Welcome to the 18th edition of the Festival of Frugality dedicated to posts that show how to make every dollar go a little bit further.

Without further ado, here are the highlights:

A Blast From the Past: Portion Control and Cost Per Serving: Frugal Wisdom shows how to practice the lost arts of portion control and calculating cost per serving.

Surviving IV: Change Our Family Tree shares their family’s experience of being broke and how they cut expenses to survive in a series of posts.

Super cheap travel in the Midwest (or England): Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise posts about a new economical bus service called Megabus.

Don’t you know? me-ander says that not everyone appreciates a bargain.

Great “Hot Deals” Sites: 2 Retire At 50 shares his favourite sites to find out what the good deals are for the day.

Finance: Spring Cleaning: Canadian Financial Stuff adds a new ritual for the spring season.

Money Saving Tip: Keep Your Kids from Hanging on Garage Doors: Free Money Finance offers a unique money saving tip!

Hints & Tips: Nuts to Address Labels: Frugal for Life throws out a few extra tips to make things last longer or find new uses for stuff.

Stop Using Costly ATM’s and Make Money with Your Cash: Laws of Finance warns us not to use ATM machines that are not associated with our bank.

What does your pay check and a Dixie Cup have in common? It’s Just Money discusses the common theme behind diapers, paper cups, napkins and income.

Wal-Mart Health: Money and Investing says that Wal-Mart Health providers can help ease the pain on the uninsured, and even save time for the insured.

Cheaper Long Distance Calls from Your Landline or Mobile Phone: Inchoate Random Abstractions talks about jajah.com.

Live Rich, Be Frugal: Young and Broke shares tips on traveling and eating out for those of the frugal mind-set who don’t want to compromise quality.

Packrats and Cookies: The Common Room shares a butterscotch cookie recipe from her great-great grandmother.

Habits, Habits: LRJohnson’s Savings Blog argues that habits make or break a person.

Frugal Garden Art: Cercis’ Journal shows how to use bowling balls for globe garden art.

Take the Frugal Quiz: Wild Blue Yonder asks readers to take a quiz to see how frugal they are.

Discount Travel Transportation: Sound Money Tips talks about a frugal way to travel between major cities.

Use Half The Amount: Personal Finance Advice says that you can use half the amount of almost everything you purchase and the products will still be effective.

A Look at Wells Fargo’s Check Card Rewards Program: AllFinancialMatters checks out Wells Fargo’s Rewards Program.

Men Don’t Buy Tampons and other Budget Busters: Flash’s Saving Blog advises readers to shop from a list, use coupons and not to waste money.

Debtspiration.com: Firevalt Blog talks about an excellent new site that posts motivational quotes each day from various authors about reducing your debt and increasing your savings.

Three flea market finds, all for a dollar: Mighty Bargain Hunter hunted for useful things for pennies on the dollar.

Make $100 In Ten Minutes… Right Now! Punny Money does a basic personal finance exercise to gain a better understanding of his spending and savings habits and shows you how simple measures can translate to big money.

The Price Book – Part I: The Family CEO offers tips on how to keep a price book to take advantage of sale prices.

Eating out for free: Penny Nickel talks about two restaurants where you can literally get a free lunch.

Just Hit It! Frugal Upstate shows how to make a piñata – A great craft for kids and a great addition to a birthday party.

Will my frugality send my kid to the hospital? My Financial Journey declines to have his lawn sprayed with chemicals.

Next week, tune in to Punny Munny for more frugality ideas.

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  8. You did a great job, but I apparently did not. I meant to give you the link to this post:

    Frugal Extremes

    The cookie recipe I meant to submit to the Carnival of the REcipes. I must have forgotten to clear the form or something. Sorry!

  9. I’ve got my link up over at Frugal Upstate. It usually takes me a day because I like to give some commentary on the articles that really grabbed me that week.

    Thanks for your work!

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