Save on Banking Fees

January 16, 2005

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It is shocking to find that a national Ipsos-Reid poll found that Canadians are paying an average of $21.50 per month or $258 a year in banking fees on chequing accounts. Though many people (40%) think that service fees are unfair, they seem to be doing nothing about it. The big banks offer low-cost chequing options and there are no-fee alternatives available.

From personal experience, the key to paying little or no bank fees is using a no-fee chequing account for most transactions, bill payments etc. and almost never using a third party ATM which might cost about $4 per withdrawal.

Wasting Money

January 7, 2005


This article on MSN Money details the various ways in which we literally waste money. Personally, I waste money through library fines, food spoilage, buying more clothes than necessary (my wife actually), not sending in mail-in-rebates etc.
Ever notice how city council increases late-fees on library items every year? It is a nice increasing revenue stream for the local government and they can rightly blame us and get away with it!
The article mentions that we waste about 10% of our grocery dollars through spoilage. Sadly, I think it is true with us and we have to do a better job on managing the fridge inventory.

Save on Gas

December 29, 2004


The website regularly updates gasoline prices in our area. A particularly useful feature is Price Statistics, which can be used to figure out the best time to fill-up. For me, the best time (mostly) turns out to be Mondays.
Try website to search for a similar website in your area.