We’ve been Bell Canada Internet customers for a very long time. In the past, I’ve considered leaving Bell but whenever I grumbled about high prices, Bell almost always offered a discount on the regular rate. The catch is the discounts are offered for a limited time (six months or one year) and when the deal expires, you have to remember to call Bell to get a discount yet again and be prepared to haggle over whether you want to sign a contract. One reason I continued to stick with Bell is sheer inertia: we received reliable service and we heavily depend on the Internet to telework regularly and I didn’t want to undergo the hassle of finding out that a smaller provider’s service was less than reliable.

But when Canadian Money Forum members said they were very happy with Teksavvy’s Internet service, I decided to take the plunge. The regular rate (prices up-to-date as of Jan. 2014) on Bell’s 5 Mbps Internet service with monthly bandwidth capped at a measly 20 GB works out to $51.87 (including HST). If you net out the bundle savings of $5 that Bell provides to customers with multiple services, Bell’s High-Speed Internet service works out $48.53 per month.

Teksavvy’s Internet prices are much lower — $30.49 per month for 6 Mbps and bandwidth of 75 GB. No limited time deals, contracts or bundled savings. You do have to purchase a DSL modem that Teksavvy sells for $75 plus shipping but you can pick it up at local computer stores for around $60. Also, Teksavvy charges an Activation Fee of $50, so you’ll be paying around $120 in start-up costs and realize savings of $18 per month thereafter.

Teksavvy is cheaper not only in the one product tier that we were interested but across the spectrum as you can see from the table below (all prices current as of Jan. 2014 and exclude taxes). We are comparing Bell’s regular bundle rate (which assumes you have some other Bell service) not the introductory 3-month rate with Teksavvy’s regular rate. It should be noted that Bell’s bandwidth is significantly lower than Teksavvy’s, so the following comparison is not quite apples-to-apples.

Product Tier (Down/Up) Bell Canada Teksavvy Difference
Internet 5/1 $42.95 $26.99 $15.96
Internet 15/10 $52.95 $34.99 $17.96
Internet 25/10 $60.95 $39.99 $20.96
Internet 50/10 $85.95 $54.99 $30.96


We’ve had Teksavvy for more than 2 years now and I have only one complaint — if you should need a service call, you are likely to encounter delays as I noted in this follow-up post. Internet is reliable and download speed is close to advertised numbers. We have download services like Netflix Canada and watch TV shows on our tablet or on our Smart TV and do not come close to exceeding 75GB/month. And now that Bell has increased the monthly rate on home phone service by $2 — basic home phone service costs $24.27 at Teksavvy compared to $30.72 at Bell — I’ll be soon severing all ties Bell, hopefully, forever.

Update (Sept. 27, 2013): More than two years later, we are still very happy with Teksavvy DSL Internet. The post has been updated with Teksavvy’s pricing and bandwidth cap changes. Originally, Teksavvy charged $31.95 per month for 5 Mbps and bandwidth of 300GB for the lowest tier service. Note though that if you have a problem that requires a technician to visit your home, you may encounter some problems at Teksavvy.

Update (Jan. 29, 2014): We are still happy with Teksavvy — it is reliable for us and remains much cheaper than Bell Canada. I’ve updated the post with the latest pricing information.

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  1. I went through various home-phone providers until finally taking a friend’s recommendation and trying voip.ms. The website is a bit ghetto, but I’ve had nothing but WIN from them. There is the odd packetization (twice since we started using them 4 months ago), and there is a bit of a delay (which we don’t even notice anymore). However, the prices are ridiculously cheap, we’ve spent a *total* of $60 in the past 4 months (that includes a one-time $25 fee to transfer our number).

  2. Bell’s 5Mbps/25GB service for $51.87/month is ridiculous! You can’t do much streaming or torrenting with that. When I lived in Tokyo several years ago, 100Mbps over fiber cost a littlle more, and there were no limits. Here in Malaysia, a developing country, 20Mbps over fiber which includes telephone and some TV, with no download limit, costs around $82/month.

  3. Good choice! We ditched Bell years ago for everything but my cell phone – my husband is a teacher and gets an unbeatable deal for cells. We’ve had Teksavvy for almost 2 years and love it: reliable, affordable, and when you call to ask a question, you get a real person on the line (or a call back)

  4. We did the same recently, er, we’re on our way. I’ve bought what I need – I just need to make the calls in these next few days. We have just Internet via Bell and the phone / TV via Cogeco. Cogeco TV will go as soon as I have Teksavvy set up – and once freephoneline.ca gets to Peterborough, or, MagicJack can port Canadian ph#’s we’ll dump Cogeco for phone as well. Our current bills add up to about $160 / mo and we’ll end up less than $50 / mo. Sure we’ll need to pay off some of the equipment (my energy star laptop, the monitor which will become my “tv” – and we own a DSL modem) but all in that will be paid for in 4-5 months and the savings from there are gravy!

  5. Returns Reaper

    I’d love to make the switch as well, but I’m in much the same situation as you were, CC. I use internet to work from home often, and I went through a lot of trouble to get reliable service (countless calls with Bells support and about 5 technician visits). It is finally working well. I’d hate to switch to another provider, and find my service as unreliable as it was when I started.

    In addition, the Bell bundle makes it hard to switch. I have TV and DSL with Bell, and the bundle discount provided for having both makes it hard to compete. In addition, I use VoIP, which means I’d have to pay the extra NakedDSL fee TekSavvy charges.

    If only I could break free from Bell TV, none of this would be a problem. But alas, I’m hooked on their dual room PVR, and as far as I know no one else has such a beast.

