Ufile the last 2 years over the web and it has not dissapointed.

  24. Leading Edge Boomer

    For the past three years I have used The Taxman software on my computer, then printed it off and mailed it in. It works very well, is FREE, and provided by , G Thompson,a tax accountant in Victoria , B.C.

    I am considering trying Studiofile software this year. It can be submitted via Netfile, is FREE, and is produced in my hometown of Ottawa by BHOK IT. They describe themselves thusly:

    “We are a couple of software development professionals working in various areas of the software industry in the Ottawa area. We thought of an innovative idea of developing and distributing a new personal income tax preparation software. StudioTax is the result of 4 years effort and the result of feedback from many users like you.”

    I am seeking some opinions of those who may already have tried it, as it has been available on the net for two or three years now.

  25. I’m a happy Ufile user but am now more worried about using the web-based programs than before after seeing such growth in white-collar crime.

    I’ll use them again this year, and fingers crossed I’m hoping that nothing bad happens – but I hope they offer a version you can download, use and then file after you’ve worked on it offline.

    Ufile has been easy to use and understand (almost no learning curve – it’s very intuitive). It normally takes me two full days to compile my return and Ufile has proved NOT to be a bottleneck.

  26. What does everyone think about using QuickTax Business Incorporated for filing the taxes of their own incorporated business? It is $150, but I figure it’s still a huge savings from the $1800 my accountant is raising his fee to this year.

  27. Canadian Capitalist

    Jordan: I have no idea. I’ve only used QuickTax Standard so far. In fact, I’ve never done a corporate tax, so I don’t know how much they cost.

  28. I’ve been using TaxWiz for the past 5 maybe 6 years. The folks at Quick Tax who did buy Tax Wiz have been reducing the features on Tax Wiz and now is totalling taking Tax Wiz off as an option. Their basic offering is even less than what I had before.

    Looks like I’ll be using Ufile this year!

  29. I don’t use NETFILE.
    I use the software, and send in paper returns.
    So what are my choices for Tax Year 2007?

  30. Hey MoneyMate, I don’t want to beat a dead horse by making the recommendation again, but cutetax.ca will allow you to do this. They will let you download PDF’s of your tax forms. I’m sure most online services as well as software should also allow you to do the same or similar.

  31. Canadian Capitalist

    MM: As far as I know, almost every tax software application will allow you to NETFILE or print out your return. BTW, I’m curious why you’d want to print and mail your return. It takes longer to process and is more error-prone.

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  33. I, too, as a loyal quick tax standard user for the last few years was shocked to see the return limit lowered to two returns(for income levels of over $25,000). As a family of five and at stated $15.00 for each additional return over the basic two, this represents an almost 125% increase(when you consider additional taxes) in effective cost of for my family in filing returns this year. What is rather sadder, is the sneaky way that this real cost is being passed on to the consumer by effectively keeping to price of the product the same and hoping most of the consumers won’t notice. Are we that dumb?

  34. Thanks for the tip on cutetax. I’ll keep that in mind when it’s time for me to do my taxes!!

  35. This is the year I change. The word gouging comes to mind. What a foolish group and as a Quicken user since the DOS days mabe time to look at alternatives. The features are not market leaders and they are not reinvesting enough in the product.
    I will wait until jan 15 2008 and if the Std pkg does not do 6 returns and RRSP,Investments & Rental than its goodbye

  36. Thank you Intuit for motivating me t0 look further. From what I can see FutureTax,StudioTax, Tax Tron and GenuTax all look to be viable and so far I lean towards the latter.
    Looking at Sockhouse Bull Boards I see a number of investors looking at shorting Intuit–no wonder.

  37. Hey JCraig, thanks for the tip off to GenuTax. Up to 20 returns for 2007 for 35 bucks and then free updates until they change their software enough for you to want to upgrade? Wow, that may have cutetax.ca beat for me this year as long as the trial I’m downloading works well. Cutetax.ca is only 27 bucks for 15 returns (I pay 16 for 2 returns) however the feature to just download the rules for 2008 and 2009 and possibly longer is very intersting. I’ll let everyone know my thoughts on the GenuTax software once I give it a try.

  38. Thanks for the post.
    Maybe this will be the year Intuit finally gets what it deserves, a LARGE loss in business. It has to be a large loss so they don’t contiue to buy out companies that sell a good package at a decent price. This year isn’t the first time they have bought out good upstarts in order to keep them from talking away business.

  39. I downloaded Quicktax Platinum last week – BIG MISTAKE.
    I have been using it for years now and found it was always easy to use. Till this year.

    It installs and activates – and then refuses to start.

    Not very different from Quicktax Support – they have difficulty starting up as well! They don’t even read my emails before responding.

    Email Support claimed is 24 x 7 – no doubt the email works 24 x 7 but their support reps are not 24 x 7.

  40. My guess is that Intuit support are taking a rest.They are going to need it for the coming months of trying to explain why they would put out such limited products at such ridiculous prices.

    This year I listened to my brother and bought Ufile. The price is right — and it works just fine.

  41. Quicktax 2007 Update

    It is not just support.I made contact with others who have bought Quicktax 2007.

    At this date, both product and support are not functional. Intuit is trying to capture the existing user market for 2007 because there is real competition this time.

    We used to file taxes pro-bono for people who are just over Intuit’s $25k threshold for counting a return, using the 4 spare returns after we (wife and I) filed our returns.

    We did some 10 such counted returns last year using Quicktax 2006, buying additional returns at $10 each. This year, in addition to not having the spare 4 returns, the additional returns are $15.

    Quicktax 2007 no longer works for us – forgive the pun!

    I just sent in my ‘product return’. Even if the product is downloaded, you have to ‘return’ to a physical address! I am advising others who have bought the product to do the same; and warning others.

    This forum is good – I will check out the products listed here in the next few days.

  42. I heard again from Intuit Support today. Confirmed whatever I wrote earlier.

    They now say support was closed for the festival season. Not sure if Intuit knows what is the meaning of 24 x 7 email support when they wrote it on their web site.

    They also say they sent out the diagnostic tool for Quicktax 2006 which they asked me to run last week.
    (I actually sent them the output from the tool that got installed with the 2007 product, as well as the output from the wrong one support sent)

    It looks like the product we downloaded may itself be for some other year!

  43. Canadian Capitalist

    Ravi: Thanks for your comments. I haven’t yet bought a tax program (I use Quicken every year) and I’ll most probably try UFile this year.

  44. Final Update
    Intuit says a functioning version of Quicktax 2007 will be available on 10 January.

  45. I too was shocked when I realized how Intuit is treating its customers. After using Quick Tax for last number of years, I just quickly bought it and expected to be able to do just what I did in the past. NOT SO. Only 2 returns this year! And they did it in such a SNEAKY way. Sending it back and letting everyone I know what they are doing.
    GOUGING is understating their actions

  46. I got GenuTax last year and it worked great, it even had estimate formula for calculating moving expenses. Great if you didn’t want to keep gas receipts.

    It also renewable so you only have to buy it once.


  47. I have used Quicktax for years. It is the best of the software I have tried. I am moving to another program this year. A doubling in price is too much for me. There is a number of other programs available at much more reasonable prices or free.

