[Front Cover of Til Debt Do Us Part Life Planner]

Unfortunately, the personal finances of many Canadians are a mess. Gail Vaz-Oxlade, the popular host of Til Debt Do Us Part, features financial basket-cases in her TV show and teaches them the basics of money management. To bring her message of financial prudence to a wider audience, Gail is out with a Life Planner, a sort-of money management calendar for 2009. The Planner has a built-in monthly budget binder for tracking variable expenses, weekly financial tips and sprinkled with many Gail-isms, such as: “If you don’t know how much you’re spending, you’re like a blind man on a galloping horse heading towards a precipice”. Someone who follows Gail’s plan is likely to be very pleased with the state of their finances at the end of this year. The Til Debt Do Us Part Life Planner is available for $29.99 plus shipping and handling from the Frantic Films website.

Giveaway: I received a review copy of the Life Planner and think that it would be more useful to someone who is just starting to get a handle on their finances. To win a gently-browsed copy of the Life Planner, just leave a comment to this post ( don’t forget your e-mail address) before 8 PM EST on Friday, January 9, 2009.

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  1. Sign me up!

  2. Gail is one awesome lady. Thanks for the review..

  3. With a new business, grad school, and being a newlywed I’ll take all the help I can get 🙂

  4. Always enjoyed her show so I would love to get a copy to read.

  5. I’d love to enter…I enjoy her no-nonsense attitude. Thanks!

  6. The show is great. She has a way of making budgeting easy to understand.

    (Don’t need the planner, thanks)

  7. Just what my future wife and I need to get started.

  8. I often watch the show. Looks like Gail is “diversifying”!

    Count me in for the prize.

  9. one of my new year resolution is to be debt free(credit card mainly) and start saving for my kids’ RESP. After reading your blogs about “e-funds RESP” from TD, I would love to have the account set-up ASAP. I’m very frustrated with bills after bills every month and not able to save a single penny at the end of the year.

  10. Just started watching this show. The planner looks interesting!

  11. Count me in!

  12. I never win these things…. maybe this time I’ll be lucky!

  13. I’d love a copy…not for me, but for a family member who could really use it.

  14. I’m in 🙂

  15. I love gently-browsed copies of most anything..The Economist, TV Guide, Elle…

  16. Thanks for the give-away!

  17. please add me to the give-away

  18. Ooo, this would be a great prize for my fiance and I to start 2009 with. I have finally added your blog to my reader.

  19. I need this:)

  20. I am trying to Usher In a New Era of Fiscal Responsibility, and need all the help I can get. Thanks!

  21. I need this!

  22. My girlfriend and I love this show and we’d love to have the planner too.

  23. Hey CC,

    I don’t need a copy of this book but I know someone who would benefit greatly from this. Can you please enter me in the draw so I can give him a nice post-Christmas present.

    Also, great to see you back. Hope you enjoyed your well-deserved break.


  24. Hey, i too like the show and would much like to check this guide up.

  25. My finances are in good shape (market withstanding) but my sister’s are a mess and she would benefit from something like this. fingers crossed!

  26. I don’t know if I should consider getting the CFP on top of a CFA.

  27. Love the show and will, for sure, love the book.

  28. Hi,

    I don’t have a very good handle in my finance and i want to manage it. My goal this year is to get out of debt and start investing.

    I have opened an RESP account with TD, and thanks to you that I know how to convert it to e-series account and start investing.


  29. Hi Ram, count me in. Other than the give away, what are your impressions about her book? If possible, I’d like to hear more from you. What about Findependence day? In your opinion, which one should we read first, or it really doesn’t matter?

    Thanks again!

  30. I love her show, and would love her book!!

  31. Right on.

  32. I love her show so I would love to get a copy to read.

  33. I would love to have a copy of the book.

  34. To be quite honest, my mother would love this book.

  35. I would love a copy of this book as well.

    But what did you think of it?

  36. Would love a copy

  37. i need help. please enter my name

  38. It’s a great show & I’d love a copy!

  39. I’m in too. By the way, congrats on another mention in the Globe and Mail (back page of the Report on Business today, if you didn’t see it)

  40. Thanks for sharing

  41. Natalie Bourdeau-Legris

    I woud love a copy of this book, so I could give it to my little sister! I think her little family could use all the advise Gail has to offer in this book, I watch Gail’s show frequently and absolutely love it! Pick me! 🙂

  42. That Gail’s a crazy lady! Sign me up….

  43. we’re diehard fans of Gail V-O on TV and her advice (cash jars) helped us to pay for our wedding and is now helping us with our newborn baby girl..! Every little bit helps – thanks a bunch Gail..! (on behalf of “us three” and the multitude of viewers who benefit from the fantastic on-air advice0

  44. Me too please!

  45. Bhupathy Kandasamy

    I would love a copy too.