  6. Next, switch your phone service over to Teksavvy. That’s what I did.

    Bell provides the physical line into my house, Teksavvy provides the phone and DSL service 🙂

    Couldn’t be happier with the setup. Been with them for 3 years now.

  7. I switched from Bell to Acanac for my home phone & DSL several years ago. I had so many issues with Bell it was pathetic. Incompetent tech support, where the reps. only goal is to try to upsell something. Good ridance indeed!

  8. We have been on Teksavvy DSL for about a year and Teksavvy home phone for a couple of months. No major problems with either, and the price is about $20-$25/month (total) cheaper than the equivalent services from Bell.

    Teksavvy home phone is an actual copper phone line that is independent of mains power and the status of your Internet connection (unlike VOIP, etc.)

  9. I had TekSavvy DSL for 3 years but recently switched over to TekSavvy Cable when I moved. I believe they only support cable connections around Toronto at the moment but it was a great move. First off, it’s cheaper (by $3) because I had a dry-loop DSL but I also went from a hard-capped 5MB connection on DSL to a 10MB connection which I’ve seen downloading at 20MB.

    Also, if you want to buy a modem I was able to find them on Craigslist in Toronto pretty cheap. My DSL modem was $25 if I remember correctly.

  10. I just made the call to cancel the exact same bell plan you have to switch to Teksavvy Cable (in Ottawa)
    The savings will be about $10 a month for me which will easily make up the cost of the modem in less than a year. The service should be faster than DSL since I don’t have a home phone, I would have to pay the dry loop fees.
    Can’t wait to get rid of Bell!

  11. Made the switch from Rogers to TekSavvy 3 months ago – no complaints. Our monthly internet plan with TekSavvy is about $10/month cheaper than Rogers for 10mps (cable).
    But more importantly, our bandwidth cap is 300G, vs 60G with Rogers. We’re heavy users of Netflix and AppleTV, all in HD, so we chew up bandwidth like crazy, and I was frequently paying overage charges with Rogers, or going through the hassle of temporarily bumping up my account to the next level – paying more either way. It was such a hassle. Rogers is completely out of touch with the bandwidth usage needs of this segment of the market.

  12. @ae: I’ve never heard of voip.ms. Looks like they charge $0.99 per month and 1 cent per minute for Ottawa. That’s dirt cheap.

    @DavidS: We are not heavy internet users. We use up less than 10GB per month. If we start streaming videos, 25GB just won’t cut it. One of the reasons I switched is just on principle. Bell was more than willing to match Teksavvy’s prices (for a one year period) but I feel that unless we consumers vote with our wallets, these oligopolies will never change their ways.

    @jess: I’m sure it’s not that hard to beat Bell on customer service — they seem to have a knack of infuriating customers. Like this one time I had to call them with a problem and they tried to upsell before solving the issue I was having. My experience is hardly unique from what I hear from friends and family.

    @Sustainable PF: Now, I have to do something about cable now that Rogers is charging $40 per month for basic cable.

    @Returns Reaper: I think for a lot of people reliability will be a #1 consideration, especially if they work from home even occasionally. Fortunately, Teksavvy is very very good.

    @Paul T: Teksavvy recommends switching Internet first and then the home phone. Home phone is next on my list of things to do.

    @Jim G: “upsell something”… See my comment to @jess. To be fair, I didn’t have to deal with Bell customer support all that much but the few times I did, it was a frustrating experience.

    @Joe Q.: It’s good to know Teksavvy phone service is actual copper. VoIP isn’t something I want right now.

    @tyler: Checking Teksavvy’s website, it looks like 3Mbps cable is $3 cheaper than 5Mbps DSL. I think the slower speed will be plenty enough for us but now that I have sunk costs (DSL modem) etc. I think I’ll stick with DSL for a while.

  13. I wish Techsavvy would offer cable internet in Alberta. I would switch in a jiffy. I don’t want DSL. Besides, I already own my cable modem.

  14. @Mike: Just in case you are interested, I picked up the DSL modem at PC Cyber in Ottawa. Cost is $60 + HST. Also, I found that it is best to directly connect to internet using the Set up a Connection on Windows instead of running the installer that comes with the modem.

    @Cam: The 300GB limit is really sweet. I think I’m going to try Netflix. With 25GB Netflix isn’t an option at all.

  15. I have been with Teksavvy for over 2 years for both phone and internet and couldn’t be happier. The transition was incredibly easy as Teksavvy handled the switch. All I did is fill out two online forms.

    I kept my phone number (and physical phone line) and improved internet performance/cap for 20% less money. No questionable Bell contracts/billing. No monthly hassle.

    The best part is Teksavvy has great customer service. I can feel my blood pressure dropping just thinking about it. I am so close to being Rogers and Bell free (my company-issued cell phone is with Rogers). I use an over-the-air antenna and internet streaming for television. It’s all legal, cheap, easy to setup and use.

  16. I’ll add another vote for Teksavvy.

    We don’t own a home phone line nor paid TV service. As such, there were no “bundle” deals to be had. Teksavvy DSL plus the $10 “dry loop” (aka “a phone line without phone service”) costs about $50/mo, MUCH less than straight, unbundled internet from Bell or Rogers.

  17. Can’t wait for it to come to the westcoast, we can use one good reliable ISP here

  18. I can echo the other thought. I have been a DSL Tek Savvy customer for a number of years (at least six). I have had no problems. The only hitch was that Bell did not complete the work on the phone line. Tel savvy took care of it all. I like the fact that when you call, you are speaking to a person who is very knowledgeable and friendly.