  48. Canadian Capitalist

    I saw UFile for $19.99 at FutureShop and Best Buy. I’m going to pick up a copy tonight. Adieu to QuickTax.

  49. For a number of years I have noticed Intuit’s products have either had their prices hiked, features removed or both. It’s time we spoke out and the only way to do that is to buy from their competitors. Pass the word around to all your friends and relatives!

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  51. Okay, first of all… Ive reviewed Quicktax myself the past few years and your information is out to lunch. Let me help correct some stuff.

    You can only complete 2 Returns OVER $25,000 income and 18 returns with income under $25,000 totalling the 20 return limit the Canada Revenue Agency has made for all tax software.

    Last year there were only 5 returns over $25,000 allowed.

    As for investments, stocks, etc. Even QuickTax basic will allow you to enter that information, otherwise it would not be certified for NETFILE or even allowed to be offered. The only difference is that on the Standard version, the Easy-Step interview is not as thourough as the Platinum or Business Unincorporated editions.

    So before you go based on speculation, do some further research. Your Blog disappoints me.

  52. Canadian Capitalist

    Johnny: I’ll have to double check if 5 or 6 returns were allowed last year. This year it has been reduced to two. Either way, that’s less than 50% of what was allowed last year.

    Second, the confusion about using QuickTax Standard to enter investment or stock information, rental income and business income is caused by Intuit. And I’m not the only one. Check out comments #11, #18 and the Intuit discussion boards.

    I’ve been using QuickTax (and TaxWiz before that) for years and I file two returns, so I might have stuck with it if Intuit hadn’t made it seem that I can’t use it to enter investment income. If you confuse your customer, you are simply extending an invitation to check out the competition.

  53. This is great info…
    I am the same as many here. I have used Quick tax for the past 5 + years. The past couple of years I did share my copy with a friend so that we could each E-files 2 returns.
    The new limit of 2 seems to put that to an end. Quick tax was likely losing money,but I think their plan will backfire in loss of market share.
    After reading the above posts I think my friend and I are better off to each buy a copy of Ufile. It will be the same $20 cost as last year and we will each have our own CD.

  54. I’ve been a QuickTax user for many years. I usually do 3 returns, 2 in french, 1 in english. I used to buy the english version, and they would allow me to download the french version under the same serial number. Total cost: 40$.
    This year, not only do I have to buy the Platinum version (business & rental income), but they also don’t want to provide me with the french version, they say the only way is to buy another copy in french. Total cost: 120$.
    Bye Bye QuickTax!
    I’m looking at UFile & TaxTron. I need a bilingual software that allows for Quebec returns.

  55. Have used quick tax for many years. Each year i seem to do more for my extended family. Now up to about 20 or so returns. ( and a few under the $ 25,000 threshold). Not only is it confusing in selecting which product to purchase, but if one telephones in, you may get cut off or they want you to buy the most upgraded package. With the bad service, confusing marketing ,and more than doubling the price for preparing own tax returns…I will be shopping for some other tax software for 2007.

  56. Try this one ……you will be pleasantly surprised!


  57. I have used Studiotax for 2 years. It works fine.

    I have rental, business and investment income.

    I actually get a free copy of Ufile every year. I cannot be bothered to change over as Studiotax does everything I need it to do.

    I suggest you give it a try.

  58. CC: The 2006 version of Quicktax allowed up to five returns for incomes greater than $25k. The 2005 (and 2004 I believe) allowed six.

  59. I used Quick Tax Platinum for the last 3 years and was shocked at the huge price increase. I refuse to be gouged so I will switch this year.
    By the way Quick Tax is an American Company so considering that they are selling in Canadian dollars means that the price increase in their dollars is doubly huge!

  60. I have used QUICKEN since DOS and QUICK TAX since they bought out CANTAX. Every year they seem to make things more confusing and expensive with less features than the preceding year. Support is a royal pain and since it has moved to INDIA, it is almost impossible to get anyone who is not working from a script that they will not deviate from. No matter what you try to tell them they must go step by step according to the script. What a colossal waste of time. Now they no longer support WIN 98 forcing me to upgrade if I wish to continue using QUICKTAX. I thought I would try the online version, but they, in their infinite wisdom, have decided that they will also dictate which browsers they will support. What arrogance. They job is to produce software that follows W3 standards and if my browser does not adequately support W3 standards then that is my tough luck. So my final reason for sticking to WINDOWS has just been destroyed and I am switching to GNU CASH for accounting and an ONLINE tax software for taxes. GOODBYE INTUIT!! Penguins forever!

  61. I was reading through this blog and finally someone mentioned that the new Quicktax doesn’t run in WIN98.

    I’ve been using Quicktax since 1999 and this year I will be looking for a new tax program. I see no reason that a tax program should force me to upgrade my operating system. I have been using Intuit’s QuickBooks 2 for DOS since 1992 and have had no problems with that program even with the year 2000 scare.
    A simple tax program which basically does the same thing from one year to the next should have no reason to be limited to only the latest operating systems.
    It isn’t as if I couldn’t run Quicktax on one of my other computers which have more power and the required operating system but that I feel I shouldn’t have to since all of my accounting is on a stable and reliable computer running WIN98.
    You can’t imagine how furious I was after bringing my favorite tax program home and having my computer tell me that it can’t load because I’m too antiquated. I was angry enough to immediately send a message to Intuit to the effect that they were losing me as a customer. So what do I get in the mail today. A “Welcome Back” promo offer complete with case and CD. I guess I can use the case for something else. Thanks, Intuit, for nothing.

  62. You can’t go wrong with a software that is NETFILE certified and is priced at just $6.99. I agree with Kyle. You guys should try AceTax this year. The Software just Rocks! Here’s a link : http://www.fredsoft.ca/acetax

  63. RE: QuickTax I think Intuit has made a big mistake. They have dominated the market in the past but moving to 2 returns from 5 is rediculous. We have 2 + 2 adult children so it’s a new ballgame. This, along with the other shortcomings that have been identified will be very costly. Their development costs have been written off so only year-to-year costs are being incurred. Maybe the govt. is on the verge of offering online returns which would be the end for Intuit. Get what the market will bear, but I hate gouging and I think greed will kill the goose in this instance.
    Time to buy another package.

  64. I downloaded Studio Tax 2007 and started using it. So far it looks really good. Cost and payment is on an honour system to the developers in Ottawa.
    Give it a try! Looks like a fine alternative to the diluted QuickTax2007 package.

  65. If you prepare a large number of tax returns, take a look at:

    Ufile PLUS Personal Tax Software for Tax Year 2007 — $29.99 at Best Buy

    PREPARE UP TO 16 RETURNS, includes free telephone support.

  66. I thought I would try StudioTax but please, am I going to trust my tax return to a company that relies on charitable donations and google ads????????

  67. I too am very disappointed with Quick Tax’s 2007 ripoff versions. I’ve used QT standard for years but will be changing this year, thanks to all the good tips I’ve learned about here.