  47. Have read her blog in the past, but have never managed to catch her show. Thanks for the heads up on the book. Please count me in for the draw!

  48. I would like a copy of the book for our home. Good blog, lots of great ideas.

  49. Love the show, please draw my name for the book!

  50. Count me in.

  51. But is it a good book?
    Can’t be sure till …. i get a copy 😉
    Count me in.

  52. dear gail, im in DEEP debt, would love a copy to try and get out of debt thank you
    donna krastins

  53. Pick me! Pick me!

  54. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  55. count me in . . . luv gail

  56. Money management should be a compulsory subject for all young students as they leave high school.

    Will pass this on to my daughter should I win.

  57. Well, I’m not struggling with debt or anything, but I wanted to comment that shows/articles like Gail’s generally focus on people with large incomes and high discretionary spending.

    I worry more about those with small incomes and not enough to meet basic expenses. Not as easy to help those people, though!

  58. Oh – I love Gail’s show and site… it’s how I found out about yours… sign me up please 🙂 Would love and really could use a planner 🙂

  59. I don’t usually win this but let me make it the 60th comment.. and the new year resolution is to manage money better so that I can stay at home longer with my two young kids.

  60. Love her show and would love a copy of her book.

  61. I am a big fan of The Til Debt Do Us Part show! Even though I am quite good at saving myself, I always learn some tips from each episode.

    Please let me know if I can get a copy of her Lift Planner as well. Can’t wait. Thanks.

  62. I sometimes wish I could force my best friend onto Gail’s show. She has $15,000 riding on her line of credit at 12%. She has $40,000 in rrsps earning minimal interest. I can’t tell her that she’d be making more money on her nest egg if she put it against her debt.

    I promise I would give the book to her.

  63. Christine Brown

    Boy do I need this!

  64. Count me in! I’m graduating this year, I could sure use all the help I can get!

  65. Just what my soon to be retired parents need!

  66. Count me in! I would love to have a tool like that to help with my finances. Thanks!

  67. Count me in as well


  68. Terrance Tiessen

    I’m in good shape but know someone who needs this

  69. I don’t want it for myself but sign me up because I know someone else I could give it to. Thanks!

  70. Wish me luck!

  71. Throw my name in this one . . . I wonder if my spouse would be mad if I gave it to her? Kind of like getting a weight loss book for Christmas . . . “But I thought it was the thought that counts!”

  72. I’ve been following her blog. It’s very helpful.

  73. I have watched Gail for about a year now. Her show is filled with wonderful tips and useful stories.

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  75. Thanks for the giveaway, CC.

  76. I decided to finally take charge of my own investments and get more serious about my own financial planning last summer … just in time before the big market meltdown. That cushioned the blow and now, I want to continue learning and would love to read what Gail has to say (I remember reading her articles in the G&M). Thanks for your great blog. Cheers!

  77. This would be perfect for my son & his fiance who are both still in school & have a child

  78. need help!

  79. Love Gail’s financial advice, would love a copy of her financial planner to sort my financial life outl

  80. That would be awesome and a great start for the year 🙂

    Please count me in 🙂

  81. I’d love to be part of the give away!
    Looking to actually follow through with my resolutions this year!

  82. Worth a try!

  83. Would love to get a copy as we are trying to consolidate our credit card debts and start a New Year Budget

  84. Canadian Capitalist

    The giveaway is now closed. I’ll pick a winner at random shortly.

  85. Hey, CC. Thanks for doing this. Lemme know when I can return the favour. So now you have to write all these names on little pieces of paper and draw them from a hat? Oooh. Cheers, g

  86. Canadian Capitalist

    Place holder for the following email entry by G D’Souza:

    I am enjoying your daily dose of financial prudence. Thanks I need the Life planner for my daughter, who does not seem to know where she is heading to with her finances. Thanks.

  87. Canadian Capitalist

    Place holder for the following email entry by Wayne:

    I’d love to give my wife a copy of the planner!