    About ayear ago, we switched from bell to Teksavvy for our home phone. There were no problems at all. In fact, it is cheaper than bell. Tek Savvy’s customer service called to ensure all was well. We have not looked back.

  19. I switched to Teksavvy DSL 2 years ago and then from that to Teksavvy Cable 10 mbit/sec last year because there is no throttling over cable but there is over DSL. I have been very happy with them and their customer service is fantastic (live people, speak English, based in Chatham). Also, I got $1 off per month forever for referring a friend who ended up getting their service.

    I have nothing bad to say about Teksavvy. Recently, after 30 years with Bell, I also disconnected my land line. $27/mos for 25 years works out to about $10,000 with interest after 25 years and that’s a lot of money to pay for something I hardly ever used.

  20. I ditched Rogers in sept 10 and never looked back, I signed up with CIA/3web and the service has been good. At $40+tax for unlimited cable internet and phone with long distance you cant go wrong. Bell and Rogers better adjust their pricing or they will be doomed, oh wait; they cant otherwise shareholdes will walk..I guess if you hold shares in either of these 2 watch the slide to the downside.

  21. I’ve been thinking on switching, too. But there was the issue of usage based billing. I haven’t heard anyhting back after the CRTC said it will review the ruling. Should this not affect pricing for the small companies that will pass through to the customers?

  22. Another satisfied Teksavvy customer here. I’ve been a customer for three years, both in Alberta and Ontario, and have always been satisfied with their service.

  23. Ha, I’ve been with TekSavvy since 2007 April
    and now I still only pay $31.63 AFTER TAX 😛 due to group discount and etc.. for 5M DSL in Waterloo, Ontario. I’m alson using their landline, no more Bell = great news

    I am just sad that not more people ditch Rogers/Bell to go TekSavvy.. like 50% of Ontario 🙂

  24. Thanks for this article, really useful information. I am a reluctant Bell customer also, been wanting to change for awhile, but just like you, inertia basically has kept me from doing much. I will definitely check out TekSavvy. We also telecommute, so knowing you have received good, reliable service is a good thing.

  25. @Edwin: I think the UBB issue is basically dead now. The Government basically said that whatever the CRTC decides on UBB, it is going to get overruled anyway.


  26. I’ve been with Teksavvy for over 5 yrs, DSL and long distance. No problem, glad they are a Canadian company, and good to see them doing well.

  27. @shahin: Teksavvy just started reselling cable internet in Metro Vancouver – I signed up a month ago, the speeds at 4x Shaw and 5x the GB/month for the same price as Shaw. There was a speed issue when I first signed up, but the support was OK. Nice to see some competition on the cable side on the West Coast!

  28. Great decision! Teksavvy is great!

    If you want to save on your phone line, you can get a dry-loop DSL (DSL over an inactive phone line) and get a voice-over-IP phone. We use Babytel.ca and it costs us around $20/mo with call waiting, caller ID, voice mail, etc.

  29. I have been using Teksavvy for more than 3 years now (I guess) and am very happy with it. I use VOIP phone with it and no problems!


  30. I cancelled my rogers cable internet today and signed up with Teksavvy. The price is $10 cheaper per month but with the initial start-up costs it takes about 11 months to break even. That’s assuming full price for rogers, where you can play the “call every 6 month game” (This kind of pissed me off but not enough jump ship.). However the real reason I switch is the download caps. At rogers my cap was 60GB, with Teksavvy it is 300GB. Normally you don’t need that much, however I just recently signed up to Netflix and because of the rogers limitation had to watch stuff in low-res – which is really humpty on a 50 inch Plasma – when I normally watch things in blue-ray. It is really easy to blow through 60GB in a month with Netflix hi-res.
    My switch date is June 16th – can’t wait.
    Rogers and Bell will soon have to do something about people jumping ship to these providers that are offering much higher download caps. Note that last year Netflix accounted for 30% of ALL internet traffic to homes.

  31. Did you have Teksavvy handle you cancellation with Bell or did you do it yourself CC? If so, what process did you use?

    • @Vern: Bell required a 30-day notice. I first gave Bell notice of 30 days and then signed up with Teksavvy with service starting on my last date with Bell. If you are thinking of signing up with Teksavvy make sure Bell’s last day of service falls on a weekday. Mine fell on a weekend and next Monday was the start date with Teksavvy.

  32. Thanks for sharing Ram. Like Support Spy, Vaggo, others and now you, I need to look into this.

    Paying anything near $50, for Bell, Rogers (which I have) now feels and validates that’s too much coin given other good rates out there!

  33. Did the same thing a few weeks ago but switched from Rogers to TekSavvy and eliminated my home phone entirely. Dry loop DSL costs a little more but I don’t need a home phone when my mobile is always with me anyway.

  34. Hi CC,
    Considering a similar move (I have all my services – Internet, Home phone, satellite bundled with Bell), and looking to switch Internet & Home Phone to Teksavvy, and eliminate satellite completely, since we can watch a few programs online (mainly Treehouse for the kids).

    Wondering what you/those who use Teksavvy are doing for the security software, since with Bell, you get the security suite

  35. Hey CC,
    Wish they had Teksavvy in my area … for now i’m on rogers 10mbps/60gb plan which works just fine, especially for running my MagicJack which replaced my Bell phone. Gotta love $70 for 5 years of MagicJack service.

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  38. Congrats on the switch…

    We switched over from Rogers. As very heavy internet users we were paying first their $25 cap rate overage charge every month, then they up the charge to $50 per month.

    That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Now we have the unlimited package from Teksavvy.

    I was totally unprepared for the racing fast download speeds. I had no idea how much Rogers was throttling. Thanks TekSavvy!