  68. I tried Studio tax by entering 2006 return. I could not find the form to enter the amount of the Home Buyer Loan balance, nor did it ask me if I had one. I had to compare line by line to find it and maually enter the difference from the required loan repayment and the RRSP contribution.
    I have also used the trial version of Genutax and find it OK . I was able to replicate the 10 tax returns I did last year(5 over $25,000). It also lets you do 20 reurns for $35 and future updates are free. My choice so far.

    I’m another long time Taxwiz/Quicktax user who will be changing this year.

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  70. @66

    Carla, don’t forget that any government certified netfile package has to pass *all* of the CCRA’s tests – it a particular form is supported, then it has to do it *perfectly*

  71. I too am surprised at the change in Quicktax — I prepare 5 for family and will now change.

    Almost bought the 2007 package the other day until I noticed the change. Seems to be a little sophistry involved in their explanation as to why the change.

    Does u-File allow you to add items( t-3’s for instance) as you receive them or do you have to do all your entries at one sitting?

  72. Hello – thought I’d add a comment as I’ve found the commentary here to be quite helpful in my own tax software quest. I was a Quicktax ’06 user but am checking out some of the competitors on trial this year. Tonight I attempted both Studio Tax and GenuTax. Honestly, Studio Tax did not work for me – even after I went through the whole interview and saved my “profile” file, I cannot access any of the information I entered in the interview – a bunch of time wasted, I won’t be back to that one.

    Genutax I am impressed with – the only catch is whether I want the ability to actually go in and work with the tax forms directly, as with Genutax everything revolves around the comprehensive “interview” – even though it will print your return to look like CRA written returns, you cannot go in and edit the return on a line-by-line basis like you can with Quicken. Not a big issue for me, but I get my C.A. father to check my return and he likes getting into the nitty-gritty of the forms to make changes (so if you are a hands-on tax user, GenuTax might be too restrictive). On the plus side, the GenuTax interview is about as comprehensive as you can get (I don’t remember Quicken asking if I was a “grubstaker” or if I’d taken a “vow of perpetual poverty for religious purposes”!), which was good because the StudioTax interview neglected to ask me about federal and prov. tuition/textbook amounts to be carried over – that added to my refund by over $6,000 when applied in GenuTax, and if I hadn’t been asked I might have forgotten.

    I wish I could check out UFile for free, might look at picking it up (only $20 for standard) as the “full-featured” quicken competitor if it allows users to modify each item directly rather than through interview. Overall of the two tonight, GenuTax won hands-down, and given that you can try both GenuTax and StudioTax for free why not give them a shot? (though hopefully your trial StudioTax experience works out better than mine – I won’t be using it again, this savvy computer user couldn’t access his info even after loading a file)

  73. Thank you for all your comments! I have been a Quick Tax user for over seven years and started with CanTax – but like the rest of you, felt that it was not as good as Quick Tax.

    We were mailed the Quick Tax CD and thought that was great! I figured they knew we did all of our company’s employee/subcontractor taxes – bringing the numbers to 24 tax returns each year and thought Quick Tax was sending us two free returns! – but that was not the way it went down at all. When we read the fine print and called their office – we were thoroughly dissapointed like the rest of you and found the number of returns went down.

    Thank God we read your blog first! we have tuitions to claim and other issues such as disabled dependants, self employment income, equivelent to spouse, rental properties, RRSP’s etc. We would have been really upset if I was not allowed to even enter these items on my own!

    After reading your input, I searched the web for Cutetax.ca and Ufile, and then went onto the CCRA website to see which software programs were listed on their site as “approved”. I couldn’t find Cutetax or Ufile, but did find Taxtron, so I searched it’s site as well.

    I like the idea of being able to enter different scenarios and recheck your information, so taxtron is looking pretty good. If Cutetax and Ufile become listed within the next week, I will certainly look into those, as these three are definite contenders.

    I hate to leave Quicktax, but you are all sooooo right! The smug attitude when you call AND email! Is just too discerning to let ride. They do feel they have a monopoly and can do whatever and charge whatever to their new and long term clients! …

    Please keep this blog going and comment further after purchasing from a new tax software company. Let’s find a better company to give our money to and boycot Quicktax!

  74. Debbie – CuteTax and Ufile are listed as one of the approved Netfile programs for 2008, you can find links to them along with the rest of the certified programs (thus far) at http://www.netfile.gc.ca/software-e.html

  75. This will be the last year I use Quicktax. I bought it not knowing that I was now limited to two forms. Doing taxes in itself is stressful and when you begin to question the integrity of the company who is assisting you, it’s time to leave. I can’t help but feel that I have been tricked as it is only in the fine print where you find that you are limited to 2 returns over $25K. I can’t help but ask what else is buried in the fine print. What feature will this not have that will necessitate me moving to their Platinum product? Will I only discover this when I’m preparing my taxes at the end of April only to find their offices are closed and I’ll have to phone back the next day.
    Intuit has a history of continually squeezing out progressively more revenue every year by increasing pricing and restricting use. This is in a product that really hasn’t changed much in the past few years. This has been their history and the change to 2 returns reinforces this trait. This I forecast will continue and causes me the above concerns as well as others. I don’t need the aggravation caused by insecurities I have in Quicktax. Call me paranoid but that’s what doing taxes does to me.

  76. After 7 years of QuickTax – Goodbye. So glad I read that very tiny print at the bottom of the back of the package where it says its good for two claims only. Would cost me almost $100 just to do my immediate family – up from the usual $40. Unbelievable. Well, not really. Sigh. Thanks for all the alternative ideas !

  77. According to Intuit all QuickTax versions have the same Forms. You need to know how to navigate through the forms however…

    9:19:29 PM Wayne
    Initial Question/Comment: I would like to find out which Forms are supported with QuickTax Basic for the 2007 tax year?
    9:19:37 PM System
    9:19:37 PM System
    Hello Wayne. Our next available agent will be with you shortly…
    9:19:38 PM System
    While you are waiting, feel free to navigate our regularly updated online Knowledge Base of frequently asked questions in the browser window above…
    9:21:14 PM System
    Deepak JS has joined this session!
    9:21:14 PM System
    Connected with Deepak JS
    9:21:55 PM Deepak JS
    Hi Wayne
    9:21:57 PM Wayne
    9:22:00 PM Deepak JS
    Thanks for contacting Intuit Canada.
    9:22:09 PM Wayne
    Your welcome
    9:22:25 PM Deepak JS
    All Quick Tax 2007 products have the same forms and schedules.
    9:23:18 PM Wayne
    So, I can use the Basic product or the Platinum product for the same tax scenario?
    9:23:35 PM Deepak JS
    The only difference is in easy step method guidance and additional tools or analyzers. If you know how to navigate in forms method then you can use any Quick Tax program.
    9:23:50 PM Deepak JS
    9:23:59 PM Wayne
    Thank you… goodbye

  78. By the way, I’m not defending Intuit. If I had more than 2 returns I would not use QuickTax this year. In fact, I still may not.

  79. I used quick tax(web) last year but it is more expensive now at $19.99 vs $15.99 Ufile(web) and $12.99 Taxtron(web). Based on the above comments Ufile is looking good.
    Too bad 5dollartax (web) is only Quebec Netfile Certified but not Federal Netfile Certified yet. I am also too lazy to test any. Has anyone tried Taxtron (web) vs U file (web)? Do they go down in price as the deadline for filing nears?