  88. Canadian Capitalist

    The winner chosen at random by random.org is # 40. Cash Canuck.

    Thanks to everyone for entering. I’ll contact the winner shortly.

    Thanks for your comment Gail. I don’t actually put all the names in a hat. I use the website random.org to pick a winner.

  89. My hubby and I would love (&need a copy) of Gail’s words of wisdom. We claimed Bankruptcy years ago ( we had a financial planner who was looking out for his interest not ours) and when we lost money when we sold our home; we were once again in debt. I swore we would never be in this position again but since my husband and I are not agreeing on how to tackle our finances; Gail’s book would surely help.

  90. Hi,

    I am completely distressed right now with my current financial situation and I said to myself I need help and I was coming online to see what books I could purchase to help me and came across this posting. I am in need of assistance right now and to thinking that using this book will help me have a brighter new year in 2010 is very exciting although far away it is one step in the right direction. I could definetly use this book and it would help my finances as well if I could save the $40.00 to purchase the book. Good luck to all! Thank you,

  91. Canadian Capitalist

    Marg, Tammy: The contest is now closed. I’ve contacted the winner and will be mailing the book shortly. Sorry.

    • Canadian Capitalist

      Cash Canuck: I’ve mailed the book today via Canada Post. The estimated arrival is 4 to 6 business days.

  92. Your show is very informal, in finance. It teach young and old
    couple how to save, budget and get best out what they have
    income wise coming into their household. It teach also you don’t have to spend because you have it, but spend wise and smart. Our youth need a lesson in finance before they get 16 years of age and go to college. They need to Know now how
    save and spend money smart. A great show, I tried to watch everyday you are on.

  93. Hi

    love the show. Well we need help with the finance, I want to have money saved for us, but we are still trying to come back from are bankruptcy from years ago. we have to kids now, and work is not looking good. We are trying to sell the house, it just seem like we never feel save. Gail’s book would sure help. Thank for the show!! will watch it , and learn what I can.

    Sincerely T.Gordon

  94. Love Gail, love the show, I wish i could hire her to get my finances in check! But a gently browsed copy of her book would also be nice!

  95. great show! families are in great need of education in this area! why doesn’t this kind of thing get taught in schools?! keep the creative episodes coming!!
    Please send me a copy – thanks!

  96. Gail doing amazing job – she awake Canadians from finance dreaming! Actually she saving life of people. Very love her show and always watching with please.

  97. Gail does an amazing job in setting people down the right path to financial freedom. I always enjoyed her show so I would love to get a copy to read.

  98. Would love a copy and will probably buy more for my kids when they graduate.

  99. I love Gale’s show it has taught me a lot about managing our money and how to comunicate better whgen it comes to family finaces. My husband and I watch faithfully. Thanks Gale!

  100. Gale’s the best. I love how people cringes when she delivers her verdict on how much people owes. I learned a lot from you Gale and thanks to you I’m able to save for the future

  101. hi gail, love your show

  102. Another tool to help us down the road.

  103. I don’t really have any debt now and i don’t want to be in debt in the futur when i startn working.Can you show me what i need to do to not be in debt.

  104. I love how she gets to the heart of the problems, identifies, changes the behaviour and takes no excuses. We all little a little more dose of reality in every aspect of our lives.

  105. Hey,

    The 2010 version of the Life Planner based on Til Debt Do Us Part has just been released.

    Check it out at:


    Really glad you guys like the show!

  106. Just started watching the show today and Im HOOKED.. THanks!!!!

  107. I seen your show yesterday for the first time, I now have hope. I know we are not the only once and what we are missing is budget 101. You bring light to the end of my tunnel. 🙂

  108. My husband and I watch the show everyday and always comment on wanting Gail to come to our home. We have a budget but can’t seem to stay on top of spending money as our entertainment. We shop for our newborn daughter all the time! I’m hoping that book would be great for us!! Please enter us in the draw.

  109. Gail i love your show i watch it all the time, i am in need of help. I can’t seem to be able to get on top of things to start getting out of debt. I am a single mother of 2 with some nice debt and want to know how i go about starting to get out of it. I NEED YOUR HELP. Any hints you give me will be very helpful i’m sure. My partner is not helping either he just doesn’t know how to save which isn’t helping the situation either. PLEASE ANYTHING WILL HELP.