  39. CC – I too use voip.ms – definitely not a user friendly set-up as I had a lot of hiccups along the way, but now that everything is going fine, for the price it was well worth it. On top of the $25 number porting fee, you also need to by a phone adapter which is about 50 bucks. I don’t use my home phone much, so I’m paying about $5 per month. You also have access to ALL the free phone features you could want except caller ID which does have a charge. To avoid this though, you do get the number displayed and you can set up your own phone book to match the numbers.

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  41. Hi all,

    )i am planning on getting internet..not going to subscribe for TV..i am going to watch TV & netflix through internet..which would be preferable DSL or cable..what’s the difference..

    2)what is meant by dryloop

  42. Hello everyone,

    I just noticed the Teksavvy ad on the Toronto subway and decided to check it out. My family has been dissatisfied with Bell and Rogers for years but didn’t know of any other options. This is a very helpful thread. I was about to ditch the idea of Teksavvy because the first thing I read about it was a complaint with an ugly picture of cables when I decided to read some more, and here I am. Like rob, I don’t know the difference between DSL and cable, and dryloop. So I will just wait for your reply. Thank you once again for this very helpful thread. This is great!

  43. Does anyone use TekSavvy’s home phone line with ADT home alarm system. Does it work properly?

    I have also been meaning to do the same but the home alarm system situation and the chance of charging me for cancelling has been holding me back.

    I have been a Bell home phone customer for 15 years. I would think there would be no cancellation charge by now. But with Bell….. anything is possible.

  44. @Marc: Thanks. I’ll keep voip.ms in mind.

    @rob: Here’s a comparison of DSL and Cable internet:


    And here’s an explanation of dryloop:


    @Norman: If it’s copper it should work ok. Just call Teksavvy. They should be able to answer your question.

  45. +1 to TekSavvy. I have yet to have any issues with them and I am happy to be away from Bell where we had nothing but problems.

  46. I am not very tech savy,i am with rogers and they want over $100 for a modem or $5 a month, i went to Staples computer dept and asked if i could buy a modem and was told that i have to buy a rogers specific modem as if i buy just any old modem it won’t work, was i given wrong info?

  47. I also signed up with Teksavvy recently (actually the switch was supposed to happen yesterday) but unfortunately my experience is totally different.

    My current ISP is with Shaw (Vancouver). I did my sign-up online with TekSavvy(TS). I paid about $90 for activation and 1st month The dispatch time is on Jun3 from 8:00am to 12:00pm. No one showed up in that morning. When I called TS, the rep, Julian, first had no idea when the tech would show up and he could not call the tech because it was a Shaw tech (TS advertise that they dont outsource). Then he realized that was a transfer of the internet service from Shaw to TS, and said that there would be no technician, but the transfer can be done online. But then he said that the transfer could not be done because I had not cancelled my service with Shaw (I have no contract with Shaw). I was upset because I did not know that I need to cancel Shaw first before the transfer can be done. Julian said that information was on the page of registration. I did not remember I read such info but I thought I might have missed it. I then told Julian I wanted to cancel my service with TS, and after I was put on-hold for a few minute, he told me that I might still be able to get the service and if I did not get the service by that night, then I can call them.

    Still no internet service with TS the 2nd day, then I called TS. It was Julian who answered my phone again. He said he could not get service to me because Shaw would not allow dual signal. I then cancel my service with TS and there were no problem. The problem started when I asked when I could get my $90 back. After I was put on hold for about 5 min, he told me I would not get a refund because I failed to follow the instruction(ie call Shaw to cancel) on the online form. When I question him to show me where that instruction was on the form, I was put on hold again for at least another 5 min. He then showed me a quote which has nothing to do about cancellation your service with Shaw. In fact, part of the quote he referred to is as follow: “For all new registrations, the first month�s charge is non-refundable. A refund will only be given to accounts that cannot receive service. Delays in activation due to home wiring or anything of the like do NOT qualify as non-serviceable events.” So when I said that I am qualifed for refund because I cannot receive service, he then argue that it is not what it meant. This has gone back and forth for a while.

    He then said that in the Term of Service, there was a clause that I needed to call my current service provider before the transfer. The Term of Service is about 20 pages long. When I asked him which clause in the TofS, he had no idea but kept saying that it was there somewhere. When I said it was not there (I did not even bother reading it), he then put me on hold again for at least another 10 min. He asked me to read Clause 21.1, which has nothing to do with the transfer (and he knows it).

    He kept on saying that it is my responsibility to notify Shaw to stop the service before the transfer, yet he could not answer me clearly where is that instruction and why he failed to inform me that. He even used argument that if I switch phone companies, there were no need to inform the current phone company for the transfer (Honestly, I dont even know why he brought that up because it totally means that it is reasonable for me to expect TS will arrange with Shaw the transfer on my behalf).

    My problem with TS is there lack of transparency and dishonesty. They would try to blame me for not getting the service the connected. First, they blame me for not reading the clause the registration form, and when there is no such clause, they blame me not reading the Term of Service. When there is no suitable clause in the term of service, they blame me that I should have known about the Shaw service cancellation. He totally ignored that clause “A refund will only be given to accounts that cannot receive service.” on the registration form.

    My call with Julain took about 1hr and 30 min. My lesson is that be very careful before you sign up with anything especially you need to prepay. If they hold your money, they would do anything not giving it back even though you are clearly right and it is in their contract.