  80. For those who have made the mistake of buying Quicktax and need to do more than one return, a possible solution would be to prepare the tax using Quicktax, have Quicktax do the calculations and then manually transpose the figures to an old fashioned paper form. In past and likely in the 2007 version, Quicktax controls the number of tax preparations by controlling the printing. The information and calculations are still on the monitor, available for transposition to paper. I haven’t checked copyright rules on this and do not advocate doing anything illegal.
    This is something I’d like to see widely publicized, however, only from the image that forms in my mind of some obsessive executive at Intuit become apoplectic in the thought that they aren’t able to get every last penny of a captive public and the further possibility that they continue to build in controls that inevitably makes the product so restrictive that they loose the dominance that they have achieved. Pardon the rantings and visions of a mad-man.

  81. Diane,
    The CRA’s certification for netfile does not mean all certified programs are of the same quality. I want a tax program from people who will be in the business next year and the year after and I do not mind paying the price. If Intuit needs to raise its prices or reduce the number of returns, it is most likely in order to remain profitable.

    I prefer not to ride the bus for free.

  82. Canadian Capitalist

    Carla: The people behind StudioTax have developed the software as a hobby and have day jobs. Of course, it’s your choice to stick with one of the bigger tax software products that comes with a lot of bells and whistles. StudioTax is similar to open source software where developers contribute time to create many high quality software applications.

    I don’t buy that StudioTax will be any less accurate than competing products. CRA’s certification process is rigorous – after all, they have a vested interest in collecting the correct amount of tax.

  83. 1999 – Quicktax, Ufile and Taxtron
    2002 – Taxfreeway, MyTaxExpress and CuteTax
    2003 – Acetax
    2004 -Genutax and WebTax4U
    2005 – Studiotax, Eachtax, eTax and FileTaxOnline

    All these products have been out for 3+ years. I have only ever seen one product appear then disappear the following year. It would seem based on my experience that we continue to get additional choices, and those already on the market almost never disappear.

  84. I’ve used Studiotax for the last 2 years after Intuit started to get greedy. Even though it’s not as user friendly as Quicktax, it does the job just fine. Some forms are not part of the Wizard process, but easily accessible from the Forms menu. Since it’s always Netfile certified, I think you can trust it. I’ll keep using it as long as it’s there, or Quicktax starts allowing 10 returns for 30 bucks 🙂

  85. The five return limit on the 2006 package was why I bought QuickTax Standard. The back of the box has the word “Included!” highlighted in red and “5 returns” in bold font.

    Intuit have quietly downplayed the change from 5 to 2 returns in the 2007 package. What a crock. They just lost a customer.

  86. I have never used any other tax software other than quicktax for approximately 10 years. Every year they send the CD and I loyally just install it and validate it.
    Thia year I was stunned to read that only 2 returns above 25k were allowed! I thought this has has to be some kind of mistake, but after verifying that it is true, it’s Good Bye quicktax! it’s been nice knowing you!

  87. Well, I’m pissed off

    I have been using Quick tax standard since 1999, I just installed the 2007 tax year program and have discovered it’s good for only 2 returns, and that I now have to pay extra for my 2 kids returns.

    Very deceptive of Intuit in my opinion, next year I’ll be using a different program


  88. Steve… return the software. Intuit has a satisfaction guarantee. Don’t wait until next year!

    By the way, everyone, make sure to email these complaints to Quicktax (not just post here). Quicktax has to “feel our wrath” by knowing how many of us long term users are switching this year and by getting a huge amount of refund requests.

    I have been using Quicktax for 10 years but I’m switching this year. They have gone too far. I’m trying Studio Tax.

  89. I’ve always used Quicktax, but last year I tried U-File as well. U-File does work fine, but seems a bit cumbersome when compared with Quicktax – it’s all Interview method and you have to start a new screen for each T-slip. It doesn’t update the return as it goes along – you have to give it a command and then wait a bit while it does it – and you can’t do overrides. You can’t click on a line in the return and be taken to the Schedule where it was calculated.
    Much as I want to fire Intuit for its meanness this year in allowing only 2 returns to be Netfiled, I shall probably still use Quicktax because it’s more convenient. It does appear that the Basic version WILL do complex returns (I checked out the website given by Wayne Feb 4th, 10.35 p.m.), so I plan to buy that and see for myself. If it’s OK, then I could buy another Basic and thus get 4 returns for $40, rather than the 2 I’d get with the Standard version, also $40. In practice, I have always done more than the “included” number of returns; I Netfile the more complicated ones and do paper returns for the others, using the software to avoid errors in calculation. I thus get extra returns for just the price of the stamps, and don’t have to buy them from Intuit.

  90. Non-practicing CA

    I’ve used Quicktax for 8-9 years with few, if any, complaints until now. However, the 2007 version requires me to ante up an additional $30 for the privilege of including my spouse’s $4,000 business income on a return. And I can’t do my mother’s return without paying more viggorish.

    Accordingly, I’m shopping for an alternative.

  91. To Non-practising CA:
    Have you actually tried the cheaper version of Quicktax to see if it includes forms for business income? Or are you just going by the advertising blurb, which obviously wants you to waste money on the Platinum version? Just wondering – I have business income to report, so am I being gullible to believe (well, almost!) the info. on the website that says all versions include all forms?

  92. Canadian Capitalist

    Though I haven’t purchased QuickTax this year, Intuit (comment #69) responded that all forms are supported in all tiers of QuickTax.

    Cherry’s comments on UFile is similar to my opinion. I just prefer the direct entry method, which is one reason I really like StudioTax.

  93. Have used Quicktax “Standard ” for years — always bought a disk. It was great for entering capital gains/losses and info slips (t3’s,t5’s,etc)
    Just looked at and tried the “standard” and “platinum” online and was shocked. They have changed the format completely so now it’s a kind of interview/forms hybrid that is a real step backward imo. I spent about 45 min on it and cannot see how you can quickly look at and change individual forms and schedules on demand. I didn’t even see individual schedules — did not see a way to show individual schedules as individual windows as on previous years programs. Have I missed it ? Did I not look in the right place?

    Also looked at Ufile online and it seems to me that all the 8 returns advertised are for “one Family”. And the program is very unwieldy if you have a number of investments.

  94. Ohmigosh, Lamont, now I don’t like the sound of this year’s Quicktax at all! Why on earth would they change the format when it always worked so well?
    I’ve found another thread on this site which has some recommendations for Studiotax, and I understand that it’s somewhat similar to Quicktax in that it doesn’t use the tedious Interview method. So my next step is to download it (no charge! AND no limit, I believe) and give it a try.

  95. Canadian Capitalist

    Lamont: Are you talking about QuickTax Standard or the online product? They are two different products.