  110. I love the show and all the tips provided. I would love a copy of the book. Thanks so much!!

  111. I love the show too,and would love a copy of your book….we are moving to a bigger house (hopefully soon) and we could use all the help we can get,we are trying to figure it out on our own,but,I believe your book would sure help us-ALOT!Thank-you very much,sincerely Cindy

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  113. I am a student who has a large student loan and hoping to be able to figure out how to pay off my credit card and a debt to a family member before graduation as well as learning how to start my life outside of school on the right foot. And not spending $30 on the book would be amazing! Thanks.

  114. I would love to give this kind of advice to my kids.

  115. Would love a copy for free!!

  116. Love the show, hard to start this when we are used to sticking our heads in the sand!! Gail “kick my butt in 2009!”

  117. Hi. I’d love to be included in the giveaway. Thanks!

  118. would love a copy, really need the help

  119. I watch everyday. Our new year’s resolution is to follow her program and even cut expenses further.

    ps – a copy would help us as well.



  120. Her show is awesome but I work for myself and have no idea what I am doing so situation is hopeless and not going to be solved by a book.
    What I really need is to find someone who can do what she does for me and my chartered accountant does nothing but give me more bills. big ones.

  121. I love her show and am trying to get my finances in order after a separation. I am planning a major reno this year to create revenue income and could really use this planner to keep on track. Winning it would be a great start on my financial freedom this year! Hope you pick me.

  122. would love to win a copy of this to start a new year!!!

  123. Would love the chance to win the life planner!!!

  124. how would I get a copy of the planner so myself and my husband can make sure we are doing well.

  125. I’m definitely needing this book to help me get on the right track. Gail is a tough cookie & I love watching her shows. I need to be tough with my family as well. This should be a great help.

  126. Please put my name in for a chance. I would love to use the planner in my household.

  127. I could really use this! Please put my name in for a chance!

  128. I would love to win this. We could really use all the help we can get!

  129. Thanks for the info…with a new house, and a child on the way, I could really use some tips right about now!

  130. Yay Gail, Love the intelligent money management tips. Would love to win the book, thanks!

  131. Ha………..silly me its January 2010. Gotta love it! Happy New Year

  132. i love her show! can i please be entered in the contest?
    thanks 🙂

  133. Finances are in the best shape of my life but…would definitely like the planner to help it stay that way FOREVER!

    Great job Gail!

  134. Would like to enter my son and his future wife into the contest. He is commissioned sales rep, without a fixed income. They are both starting their careers and have just purchased a small 2 bedroom home.

  135. STOP












    “Canadian Capitalist // Jan 10, 2009 at 1:59 pm
    The giveaway is now closed. I’ll pick a winner at random shortly.


  136. Canadian Capitalist

    Thanks Traciatim. Please stop entering this giveaway for the *2009* planner. It was closed and winners picked one year back!

  137. thank you for pointing out what I should have noticed (the date). However, this highlites why websites need updating on a regular basis.

  138. vanessa macfarlane

    i think this could be a great help for my fiances.

  139. Audrey Woodard

    Hi Gail
    My ex common-law spouse has left me with a very high line of credit and the day he left he put $5000.00 on that line of credit.I don’t have the money to take him to court ,but when we were seeing lawyers they have told him he has to pay back that five thousand
    Can you help me

    Audrey Woodard

  140. The preview of your life planner I’m sure does not do it justice. I would buy it for a relative if I could see more detail in the example. You have a very helpful and informative show. It’s quite motivating I’m sure to the audience. But I was looking for something in the Life Planner that I did not see i.e. “Imagine yourself 5 years from now. “Where do you want to be and what do you want to be doing” and then take it from there. Maybe that’s in the book. I don’t know because the only preview was so sparse.

  141. My wife and I drank the kool-aide and did up the budget Gail-style. So far, it’s working great

  142. Just wanted to say, 10 points to you, never miss a episode, the show keeps my finances straight, coming from a family who is not money conciencious, you make a difference which I preach almost on a regular daily basis, , almost a legacy living on..Thanks for all….


  143. I’m in a one year relashonship and we’re planing to move in together in his house, we need the planner to organise our finance.
    Tank you

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  145. Love the show and need to take charge over Debt

  146. Trying to take charge and looking for some tools

  147. Sure could use your help in getting us started – i’m all in

  148. This book is the best! I just got the new version- you can start it anytime of year!

  149. please send me a copy of this to look at.
    I am always looking for new way to balance my finances.