  48. I’m inspired by CC so much so I cancelled bell internet service and was going for teksavvy, two weeks ago, I still might go. Today I found out teksavvy don’t sell router+modem they just don’t carry such a thing, so I might have to buy modem and router separately, meaning adding to further clutter of cables. Secondly, my existing modem+router of bell doesn’t work in any other room but one room only, I wonder why? considering the fact house is relatively new (5 year old), bell technician proved to be no help at all. Does any one has any suggestion why modem+router won’t work in any other room?

  49. @sharma999: Actually, Teksavvy does sell a modem+wireless router but their website says it is currently out of stock:


    You should be able to buy Speedtouch 585 from other sources. Here is one:


  50. speed touch is for DSL..for cable they do not have any modem+router combination..

    isnt cable better than DSL..i thought cable was the way to go..

    Thanks CC for the info..

  51. We have been with teksavvy dsl services for years and without complaint. Recently we decided to do away with Bell phone and go with teksavvy. We also decided to sign up for cable as well. BIG MISTAKE! In 3 weeks, at 3 different times they have debited my bank account $124 total! Without invoice! Nothing! And when we called in, each time, they cannot explain what these charges are for! They credit our dsl account, but refuse to replace the money in our bank account! At this point our DSL is paid up until September, but they keep debiting us!

  52. …just one comment about the phone service. Needing long distance to a whole lot of places, in fact most places I call are so-called ‘long distance’… the Bell or Telus telco ‘basic’ phone services are pretty much useless. If you have decent bandwidth and no port blocking issues, I recommend Vonage. My wifes family are in Mexico City so long distance is a must….and the Vonage all you can talk plan (well 3000 min/mo) call everywhere for $30 a month fits my needs. Voice quality is good, very little latency… barely noticeable.

    One unadvertised feature is you can take your Vonage HOME modem and home local number (not softphone.. a waste of money) with you on vacation and use it by bridging your laptops XP or Windows 7 Home (not Starter) and above LAN and wireless ports together. Plug your SIP Vonage phone modem into the LAN input of your laptop and your phone is bridged to the wireless network your connected to. We have a casa in Mexico, so having your local Canadian phone and number all the while being able to call any land line in Mexico for free while living IN Mexico is quite a bonus. In-country Mexican long distance phone calls are quite expensive…. even to the next city…. for example Toluca to Mexico DF .. Of course you can call any number in Canada or the US,,,or any of the other 60 countries just as you did from home…but your now calling from your home in Mexico.

  53. i signed up with tek savvy from shaw, vancouver and let me tell you DONT DO IT.
    tek savvy was suppose to start on the 16th of october, but i could not get on line until the 23rd of october,
    then i get a bill for nov 11,
    i phone them to tell them and they say they only got a call from me on the 20th which is bull,
    so no refund and still want me to pay the bill on the 11th ,
    so after all sign up and activation fees im in for like 170 bucks for one month of service that started , 12 days after my bill,
    i contacted my credit card company and am trying to stop all this going thru,
    save yourself the headache and hours on the phone dont switch

  54. Holy cow, and here I am considering the switch over from Bell to Teksavvy.
    I use Bell for both internet and home phone.

    I’m seeing conflicting reports here; I”m not really sure what to do at all now.


  55. Mercedes Veloso

    I move to Ottawa on December 2011, and on April 1st. 2012 I rent an apartment in Westboro, Ottawa and I need Internet and phone, with a very tight budget.

    Please send me your quote for both services, in the phone the simple one and so with the internet.

    Thanks and have a good day

  56. I signed up with Teksavvy a week ago in Vancouver for their cable internet. Today, I received an e-mail saying that my rates are going up 33% and that this is merely part of an “improved” offering.

    Super disappointing, especially since I haven’t even managed to get it yet! I was attempting to support a Canadian company and the service up to this point has been great. A 33% increase is huge for me. I’ll be cancelling immediately.

  57. Bell has the worst customer service, every month there is an issue with my bill. They keep increasing it and then tell me please pay the full amount for this month and it will be adjusted on your next bill. It has been 2 months now and I don’t get MY money back. Now they are telling me to pay the amount and trying to confuse me. Horrible service period. Don’t get bell internet my personal advice.

  58. I’ve been with Teksavvy for a year, I am now moving somewhere more rural and am horrified to find out Bell has put a hold on the lines out there and resellers cannot sell out there. Outrageous! So, after calling Bell and having the sales guy say he was checking out what’s available there, puts me on hold then transfers me to an Indian (without telling me) who then promptly hung up on me, I had to get my husband to call because I just can’t deal with Bell. I’ve never had anything but terrible, awful, no good experiences with them. I either go with Bell for fast internet for $100 or more a month (once you work in dry loop and all their other fucking fees) with a 15g cap per month (!?!?! 15gigs!?) plus the $10 for 50 gigs I will have to get, or go with Xlpornet and have to pay for set up and of course it’s satellite. But from what the primus guy told me, the Bell internet might be satellite masquerading as DSL anyways.

    Bell is the worst. They are probably the only thing on the entire planet that can make me rage and that is not an exagerration.