  96. hi Lamont,

    the 8 returns are for UFile for Windows and can be used for anyone with a valid SIN. Ufile.ca is priced per return and is free for incomes below 25k. i know some people are concerned about security of the information online but what i do is replace my SIN and identification info with fictitious data after i have filed so that if someone ever did break into my account it would be useless and when i return the next year i put the correct info back in.

    just a brief comment on studiotax. i appreciate the effort but UFile does optimizations that saves you money and can easily pay for itself over and over. this year especially with pension sharing for seniors it makes sure you are getting the biggest refund but there are many other optimizations it does too. so i suggest if you are using a free product to also enter your return with UFile.ca (it’s free to try and you don’t have to use your correct SIN or identification) and compare the refund. it can’t hurt and might be worth alot to you!

  97. Thanks, Canadian Capitalist, it was the online product. Glad to hear that the disk is like the old one — I may have to stick with Quicktax even tho I am upset with them.

  98. Futuretax looks like the one. $9.99 for ten returns and the demo shows it to mirror an actual return.

  99. While I think the UFile people are going to have their hands full with all these QuickTax users I think you guys might be too hung up on the idea of entering information onto the tax return. I switched from QT to UFile this year (see above) and I think I am going to end up doing several other peoples returns for them. I thought I would not like having to use an interview.

    UFile uses an Interview but it is not like the interview offered in other programs. It is easy to jump over the crap that does you know does not matter to you. It is really quick.

    Out of curiousity, I tried StudioTax. CC I have to say I think you are just happy to get something free. (sorry)

  100. My employer gives me a free copy of Ufile every year.

    I use Studiotax.

  101. Re: Quick Tax price increase and unfair competition:

    I filed a complaint with the Competition Bureau of Canada.
    at http://www.competitionbureau.gc.ca

    If there are sufficient complaints, perhaps the company will reconsider its pricing strategy.

  102. Thanks Lamont for introducing me to Futuretax. I find it every bit as fully featured as Quicktax and more user friendly as it has the forms window that allows you to quickly access your open forms. It has a “back” button that takes you back to the form you came from, which I find very convenient and another small items. It took me less time to get it running than it took me to with Quicktax.
    As to Carla’s comment #81, although I agree with the free enterprise system and Carla’s right to buy the “best” product, based on price. I’ve done my tax return on both systems and the results are identical and based on functionality, I find Futuretax superior even if it is significantly cheaper

  103. Jim, my pleasure.

    I’m glad I followed the link on cra site. Just what I was looking for.

  104. I contacted Quicktax after I changed to U-file. Here is their response. Hopefully more people complain when they switch.

    Hello Jeff,

    Thank you for contacting Intuit Canada.

    I am sorry to hear that your experience with your Intuit software has not been positive. We do appreciate that you took the time to send us your feedback, positive or negative, as it helps us to identify what aspects of our products or policies need to be improved.

    If you have any further questions, comments or concerns related to any of our products or services, please do not hesitate to send them to this address: feedback@intuit.com.
    Although some emails do not receive answers, all emails that we receive are reviewed and valuable suggestions and comments will be passed along to management and/ or product development teams.

    If you require any additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.


    Intuit Canada

    — Original Message —

    Thanks for your response. However, you have lost a customer. I will not be buying Quicktax this year at the cost of over $35 along with the amount for extra returns.
    I will have at least 5 returns over $25,000 income and a few under that amount..
    I have purchased U-file that allows 16 returns.at a cost of $30.00.
    I do not believe that you can beat that price.
    I will have to spend a little extra time learning U-file but I am not willing to pay the large increase of Quicktax this year.
    I hope that you change your pricing policy next year.


    Above is the cached version on the Quicktaxweb which I relied upon to do my returns for my wife and myself, both of which are under $20,000. Note it says:

    “You qualify for this free income tax software if your net (before taxes) individual income is less than $20,000.”

    I completed my returns on February 19, relying upon this information. They then lead you along saying that whilst they need your C Card info, they will be giving it to you for free, at the end however they put through a charge of $40 plus tax.

    Since my submission the page has been changed as follows


    “You can prepare your taxes for free with any QuickTax online edition if your household (yourself and your spouse combined) income is below $20,000 Gross (before taxes)”

    Two e-mails later and no satisfaction.

    I can only describe them as crooks.

  106. My wife and I both have net income of under 25,000 each Futuretax allowed me to download software and netfile for free for both returns. 1 return over 25,000 would cost 5.99. I found it just as good as QuickTax and in some cases better.
    I used QuickTax last year (2006) Check out their web site for more details. http://www.Futuretax.ca.

  107. I am really disappointed with QuickTax’s decision to limit tax returns to 2 people over $25K (down from 6 in 2006).

    I have been using quick tax for at least 7 years if not more. I didn’t mind the pricing increased from $29 to $35…to the last few years of $39. Now they are limiting it to 2 people over $25K. There are 3 people in my household who I do their taxes with quick tax. I guess I fall within your 40% of the population they can try to increase revenue. I read the clever marketing people spin trying to blur the blame to Revenue Canada limiting tax returns to 20 per program but they do not limit the income per return to 2 over $25K.

    At least give loyal customers a one year grace (rebate). I am going to pass on quick tax this year. As a good Canadian, I will do my part with a quick email complaint, paste it on a few blogs and take my dollars else where. Good luck with this business model. 3 less returns for Quicktax!


  108. I’ve looked at the price of quicktax unincorporated this year and swear it has gone up almost $20 compared to last. I’m looking for a cheaper alternative as the business portion is not really huge but closer to being basic. I like the software with indepth interviews though as I need to be sure it handles myself, the business, my spouse and our dependant child properly with adequate calculations. I’ve trusted quicktax for years and know it can handle it. But really what are the alternative software packages that can do all of this including self employment?

  109. Somewhere on this Canadian Capitalist site is “Intuit’s Response on QuickTax”, assuring us that all the CRA forms are included in all versions despite Intuit’s implications that you need one of the upgraded versions to do anything much more than a T4. I bought the Basic, just to see, and it’s true… all the forms are there and you can do any kind of complex return. I think the only thing it won’t do is to bring forward data from last year. Intuit’s blurb implies that you need at least the Standard version to do linked spousal returns, but this, like most of the advertising, is not true; the Basic does them.
    I suppose if you insisted on having “Tools and Optimizers” you w0uld have to get the more-expensive version, but I don’t use these and in fact I didn’t even know what they were until I looked back at “Tools” in the 2006 programme, for which, for some forgotten reason, I have the Platinum version.
    I’m presently comparing QT with StudioTax and U-File, and so far I find StudioTax almost as convenient as QuickTax, and far more so than U-File. I don’t like “interviews” and I do like to be able to enter data right on to the T1 – click on the line and up pops the right Schedule or form. Both QuickTax and StudioTax work this way, while U-File uses its own template – you never quite know where you are and you can’t quickly switch from one part of the return to another.

  110. I have used Quicktax and Ufile in the past and am now working with Studio Tax for the first time. I like the process but I can’t get a link to my spouse’s return. Any suggestions?

  111. I was really upset when i found out that Quicktax only allows two returns this year if i had of known I would never have bought it lets get the word out and kill there sales this is just greedy I have to do more than two so Ufile here i come.

