Canadian Interest

Survey of Canadian Household Spending

December 14, 2004


StatsCan report on 2003 Survey of Household Spending, reveals interesting information. It shows that our highest expenses are taxes (20%), housing (19%), transportation (14%) and food (11%). Our average spending increased 1% in 2003 compared to the previous year. The report suggests that most of the increased spending was on electronic gadgets like digital cameras, DVD players and cell phones.
Ottawa, given that our biggest expense is taxes, how about sharing some of those big surpluses with us, eh?

Canadian do-not-call registry

December 8, 2004


Most of us are annoyed with dinnertime calls from telemarketers asking us to subscribe to newspapers, buy time-shares and myriad other things. And we’ve been jealous of American’s do-not-call registry, where millions of households have signed-up.

The Toronto Star (registration required) is reporting that the federal government is finally going to introduce legislation for a national do-not-call registry. Now, they should find a way to prevent annoying dinnertime doorknocks.

Reinstating Aeroplan miles

November 23, 2004


Do you collect Aeroplan miles? Is it a couple of years since you flew Air Canada or had any transactions on your Aeroplan program? Aeroplan has now started expiring miles in dormant accounts. If this is the first time you are hearing about this, contact Aeroplan. They have a simple process of reinstating the expired miles.