  59. I am very happy with windmobile cell phone. No hassle unlimited text messaging Internet provider etc…and no contract to sign etc…I do not have a phone line because I do not need it. I use cell phone with me all the time but I need a cheap and unlimited Internet Privider. Windmobile Internet service they only have one single package. It is excellent because there is no background check or contract but they only give you one single offer. They say it is unlimitedf but it is only 3G and after three I pass the 3G limite. they say it is unlimited but it is a head ache watching youtube netflix or hulu with it! It is driving me crazy and i have to work on the internet a lot for my work! I do not have a phone land line, does this company here provid an unlimited cheap Internet service without any contract background check and hidden costs to sign??? If not which company would be the best choice???! Thank you

  60. gain back your power

    I was with Bell for over a year then I had to move and cancelled the service. Bell made me paid for two extra months even when I moved and did not leave at my old place any more! I returned their modem back by special currier and they said they received it and no problem and my account is closed with them. After 18 months they called my family, they said I owe them money for an unpaid amount of money! Now tehy say I have to pay them an other extra money!!!!!! Rogers and Bell make you pay a gross amount of money and they have tons of hidden costs when you decide to cancel with them. they can even make up stories and tell you you owe them money after you paying eveyr thing to them till the last dime and even after your account with them is closed! What type of pigs are they reaping people off like that???! they are blood suckers! I moved to Toronto and got windmobile Internet. i am happy with their cell phone providers and services but the Internet they offer is really painfully slow! Now I want to go with Tek savvy but I heard that they have join and cooporation with each other. tek savvy is working for Rogers and Bell indirectly and I do not know if tha tis a good idea to switch from windmobile Internet service to Tek savy services. What if they share my personal information with Bell Canada???! Do they do taht? Does any body has the similare experience? Should I sign up with Teksavy since they work side by side with Bell Canada? Thank you for all yoru help. I really need a good available internet connection in North york toronto area. the only service left beside tek savvy in Toronto is acnac and you have to buy the term service from acnac.

  61. I just called Tek Savvy to sign up. Told them I’d be porting my number over. After asking me for my number, they said “sorry, we can’t sign you up because Bell won’t let us sign up any more customers from the 905 area code”.


    Can someone explain to me how this is not straight up anti-competition?

    • … While it is certainly anti-competitive it’s not illegal because Bell is only required to resell a portion of their bandwidth to resellers like Tech Savvy.

    • I had the same experience in 2013 in Ottawa. I wanted to DITCH big telcos and cablecos. I dropped Rogers for cable, and installed an antenna. I switched to tek Savvy for internet. However, when it came to home phone, I was told that they had reached their max number for residential phones. I was therefore unable to switch. I spoke with them recently, and they said that this was unfortunately still the case. To be verified but I think this could be that the CRTC regulation applicable to resellers of telecom services requires Bell to make a minimum amount of its infrastructure available to resellers, and this has been reached. That said, if demand is greater than supply, the CRTC who claims to support competition, should review the relevant regulation.

  62. I tried signing up for phone service with Teksavvy and it has been a nightmare so far. I signed up over the phone and was given a specific installation date and time window (9-5). I stayed at home that day for installation, but no one showed up. I called Teksavvy and was told that I had to wait for a confirmation Email and the date that was given to me was just an estimate.

    I waited another five days and never got an email, so I called Teksavvy again and was told that my phone had already been connected several days ago. I asked which jack was “live” and the guy told me to go around the house and try all of them until I found the right one! Anyway, despite my anger, I did that and yet couldn’t find any with a dial tone.

    I called Teksavvy back and was informed that it is not their problem, as they only connect the line to outside the house, and after that, it is my responsibility. They then said that they would charge me $90 for a technician to come out and see what was wrong. I asked for a refund for the phone service I am not receiving, and that was refused. So, I’m stuck paying for a service that hasn’t worked and I’ve wasted over 2 weeks in the process.

    While the Internet may work well, avoid these scam artists for phone service. Their customer service is worse than Bell’s!

  63. I was with rogers since 2004. I was paying after taxes 72$ a month after taxes and cable modem rental ($2 a month) and I was only getting 80 gigs a month at 30 megabits down and 1 megabit up.

    switched to teksavvy cable internet as of oct 5th. Get 300 gigs a months at 30 megs down and 1 up for 50$. First month is expensive because you have to get a modem (100$ but you can find them used) then the 60$ start-up fee then the internet fee for the month. Still worth if if you used netflix allot and or a heavy online gamer.

    So far no problems. Gave my 30 days notice to rogers then signed up with teksavvy 12 days before my rogers cancellation date. On Oct 5th rogers cut me off at 7am. Came home after work in the evening and connected my modem from teksavvy, rebooted my router and voila! i had teksavvy internet!

  64. Get a life guys… complaining about anything will not change anything.. bloging about something will not change any of the companies…you need to do something that can bring a change… its sad to see everyone complaining about everything they get… i have never seen anyone appreciating the fact what these companies do for people.. i mean paying the money does not mean you own the company and have the right to make changes… it all comes down to what is the company doing to the growth of economy? what is the company contributing to the community because these small companies will not make you earn anything in future guys… you will be left with only empty hands… so think before you write… research before you write and write what can make a difference not complaining about things… Make difference to the community by acting smart…

  65. Anyone had any experience using Magic Jack Plus with teksavy dry loop?

  66. I have asked Teksavvy to let my phone number to be ported to my new Internet provider, Acanac. In spite of the fact that I was very clear about the date, Teksavvy allowed the number to be ported a week in advance of the date I’ve mentioned, thus they managed to keep me without the possibility to make phone calls in that week. Teksavvy, a f***** embarrassing company! They did not reimburse me any money for the payment I’ve made in advance for their service on that month so I have paid for that week of service from Teksavvy without benefiting the service at all. I think this was Teksavvy’s revenge for deciding to fire them as my telephone providers. Stay away from them all of you who read this message, you’ll be better off! They are total idiots and of course completely unprofessional!

