UFile.ca, a web-based tax software, is offering several free ways for Canadians to prepare their 2009 taxes:

  1. Free File Friday for Seniors: On February 26, 2010, tax payers 60 years or over can open a tax file and file their taxes at a later date for free. Check this web page for more details.
  2. Students, regardless of income level, can file their taxes through UFile.ca at anytime through the tax season. More details are available here.
  3. Families with total income of $20,000 or less are not charged a fee to NETFILE or print their tax return.

Giveaway: I am giving away 10 vouchers that can be used to prepare and file an entire family’s tax returns at UFile.ca. You can enter by simply leaving a comment in this post (please do not send an entry via email) and don’t forget to include your email address. If you are reading this through your favourite RSS Reader, you have to click through to the website and scroll to the bottom of the page and type in your comment. Some quick rules: (1) Deadline for entries is 11:59 p.m. EST on Friday, February 26, 2010. (2) One entry per person. (3) Canadian residents only. (4) I treat your privacy very seriously. Your email will be used for the sole purpose of contacting you if you happen to win. (5) I’ll pick ten entries at random and announce the winner after the deadline.

Go Canada! Go!

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  1. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Great site. Thanks!

  3. Cool beans! Love the blog and I love UFile! Go Canada Go!

  4. Love your blog!

  5. Count me in!

  6. I have used ufile.ca for years. It is a great product.

  7. I’m in!

  8. cool, fingers crossed!

  9. Let’s make early Saturday morning GREAT:

    1) Canada beats the Slovaks
    2) Winning uFile vouchers!


  10. Thanks. Great offer.

  11. I’ve also used UFile.ca a couple of times, and quite liked it. Out of curiosity, does anyone recommend a different tax-preparation website?


  12. Thank You very much for making this offer available during these hard economic times.

  13. I’d love to try UFile. I’ve used studiotax for a few years, but this year it is generating a database error message and won’t save, so must branch out.

  14. Thank you for the offer. I like uFile a lot!

  15. Crossing my fingers! UFile is great.

  16. It would be a lot easier if I fit into one of the free categories, but a contest works great too. Thanks for the contest!

  17. Sign me up! Thanks

  18. Thanks, I love your site!

  19. I love free giveaways! That and I’m an avid user of Ufile so win-win .. for me.

  20. i would like to try UFile. Count me in.

  21. I never thought Canada would smash Russia 7-3. Yet they did it…

    I would never think I can win a UFile giveaway. But who know, miracles sometimes repeat themselves… 🙂

  22. I’m training for a gold medal in income tax return preparation. I have a long way to go! Please include my name in the draw, thanks!

  23. And there is also the free StudioTax for simple returns.

  24. Can I get a voucher? Thank you!

  25. Excellent! Count me in please!

  26. If there’s one thing worse than paying taxes, it would have to be the idea of paying to submit a record of those taxes.

    I’m in!

  27. I have been using UFile for many years now… might as well try to get it free 🙂

  28. I’d love to give U-File a try!

  29. I use Ufile every year!

  30. I’ve been using UFile for the past three years. But having grown weary of paying to file, I was considering trying one of the free products this year. If I win this giveaway though, you’ll save me the grief of learning a new product. Thanks for the draw!

  31. Count me in!

  32. @Chantal

    If you don’t win give Studio Tax a try. I have been using it for a few years and I think it works quite well.

  33. Thanks for the offer!

  34. I’ve used uFile for a number of years now, and it’s served us well for a meagre price. It handles our small side businesses well, and saves me many hours of time over filing by hand. It’s great!

  35. Ufile for the last 4 years, count me in!

  36. Thanks for the opportunity.

  37. UFile is great, though I loathed paying for it. I’d love to get a free copy.

  38. This would be great. Thanks!

  39. Love Ufile. Will like it even more if I win and can file for free.

  40. Haven’t had a chance to try it yet, maybe this year? Pick me!

  41. Hey! Thanks for the opportunity. Great work by the way 🙂

  42. please count me in. thanks

  43. Count me in too! I have used studio tax the last couple of years but don’t mind trying something different.

  44. Count me in! Thanks!!!

  45. Matt S (Vancouver)

    Yes, Go Canada Go!

  46. Would love to try U file

  47. great! I am needing this.

