I’ve been impressed with the many free offerings from Google in the past and I regularly use Picasa, Google Desktop Search, Blogger and Google Earth. Recently, Google unveiled the next version of Desktop Search and in typical Google fashion, they have made the product better (like the ability to search PDF documents). They have also introduced a desktop software tool called Sidebar, that includes the usual stock quotes and weather information like a portal, in addition to really useful tools like Scratch Pad (to jot down anything you want), Todo and System monitor (which puts Windows Task Manager to shame), which can be downloaded as third-party plug-ins.

Google is trying to encroach on Microsoft’s turf and I have to say that they have made a great start with Sidebar. No wonder many tech giants are worried about Google’s ambitions.

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  1. Isn’t the scratch pad and todo lists wonderful. I never got around to using the todo on a handheld, but the sidebar one, I use everyday now.

  2. The Dividend Guy

    I agree, the Sidebar is great – I LOVE the scratch pad! It is one of those things that I am not sure what I did before I had the scratch pad available.