  67. Would not recommend teksavvy phone or internet service. They lease Bell lines. Any install or service order has to go to Bell. If you ever have an issue, Bell will make sure that they provide the worst service possible to teksavvy customers. In the end the customer ends up getting screwed while it may not be teksavvy’s fault.
    My recent example: Phone line was down. Teksavvy filed repair ticket with Bell. Bell did some remote testing and determined that everything was ok without coming to my home to check if there was a dial tone outside my home. Bell closed the ticket. I called teksavvy back and they called Bell again. Bell argued but finally agreed to sent tech out. Bell tech determined that my telephone line had been disconnected at the neighborhood network box! I was asked to be home for a 5 hour window both times that Bell tech was supposed to come out.
    In total I had service outage for 5 days for no fault of Teksavvy.
    Lesson learned- however bad Bell is I would much rather have service directly with Bell. Bell now offers no contract service (internet and phone) like teksavvy and prices very competitively.
    So why would you go through teksavvy and not directly to Bell? I had teksavvy for a long time because I disliked Bell but in the end what matters is my service uptime and not getting the run around. Interesting when I switched to Bell I was offered multiple installation windows for 3 hours and the tech called me before he showed up.

    • @Fodork: I also experienced a similar issue when we recently moved. Teksavvy’s window to move Internet service was one week. On the day of the move, Teksavvy called and blamed Bell for reporting that the phone line was still at the old address and rescheduled the move for the next week. It might well be that it was Bell’s fault but the bottom line for me is that my Internet was down for 2 weeks.

      Despite the hiccup, I decided to stick with Teksavvy because I had received and continue to receive reliable service. And Teksavvy is at least $15 per month cheaper than Bell for me.

  68. Thanks for your note. They have pained me at least 4 times over the past 2 years. I switched my internet to Bell fibe which is now priced teksavvy +- $5 with same/better line quality without contracts (Bell is learning the hard way from resellers). Phone- I actually decided to port over to Callcentric which is a fraction of the price and provides all features included. The best part is that I can use home line via my mobile phones (android and iphone) as if my homephone was a calling card. Irrespective of which device I call from the same number goes out as my caller id. Please see my detailed “rant” here http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r27656646-Beware-of-Teksavvy-Phone-Service~start=20

  69. Teksavvy is great. Their only problem is they run through Bell lines, so they have to subcontract Bell to come out and hook up your internet or phone. Bell came yesterday and hooked up my internet – at my neighbors house. Have to wait until tommorow until they come out and fix the problem. Had a few frustrating calls to Bell that had me ending up speaking to call centrw employees that spoke bad English before I finally figured out they installed my dryloop next door.

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  71. All these small companies u guy r talking about is all line are rented from bell or rogers

  72. Teksavvy are terrible. I’ve been with them less than a month and I’m on my 4th full day of outage. No explanation from them except they have outages all over Toronto, Brampton, Ajax, Whitby and a few other places.

    For 4 days?????

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Rogers is sabotaging them to keep a stranglehold on the customer base, but still they should sort this out because apparently it’s a very common occurrence with teksavvy.

  73. Hi Everybody,

    The real solution to our telephone-internet-television problems begin with separating the Bell-Shaw Lines communications infrastructure from these monopolies and have them controlled and managed by a public body. THIS REQUIRES A POLITICAL SOLUTION.

    The CRTC is ineffective. I say this because Ontario Bell Technicians have orders from the supervisors / Head Office to not provide proper repairs to Bell Lines when it involves TekSavvy customers and probably other small competitors. In late 2013, a TekSavvy customer has had many months of slow internet problems that Bell blames TekSavvy for not fixing. But TekSavvy must contact Bell Canada to fix the Bell Lines because the Bell Lines are the property of the monopoly, Bell Canada. This causes problems with doing school work online, losing internet service intermittently for months, no gas price reports, no highway delays, no bus-subway delays, no video conferencing, no online business opportunities, no media alerts, no live broadcasts, no emergency or medical reports, no public announcements, no information research or learning tools, no investment news, and constantly suffering slow internet service. The download speed is not even close to the contracted 15Megabits per second but closer to the old dial-up from the 1980’s. When the TekSavvy customer is forced to switch both telephone and internet services to Bell Canada, all of a sudden his internet problems disappear. The only problem that this customer now has is with paying Bell Canada’s expensive, non-competitive monthly fees.

    I use to be a Bell Canada customer until a Bell Technician tells me that I am receiving a dial-up speed. Meanwhile I am paying the High-Speed DSL rates at twice the cost for several years. The Bell Canada Montreal Head Office refuses to resolve the issue and ignores my messages by email and via their Billing Department. Bell Canada is an arrogant monopoly who keeps my money for the wrong service.

    Bell Canada is waging war on its competitors by not fixing its own Bell Lines and blaming third party vendors for customers internet service problems.

    Canadians complain about the uncompetitive pricing in the marketplace for telecommunications but nothing is done. Verizon Inc. is deterred from engaging in the Canadian telecommunication marketplace when the Federal Government allows large-page, attack ads from uncompetitive Bell Canada and the greedy Unions who misinform the public in several newspaper about how Verizon is a threat to the laughable low rates that Canadian consumers currently pay. This is blatantly untrue and a bold face lie. Verizon Inc. is a cure to Bell Canada’s monopoly and high union wages. Canadian consumers will enjoy better service and lower prices. Canadian consumers pay the highest rates in the world. So where is the Federal Government’s protection for Canadian consumers?

    The Federal Government and the CRTC allows Bell Canada to widen its monopoly and buys Astral Media in 2013 in a multi-billion dollar deal and little oversight. This is not for the public good.