  112. Simple Gouging. Check this out, Intuit Forum where they try to justify it (love the one guy’s Impala analogy):


  113. Jerry – not sure what you’ve done so far, but when you first enter your info. in the Wizard, on the left at the very bottom of the screen is a little square to check if you want to link a spousal return. I checked this square in the beginning, but I couldn’t figure out how you could alter it later. Sorry – no help.
    Like dorincanada, above, I filed a complaint with the Competition Bureau about Intuit’s misleading advertising. I did get quite a detailed reply – probably a form letter, though -but only to the effect that they have more important things to worry about at the moment.

  114. I am happy to report that Intuit contacted me today and offered a full refund

  115. I’ve downloaded a trial of genutax to try out. It has a decent interface and the interview wizard seems to be very indepth. There is hope for unincorporated small business income and the spouse feature seems to link in ok. The big question I have is wondering if the behind the scenes calculations in this program would provide the same result as the quicktax program. I don’t want to save money by buying one software package and end up getting 100 less deductions than if I paid an extra 40 for quicktax… Is that possible? Can the software packages output different deductions and result in less return?

  116. Thanks for all the discussion on the different tax programs.
    I’m really stuck now, I’ve used Tax Wiz ever since Can Tax got dropped. I like the interview method, and the optimisers. This year I have self employment income, a pension, and an RRSP withdrawl to deal with, as well as an RRSP withdrawl for my wife.
    With Intuit dropping Tax Wiz, I’m left to find something to replace it with. I’ve never been happy with Quick Tax, or any of Intuit’s book keeping programs.
    I also have to file for myself and my kids.
    Thanks Intuit you sure made my life simpler.

  117. I just filed a return on Standard and was stunned to see only 2 returns that can be processed. I assumed that there were no changes. Buyer beware, but the Intuit bastards will not get my money next year… Ufile here I come!!!

  118. Fellow tax preparers:
    As a long-term user of QuickTax (usually the Platinum version), I should like to report that last year I had to return my 2006 Platinum version as it limited me to a maximum of twenty T5013/5013A slips. I was unable to complete my return with the QuickTax product. Intuit is unwilling to help or to improve the product in the future, but they are willing to increase the price and reduce the number of returns you can prepare! Like others here, I am thankful for the comments and suggestions for alternative programs, and I will not purchase QuickTax in the future. Perhaps others can share their experience with UFile, GenuTax and The Taxman. Thanks to all.

  119. I posted here earlier in february stating my displeasure with Quicktax, but I was a little apprehensive in using another tax software since I have always used Quicktax (maybe 10-12 years).

    I just finished using Ufile this weekend to prepare 6 returns and let me say “fantastic!” It worked so easily, I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner! good bye quicktax!

    After a few minutes getting acquainted with the new style of Ufile, I actually found it easier than Quicktax.
    The last returns flew by!. I strongly reccomend it>


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  121. I have used quick tax for several years…love the S/W….absolutely detest the monopolistic predator business philosophy of intuit…I am a radical accountant and also like having the ability of plunking my numbers directly onto forms…Genutax’s interview process is cumbersome for me…I think that Intuit is simply getting on the bandwagon…have your return done by a tax preparer…$80 (just) for a couple of documents….using the word “just” loosely as there is no justice in price gauging…I can do that type of return in about 2 minutes but have no dreams of getting rich this way…I’m checking out other products but may find myself succumbing to quick tax for those more complicated returns (I do about 20 gratuitous returns a year only to keep in shape)…….Recommend that if your tax knowledge is limited, use the interview process of something other than quicktax….predator, greedy, monopolistic, overboard capitalist, sheep, intuit,…you get my drift…

  122. I have downloaded and used Studiotax for my first return….goodbye quicktax….recommend Studiotax…I will be leaving my donation to Studiotax for sure….

  123. I have also used StudioTax as well as a number of my friends. We all love it. It’s free! They do request a donation but it is totally voluntary. I do plan to donate this year as I would like to see them stick around for a while.


  124. I agree with everyone here who was either shafted by QuickTax or disagrees with their choice to switch from 5 to 2 returns over $25k. I sent them a long letter mentioning my displeasure with their decision and lack of a 1-800 number and making consumers use long distance. Unless they change their minds for 2008, this is my last QuickTax purchase. I’m appreciate everyones input for other methods of tax preparation and will consider these in the future. Thank you.

  125. I too agree that QuickTax only concern is to make money at the expense of their customers. I have been using QuickTax for approx 10 years and when they sent the automatic email for renewal for the 2007 tax year, I just sent them my credit card number without investigating the changes. Much to my surprise, the change from 6 to 2 returns was not identified during the renewal process and I only found out once I tried to use it. I sent an email to QuickTax and got the automated response of PFO. Due to QuickTax dishonesty, this will be the last time I will be using their product. Are there any lawyers out there. The only way that we can deal with a dishonest and unethical Company like QuickTax may be a class action lawsuit, I for one would be willing to sign up. Everyone should also let anyone that will listen to them, not to deal with QuickTax, I for one have told several dozen people. It would be nice somehow to get this site sent to QuickTax just to show them the great customer satisfaction they are creating, but with a company that obviously has no regard to customer satisfaction, this would probably be a waste of time.

    My rant for the day!!!!

  126. Bye Bye QT. I guess the new CFO wanted to make an impression. Good job.

  127. I filed a complaint about QuickTax’s deceptive practices and dishonesty in dealing with consumers with the Canadian Competition Board and got a reply. They will keep the complaint on file and will only act if enough???? complaints are filed. Everyone on this forum should file a formal complaint as it can be done online and only takes approx 5 mins. I’ve passed this on to 3 other acquaintenances who have experienced similiar problems and they will be filing also.

  128. To everyone in here who agrees that Quick Tax is overpriced and doesn’t offer enought for what they charge, you guys should google: torrents, Quick Tax 2007 and download the Hacked version for free. It does everything except for the
    Incorporated business. And Netfilling doesn’t work, but you can print it out and send it to CRA. And hey the best things is, its FREE and screw Quick Tax – they deserve ppl to use their Hacked version. I’ve used it free for years now and do not intend to every pay the Intuit idiots !!!

  129. I think the best way to stop this gouging is to complain to the Minister who’s department (CRA) is responsible for allowing Quicktax to be certfied. Here is a copy of my letter to the Minister. I would suggest you do the same if we expect to get some action:

    The Honourable Gordon O’Connor
    Minister of National Revenue
    7th Floor
    555 MacKenzie Avenue
    Ottawa ON K1A 0L5

    Dear Minister O’Connor

    I would like to bring to attention an issue that I suspect hasn’t been raised to you by departmental staff. As I believe that you are a man of honour and integrity I am confident that you will take the appropriate action necessary once you understand my concerns.

    My complaint is about the tax filing software “Quicktax” by Intuit which is one the companies that your department has certified to be an official NETFILE tax software provider. In my eyes, that means you and the government have endorsed them.

    It is obvious to me that CRA has done little to monitor the business practices of the software providers before giving them certification. For your information, the latest version for tax files this year comes with two unexpected changes designed to gouge consumers with the apparent support of the government.

    First, in previous years, the standard edition was sufficient to handle the simple taxation of stock investments. Now, consumers like myself, purchased the Standard edition which has served us well in the past only to find out half way through our returns that the standard edition doesn’t handle everything that it used to. Instead, we unexpectedly find out that the Platinum version is now required. Of course, this comes along with an additional $20 (plus GST) on top of the original price of $39 for the basic package. Nice!