  48. I love U file!

  49. This would definitely save me a few hours of scouring the internet for a Ufile coupon!

  50. Been using ufile for several years now.

  51. Would like to try ufile.

  52. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  53. Thanks for the great insight!

  54. Haven’t use ufile before but I’d like to give it a try.

  55. This is exciting! I think this year I’m entitled to a northern bonus which is odd and awesome.

    Thanks for this, it’s a fantastic prize.

  56. I don’t think that taxpayers should have to pay for filing their returns. The government should provide a website free of charge for this. As a minimum the cost of the tax software should be a deductible expense.

  57. definitely count me in.


  58. I agree with Tennis Lover, with the minimum point. The cost of tax software, like the fees of tax preparers or accountants should be a deductible expense while filing taxes.

  59. Well, a little late for the voucher I suppose, but I was thinking of leaving a comment yesterday. Sort of a question / story.

    Since it’s tax time I wonder how people feel about having their taxes prepared automatically by the government?


    I ask because I think it’s a great idea (not sure ufile would agree), and I recently got fined by revenue Canada for not filing some t5’s. In short, I think revenue Canada is being abusive by fining me without notifying me of this mistake when they already have this information. I could have corrected it – before being fined.

    I wonder if its part of revenue Canada’s intensified revenue gathering quest. Have others out there recently been fined? Or put under increased scrutiny?

  60. I have been using Ufile.ca for about 8 years and will be using it as long as it is available. Thanks for the give-a-way!

  61. Thanks for the give-away!

  62. Free ufile!! 🙂 Sweet deal

  63. Last couple of years I have used the QuckTax. It would be nice to try out UFile. Please count me in.

  64. Thanks! Ciao!

  65. Thanks for the giveaway. Count me in!

  66. Canadians only. Good rule.

  67. Free stuff is always good!

  68. Always used Quicktax – but would give Ufile a shot if I can get a free copy!

  69. I’ll try Ufile~

  70. Love UFile but I paid already…
    used redflagdeal coupon code for $5 off tho..
    Although if I do win, I think my sister could use it :).

  71. Thanks for the contest

  72. Very useful giveaway. Thanks!

  73. Thanks. Now pick me, your next winner!. I need tax return prepared.

  74. UFile free for students?! Thanks for the heads-up!

  75. Always find something interesting here. Thanks

  76. I’m a Ufile user, this would be great.

  77. Not for me, thanks. I’ve used U-file in the past and have found it cumbersome and slow – apart from its giving me specious “not eligible for netfile” messages, while both Studiotax not Quicktax were happy to netfile the exact same thing.

    That said, are you going to start a column on which is the best software to use this year? I’m already annoyed with Quicktax – not all figures entered in T slip boxes show, so you’re not sure if you’ve put them in, although you can see in the T1 form that’s they’ve posted correctly. I’ve e-mailed QT about this and will see how long it takes to get an answer.

  78. Janice Cournoyer

    I often have used Ufile, would love to win this!

  79. Count me in!

  80. Count me in, too!

  81. I could use this….

  82. Please sign me up…

  83. I would love to try this software. Thanks for the chance!

  84. please include me in the draw.

  85. Count me in as well !


  86. Go Canada Go! Sign me up.

  87. I’d love to try UFile!

  88. Thanks for the site – I always find a visit gives me great things to think about!

  89. Count me in please, thanks!

  90. I’ve used Studio Tax for the last two years and I’ve been happy with it. It’s free for everyone.

  91. Canadian Capitalist

    The giveaway is now closed. I’ll pick the 10 winners shortly. Thanks to everyone for entering.

  92. Well i find it funny,that so many want this for free….after making a ton of money in 2oo9 markets.

  93. This would be great. Thanks very much.

  94. Free works for me!

  95. Love to save!

  96. I have been using Ufile for three consecutive years so I hope I get it free, at least for the 4th year.

  97. Thanks so much!! I’ve been using UFILE for numerous yrs & I just love the simplicity of the program!!

  98. Excellent giveaway, how about a giveaway this year? Do capitalists give anything away?
    Where is the list of winners for 2010?

    • @Mark E: We’ve already had two giveaways — One for TurboTax and one for UFile. Both giveaways are now closed. If you want a list of past winners, contact me through the contact page.

  99. Ufile is one of the easiest tax programs to use! =)