Welcome to the 26th edition of the Carnival of Investing dedicated to posts that cover stocks, bonds, real estate or anything related to investing. Without further ado, here are the highlights:

Towards Property Millionaire: Towards Better Life talks about his strategy of becoming a millionaire by investing in rental properties.

Value of the dollar: Privet Colorado wonders how to profit from a sliding American Dollar.

How to choose a Financial Planner: Adventures in Money Making has ten questions to ask a financial planner.

How to beat the S&P 500: Frank the Financially Savvy Atheist offers a possible strategy for beating the S&P using some judicious leverage.

Microchips Getting Crowded Out? Stock Market Beat discusses a Barron’s story on profiting from the rising prices for polysilicon.

Martin Whitman: What’s Wrong With Value Investing? GuruFocus.com reports on a talk by the famed value investor at the NYSSA.

Sell in May and Go Away? It’s Just Money checks to see if there is any truth in the old Wall Street adage.

Limit Company Stock in Your 401k: Free Money Finance discusses a CNN Money article that counsels readers to limit exposure to their employer’s stock in their retirement accounts.

Getting Rich Quick In Real Estate: Searchlight Crusade advises that the people with the real secrets to getting rich don’t sell them for $199 at the Holiday Inn.

Sun Tzu and The Art of Using Neural Nets – Recap: “D”igital Breakfast tests the accuracy of his neural net model’s predictions for the S&P500’s close and finds it to be amazingly accurate.

New Dividend Paying Position – Wal-Mart: The Dividend Guy tells us why he initiated a position in the beast of Bentonville.

Report: Five of Top Ten Grossing Class Action Settlements Involved ERISA Claims: Workplace Prof points out a news item for that small segment of his students who believe that attending law school will help them one day become millionaires.

The Week Ahead: Your Financial Road Map for June 12 to 16, 2006: Financial Options reviews the week’s economic indicator releases, Treasury auction schedule, select earnings reports and other events that may move markets.

Still more on Missed Fortune 101: Mighty Bargain Hunter discusses the feedback he received for a post on a controversial book.

Position Sizing calculator and Spreadsheet Investment Tools: Journey To Financial Freedom shares a calculator or spreadsheet to help you calculate the trailing stop for a stock position.

Can You Make Money From Jim Cramer’s Picks? Seeking Alpha wonders if a small investor can make money buying what Jim Cramer recommends on Mad Money.

Emerging market hustle: Abnormal Returns argues that emerging markets are in better shape than any time in recent memory, but risk-seeking funds have made them rise farther and fall quicker than the fundamentals dictated.

The April Trade Gap Spin: Mover Mike says that it is interesting to see how various papers cover a government press release.

How Much Will the Housing Market Fall? My 1st Million At 33 takes a stab at figuring out how much the housing market will fall because of an increase in mortgage rates.

SocialPicks: Stock Pick Research Meets Web 2.0: Investorial reviews a new social web experiment that seeks to be the new way for people to share stock picks and research.

Many Americans May Struggle In Retirement: Ask Uncle Bill discusses a ‘study’ that reports “almost one in two American families are headed toward years of financial struggle in retirement.”

Pep Talk: Pay Yourself First: Get Rich Slowly encourages readers to save ten percent of everything they earn.

New Search Features on SEC EDGAR: Fat Pitch Financials digs into the details of a full text search feature offering by the SEC EDGAR database that looks very promising.

Understand opportunity costs: Paul’s Tips explains an important concept that helps you derive maximum benefit from your limited resources.

That’s it for this edition. Next week, tune in to AllFinancialMatters for more investing ideas.

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