    Secondly, in previous years, the same software would allow up to 5 returns with one purchase of the software. Now after completing my mother-in-law’s return, I attempted to print out the return. I was surprised to see that I would have to dish out an additional $15 to do so. The number of returns is now limited to 2 for this year. Hmmm, I didn’t hear or see anything about this change. Wait, here it is in small print on the back of the box. No one will miss that there. For your information, CRA limits all software providers to a maximum of 20 individual returns. Why not mandate a minimum instead of giving a limit? Can a company offer 5 returns one year and then 2 the next without notifying the customer? It seems to be the case. Does CRA not care?

    It is somewhat understandable that the company is looking to gouge consumers as much as they can. But, what really isn’t acceptable is that my government appears to be supporting this type of behavior. Maybe I’m naïve Minister O’Connor, but I expect more from your department.

    Please show me that this ‘new’ government listens to the people especially during the time when we are seeing how much we are paying for it.

  130. “My complaint is about the tax filing software “Quicktax” by Intuit which is one the companies that your department has certified to be an official NETFILE tax software provider. In my eyes, that means you and the government have endorsed them.”

    That’s where you’ve gone wrong already. NETFILE Certified only means that the .tax file generated by the application is properly formatted for receipt by the CRA, nothing more.

    “It is obvious to me that CRA has done little to monitor the business practices of the software providers before giving them certification.”

    That is correct. They shouldn’t have to; That’s what your dollars are for.

    “Please show me that this ‘new’ government listens to the people especially during the time when we are seeing how much we are paying for it.”

    Ummm . . . what? The box tells you it has only 2 returns. The box tells you which ones are for what types of income. There are PLENTY of options for tax software.

    If you want government interfering with business then move to a communist/dictatorship country. Otherwise, complain to the company, request a refund, and learn to be and informed consumer next time.

  131. Did anybody use TaxTron? It seems pretty cheap. Not sure if it is realiable.

  132. I felt really ripped off to discover that Quicktax Standard 2007 no longer allows me to prepare income from self-employment; and it is definitely not clear from the packaging that this is so. I have used Quicktax Standard for years to prepare my family’s various returns but am happy to learn about competitors because I will be switching.

  133. Given that QuickTax 2007 can be installed on 2 computers, does the opportunity exist to effectively prepare 4 returns over $25K (i.e. 2 returns on one machines and 2 returns on the other machine)? I’m not advocatng doing anything illegal but it seems that this opporutnity exists. The ability to print the return as a .pdf file suggests that one could take the ‘saved/printed’ return to yet a 3rd machine that might be attached to a high-end printer for printing. Can anyone confirm that this is do-able? Thx,

  134. I’ve used mbotax this year. It has a very friendly interface.. I don’t want to save money by buying one software package and end up getting 100 less deductions than if I paid an extra 40 for quicktax… Is that possible? Can the software packages output different deductions and result in less return?

  135. I am glad I came across to this website. I used CanTax until taxWiz acquired it, I used taxWiz until Quicken acquired it, and last year I used Quicken unincorporated for my self employed income. However I was stunned to see that they increased the price $20 this year. I just fired an e-mail to UFile and asked them whether they support capital depreciation and business expenses. If they do a QuickBye to QuickTax.

  136. Okay, is it just me or does anyone else think that we shouldn’t have to pay for software to file our income tax? We pay taxes all year. If the government is concerned about lessening the load of paper, then Revenue Canada should allow everyone to just file their income tax on their website. No fees, no paying for downloads or software. This year, as every year, I will still put pen to paper, figure it out on my own and mail it in. I personally refuse to pay to do it. Just my two cents…..tax free.

  137. I agree 100% with Sue. Why should we as tax payers for whom CRA personnel work, have to pay for software in order to complete the unnecessarily complicated tax forms??!! The software should be provided by CRA free of charge.

    I encourage everyone to call/email/fax/write to the Minister of National Revenue and urge/demand that CRA provide tax payers with appropriate software.

    Hon. Gordon O’Connor

    Hill Office

    House of Commons
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K1A 0A6
    Telephone: (613) 992-1119
    Fax: (613) 992-1043
    EMail: OConnor.G@parl.gc.ca
    Web Site:* http://www.gordonoconnor.ca/
    Preferred Language: English

    Constituency Offices

    240 Michael Cowpland Drive
    Kanata, Ontario
    K2M 1P6
    Telephone: (613) 592-3469
    Fax: (613) 592-4756

  138. PS: Contact your local MP also.

  139. Good idea TaxedJames, and I’ll send it to everyone on my email list.

    I noticed that the Americans get a Federal Free version for simple returns via TurboTax.com

  140. I have been using QuickTax and QuickTax T2 since 2000 but no more, As this year they increase the price T2 by 50% and QuickTax no price increase buy limit to 2 return from 5 return in 2006 and 6 return in 2005.
    So Ufile is my choice now. Goodbye Quicktax.

  141. Here is a link to a list of all current members of Parliament and their contact information:


  142. Tax Alternatives

    Can anyone indicate which of the tax program alternatives supports carrying forward data from QuickTax?

    Here is the list of desktop software for this year:
    eTaxCanada (Windows)
    FutureTax (Windows)
    GenuTax (Windows)
    myTaxExpress (Windows)
    StudioTax 2007 (Windows) – I know this one does NOT
    TaxFreeway (Macintosh)
    TaxFreeway (Windows)
    TaxTron (Macintosh)
    TaxTron (Windows)
    UDoTaxes (Windows)
    UFile (Windows)

    Here is the list of Web-based software for this year:
    AceTax Online
    CuteTax Online
    eTaxCanada Online
    H & R Block Online Tax

  143. Tax Alternatives

    Update: Here are the ones I have found out so far:

    Here is the list of desktop software for this year:
    eTaxCanada (Windows)
    FutureTax (Windows)
    GenuTax (Windows) – Interview only – No import
    myTaxExpress (Windows)
    StudioTax 2007 (Windows) – Direct entry or interview – No import
    TaxFreeway (Macintosh) – No import
    TaxFreeway (Windows) – No import
    TaxTron (Macintosh)
    TaxTron (Windows)
    UDoTaxes (Windows)
    UFile (Windows) – Interview only – Yes Import

    Here is the list of Web-based software for this year:
    AceTax Online
    CuteTax Online
    eTaxCanada Online
    H & R Block Online Tax
    UFile.ca (BEWARE: using web-based tool does not allow importing into desktop based version )

  144. Canadian Capitalist

    When I tried UFile for Windows, it imported data from the previous year’s QuickTax.

  145. I already sent Intuit an email in disgust after they downsized from 5 over 25,000 to 2. I usually do my Fathers and my wife and I together. They allowed me to do my fathers and Efile it, and then it let me do my wifes and I and Efile hers. It would not even let me print mine unless I ponied up another 15 dollars. I simply copied the reults onto a manual form and submitted it with my cheque. The customer service rep sent me a form letter, that they obviously had to put together because people are so pissed. They said their market research showed that most people who use it have taxible incomes of 25,000 or less. Nice try.