    We need to TELL OUR POLITICIANS TO STOP THESE ILLEGAL PRACTICES, penalize Bell Canada with huge billion-dollar fines, change the board on the CRTC with qualified enforcers, increase the mandate of the CRTC, separate the monopolistic Bell Lines from Bell telephone-internet-TV consumer services, create a public body to manage the Bell Lines, strengthen and enforce anti-trust laws, create a fair marketplace in line with Global practices, and provide for a better future in telecommunications for Canadian consumers and a better economy.

  74. Hi All, Just wanted to say that I am another unhappy ex-Bell customer who turned to Tec Savvy. I had pulse/rotary dial up service from Bell for a year on a discount package; when the year was up the price went to $31 plus tax per month – for a simple rotary dial phone (i.e. no bells and/or whistles like caller id, voice mail – nada). Their customer service went down to $22 per month plus tax. I said I would pay $15 per month tax in – but they were sorry but could not be done. I went to Tek Savvy for $9.95 per month plus taxes ($60 setup fees for phone adapter device).

    Ma Bell is just too greedy!! Thank goodness for decent competition from companies like Tek Savvy.

  75. Teksavvy is a terrible service, do not go with them. After 3 weeks of waiting, I still do not have internet. They sent a technician over and they wasted my evening. To make up for their failure, they have to send an other technician and to do it in a reasonable time, they want me to miss a half day of work. They do not understand how customer service works and have no control over their network, which creates unreasonable delay.

    • Kevin, I gotta point out that Teksavvy actually uses Bell lines. They usually subcontract someone from Bell to set up your internet. That’s actually Bell’s incompetence.

      • @kevin, @Tony is absolutely correct. It’s a Bell tech that comes to your house to do the install. And Bell has no incentive to do a good job (do they ever have incentive to do a good job???)

        Once the install is in, the service (for me at least) has been rock solid. I’ve even moved up to the 15/10 service, and of course there were problems. But I finally got them sorted out (and it was a Bell problem, not Teksavvy). and I’m very happy with the service.

  76. since Tuesday our internet is disconnected and still we are waiting for your technician to come , Can you imagine without phone and TV ( all are through internet ) ?? we are very upset about this service

  77. I am currently paying $41/m for 6 Mpbs download and UNLIMITED bandwidth. Started with Look.ca in 1996, Telnet bought them out, thank God they’ve “grandfathered” us. Thank you Telnet!

    Otherwise totally Fed up with all the other Telecom companies and their services, especially phones.
    When I tell somebody in Europe that in Canada You have to Pay when somebody calls Your cell phone they are in a shock! They have it as a joke in their humoristic magazines – here in Canada it is a Reality!
    And these outrageous prices Canadians are paying for those Inferior services…!
    But of course, when the Politicians are corrupted what else one can expect!

  78. I moved from Rogers to Caninter Inc. Check Out CanInter http://www.caninter.net – they provide 30/10 mbps for $59 for 300GB of monthly usage. If you like unlimited you can get it for $5 extra. Unlike Rogers or TekSavvy charging $25 extra for unlimited. Plus the best thing about Caninter is don’t charge for a Modem fee. What they charge is a $50 Modem deposit so if your modem break or stops working they will replace it for free. Another good thing, No Contract or other hidden fees. This way you don’t pay for the Modem rental fee or buying it out right for $100. Way cheaper than Rogers or any other service provider out there.

    • I don’t get? It’s incredibly frustrating when someone is proud of their “great deal” they got with someone other than Teksavvy. You can get 30/10 and 300gigs at teksavvy for $38 compared to your $59. It is also not $25 extra for unlimited. Its about $10ish more on average depending on your plan. Mine is a little less than 30/10 but I have no problem streaming 1080p. I pay $42 a month… There is no better value than teksavvy guys…

  79. Hi All.

    I’m ready to make the change to internet and home phone with long distance (unlimited for North America). I am a work at home consultant who needs reliable home phone and internet as I use WebEx with many of my calls. I had Primus but the WebEx kept knocking out my home phone so switched everything to Rogers which I find expensive.

    Would love to go VOIP with Tech Savvy but am fearful of WebEx wiping out my phone connection.

    Does anyone have any info on this?

    I think this companies are missing out on a huge market of “work-from-home” employees.

    Many thanks!

  80. I switched to Teksavvy internet and couldn’t be happier. Was installed quickly and right the FIRST time, and has been working perfectly since then. No disconnection; doesn’t slow down at certain times of the day. I can’t say enough good about it.

    Their customer service is better than anybody’s AND the reps actually speak English! (No heavy accents that make it dificult to understand what they’re saying, let alone get them to understand what you’re saying).

    In the past I’ve been with Bell, Rogers, Comwave (they’re the worst!)… you name it, I tried them. None compare to Teksavvy in terms of quality of product and customer service.

    Consistently outstanding service and they do what they say and say what they do.

    I highly recommend Teksavvy.

  81. Cheap price unfortunately reflected in their customer service

    DO NOT waste your money on their hardware. After months of phone calls and hours of troubleshooting, their Technical staff finally concluded that the router was to blame for our Wi-Fi issues. Teksavvy then informed me that although the unit was still under warranty, I purchased it and therefore they would only take it back at a cost that ended up being more than the unit was worth and would not honour the warranty. Oh, and they suggested that I try to sell it to someone else. Anyone want it? The product I had to purchase to replace it was so much superior in every way that it almost makes this expensive lesson worth while. I will still be moving my service to a company that will honour its commitments though. Hope this helps someone avoid making any poor choices.

  82. I am in Alberta Telus and Shaw basically have a monopoly out here. I have Shaw for Internet, Tv and home phone…works great couldn’t imagine switching to anything else, the only thing that is annoying is their constant price increases (Telus got a price increase too)… I guess it’s the same every else in Canada as well No real competition.