Welcome to the 7th edition of the Festival of Frugality dedicated to posts that show how to make every dollar go a little bit further. Last week’s edition was hosted by Clutter2Cash.

Without further ado, here are the highlights:

Extended Warranties: Investing Intelligently relates a personal story about being asked to buy an extended warranty on an audio cable. Tries to answer the question, “are extended warranties worth buying?”

Spending Less Money on Food: Investing Intelligently provides us some tips on how to spend less on food from his personal experience.

Frugal Valentine’s Day: February 14th is just around the corner and Frugal For Life has a few good back up ideas if the desire hits to celebrate the special day.

Simplify Home Cooking: Create Two Recipe Files: Seattle Simplicity offers a neat tip to organize recipes culled from newspapers and magazines.

Calls to and from Abroad treated as local calls: Wandering Indian Monk shows how to use a VOIP phone to make international calls as if they were local.

Asian grocery stores save you money: mapgirl offers some shopping advice on where the deals are at Asian grocery stores.

Debt Reduction: Solve the Right Problem Financially: Canadian Financial Stuff shares an interesting anecdotal story about making sure that you are solving the RIGHT problem.

We don’t need no stinkin’Paperwork Reduction Act: Don’t Mess With Taxes says that dealing with the IRS can be a hassle, a costly hassle. But some people may be able to save some bucks by e-filing for free.

9 Ways to Look Rich but Live Cheap: Free Money Finance says that it doesn’t take a million bucks to look good.

Avoid Costly Home Insurance Mistakes, Part 1: Five Cent Nickel discusses an article that shows how to save hundreds of dollars every year on home insurance.

Button Cell Batteries: raising4boys.com shows how to get a great deal on button cell batteries to replace those that your kids have burned out since Christmas.

Your Savings is Going to a Better Place: Frugal Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Warehouse shows how to make more interest by simply relocating your money.

The Danger of Cash Flow Thinking: Early Riser discusses the pit falls in forgetting net worth and blindly focusing on cash flow.

Hints & Tips: CD Coasters to Tomcats: Frugal For Life has pulled together a few ideas and links that may help save money or get your juices of creativity going.

Saving on Maternity Clothes: Fat Pitch Financials says that big savings on maternity clothes can be had on eBay and share his recent experience on how the savings stack up.

Free Federal Tax Filing Software: MyMoneyBlog has listed some free tax filing software options open to everyone, but also including a large list of free options by the IRS for people with an AGI under $50,000.

Money Saving Chronicles #2: The Frugal Mind: Adam’s Blog analyzes the frugal mindset and paraphrases Yogi Berra that saving money is 90% mental.

Next week, tune in to Frugal Underground for more frugality ideas.

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  5. Thanks! Duly noted in my blog: “… a pick in the Festival of Frugality #7 compiled courtesy of Canadian Capitalist. Take a look for some money-saving tips.”

  6. Thanks! Duly noted in my blog, Don’t Mess With Taxes: “… a pick in the Festival of Frugality #7 compiled courtesy of Canadian Capitalist. Take a look for some money-saving tips.”

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  10. Thanks for hosting..it looks great and it’s chock full of good reading!

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  17. I like the concept. I see I’ve found this page very much after publication, but I’ll be searching around to see if I can find out how to participate and submit items… (or maybe the owner of this blog will shoot me a tip?)


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