  146. Michael (132)- even the Basic QuickTax DOES have all the forms – I found this out from another post and got the Basic just to see. Don’t be misled by the advertising! The Basic will do everything you want – including professional self-employment – except bring forward last year’s data, and of course it hasn’t got all the bells and whistles – which you can do without, anyway. If you’ve got more than 2 returns to do, you can work them all out on Quicktax, Netfile the two most complicated, and hand-copy the easier ones for paper returns.
    And Mike (133) – I seem to remember installing Quicktax on 2 computers one year, and somehow it managed to count returns done on both.
    I’m using Studiotax this year – for anything a bit complicated, such as T5013s, you have to be a bit inventive, but it works fine – it’s similar to Quicktax in that you can enter data directly on to the forms, which I think is the best method. You get a very quick reply if you e-mail the team through their website, and it’s FREE to download.

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  148. Let me foremost state I am totally disgusted with the marketing practices of Quicktax and this will be my last year using the program. I asked my wife to purchase the program with the expectation the Standard program is the same as the past 4 years.

    Here is my email to Quicktax followed by their corporate response which in effect told me to go fly a kite. I will never use Quicktax again, even if I have to go back to pencil and the classic tax return.

    To whom it may concern,

    Please forward this email directly to your VP

    Let me first start off by expressing how disappointed
    I am with your changes to the 2007 Quick Tax Standard
    My wife purchased the Quicktax Standard program to
    complete our family’s tax returns for the fourth
    straight year.
    I now find out I cannot do so, as you have limited the
    returns to two returns, down from 5 the previous year.
    I now am told to go online and buy addition copies?
    As a family unit, this disgusts me I cannot complete
    at least four returns above $25,000 This suggests
    nothing more than corporate greed on your part.
    Quick tax has been around long enough your development
    costs are long paid for. Please explain to me why the
    Need I remind your company that paper is still an
    acceptable form to file income taxes. At $20 per hour
    on the value of my leisure time and $40 dollars for
    this program, I think the breakeven is tilting back to
    It truly saddens me that a Canadian owned company
    could not have clearly labelled the box to highlight
    such an important change.
    I am sending this email to you to actually provide you
    with real customer feedback.
    I would highly recommend you take this advice into
    Going forward, I will have no choice but to find an
    alternative provider or go back to manual submission.

    The Corporate Response (Should have expected it…..market dominance breeds arrogance…) Worst part is they want me to provide them feedback in a quick customer survey!!!

    Hello Kris,

    Thank you for contacting Intuit Canada.

    I am sorry to hear that your experience with your Intuit software has not been positive. We do appreciate that you took the time to send us your feedback, positive or negative, as it helps us to identify what aspects of our products or policies need to be improved.

    If you have any further questions, comments or concerns related to any of our products or services, please do not hesitate to send them to this address: feedback@intuit.com.

    Although some emails do not receive answers, all emails that we receive are reviewed and valuable suggestions and comments will be passed along to management and/ or product development teams.

    Hope this will resolve your issue.

    If you have any other questions or concerns in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    If you have a moment you can tell my manager how my service was by filling out our survey at the following link:


    Thank you and have a great day.

    Neeraj Batra
    Intuit Canada


    Tell us about your e-support experience by answering this short survey! Click here

  149. I will never purchase QuickTax again. This is my 7th year (or s0) using the software and have nothing but issues with it. Because of the new limit of returns per disc, I purchased a 2nd disc because I was having purchasing additional returns through their software. I unistalled the first disc, and then installed the 2nd. When I tried submitting returns for the 2nd disc, it said I already reached my limit. Customer Service has been a nightmare. Their hours are 9am-6pm, which is when I am not home. Their customer service agents are in India. Nice. After 4 calls to customer service and trying their ‘solution’ that didn’t work, I was told to send an email with a screen shot to prove their glitch. Even the EMAIL support is dealt with from India. And because English is not their first language, they did not understand the clarity at which I addressed my issue. Instead they gave responses that did not have anything to do with my query. The only way to solve my problem was to call the 1-888# again and select French. I don’t speak French. When the agent finally came to the phone (after 20 minutes on hold), I asked if she spoke English. The first thing she said is that she is not allowed to handle my claim in English and told me to call another #. I cut her off and asked her to listen to my problem and that India wasn’t helpful. After an additional 45 minutes, my issue was solved. So I hope. I’ll find out tonight when I try again from home.
    I will never purchase QuickTax again. Why they are using India as customer service is beyond me.

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  151. Brendan in Ontario

    If you have tax returns which are in anyway complicated, I strongly recommend that you do not use Quicktax Platinum Online. This product is extremely inferior to the CD version. In particular, if you regularly trade stock, this is product will only waste your time and raise blood pressure.

    Here are some examples of the limitations.
    1) Interaction is solely by interview style. It is not possible to access the CRA forms.
    2) The index is very slim and the online chat support is worse. I called the call center and was given incorrect information twice.
    3) It is impossible to upload your data from ‘Stock Trade Tracker’ to Quicktax online.
    4) Stock trades are limited to about 20 transactions per person.
    5) Foreign Trades require each and every part of the transaction to be converted to Canadian Dollars before it can be entered.
    6) There is no information on reducing expenses related to foreign holding tax.
    7) In joint accounts it is impossible to switch trades between users to see who will generate the greatest tax reduction. Be prepared to do this manually!

    I have spent at least 20 hours trying to get this software to meet my needs. The Quicktax staff were very apologetic when I called them. However, this did not translate into a reduced price for the CD. Intuit do not respect their customers.

    I strongly recommend that you shop around for a similar product, on CD, from anyone except Intuit. This company has been complacent and arrogant. Maybe, if their sales drop enough they may start to listen to their customers.


  152. Did 3 yrs of Quick Tax Unincorporated/Turbotax, or whatever the minimum version that supports sole proprietorships is called. Up to 2009. In those 3 yrs, I saw the same exact clunky interface with itty bitty dialog boxes, including a T5008 entry that leads you to enter multiple transactions before it owns up that 28 or so transactions are the max.

    Being primarily on a Mac now, a good part of it for security reasons, I was not happy to see that my choices were limited and I was even less happy to be filing online. But I wanted to leave Quicktax.

    UFile Online imported my Quicktax 2009, which Quicktax 2009 would not even open anymore on a different computer (2 installs is the max).

    And compared to Quicktax, UFile was 10x cheaper (8$ instead of 80$, for my requirements). A joy to use. Nice data entry forms. Clear explanations. No kludgy “help on forum with registration hoops to jump through”. I could enter all my T5008 except that I just summed them up. By choice, not because of some dumb software limitation. In the days of Sony and other data leaks, having my tax data online is not my preferred choice, but I’ll live with it. Probably safer than locally on a Windows computer anyway.

    Truly, and I am a computer professional, Quicktax is squeezing the customers, hard. High prices, crappy interface, very limited improvements between releases, crappy help and file viewing policies that make it difficult to view your own past filings. I would have paid the $80, still cheaper than an accountant, but I can’t stand the product laziness and general lack of polish that Quicktax provides.