Welcome to the 20th edition of the Carnival of Investing dedicated to posts that cover stocks, bonds, real estate or anything related to investing. Unfortunately, since I received only a handful of submissions, this edition will be short and sweet.

TIAA-CREF Funded my SEP IRA: Consumerism Commentary reports that TIAA-CREF finally managed to fund his SEP IRA account. The post talks about SEP IRAs in general and Flexo’s experience with TIAA-CREF in particular and also his fund allocation.

Spousal RRSP Scenario: Canadian Financial Stuff kicks off a series of posts to show how spousal RRSPs can be used to split income in retirement. Other posts in the series are available here, here and here.

Calculating and Comparing Treasury bill Returns: MyMoneyBlog shows how to decipher T-bill auction results and compares them to other cash-equivalent investments.

Special Situations Real Money Port Update: Fat Pitch Financials lists all the trades in his special situations portfolio and calculates the APY (IRR) of his performance so far. Hint: He is beating the markets by a substantial margin.

Audio Resources Around the Net: Investing the Middle Way provides an overview of some worthwhile streaming audio and podcasting financial programs around the internet.

Are Income Trusts A Ponzi Scheme: Le Revue Gauche worries about income trusts in Canada. He argues that this country has such poor regulations around capital and investments that it is literally the Wild West for all sorts of get rich quick schemes (like Bre-X).

Top Ten Mistakes that Investors Make: It’s Just Money lists the mistakes that investors too often make that results in poor portfolio returns.

Next week, tune in to Retire at 30 (I think) for more investing ideas.

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  1. how exactly did the communist get in? I didn’t read much substance in La revue gauche, just the usual leftist ramblings of someone who could know better… Did you vet any of this, CC?


  2. Canadian Capitalist

    Rick: I have to confess that I didn’t read the full post. The first few lines sounded relevant to the carnival, so I included it.

  3. Hey CC,
    I used the Carnival Submission form. I guess that doesn’t work during Retire@30’s MIA Hiatus? Anyway, here’s what I sent:


    I agree, it would be a shame to see this carnival die.

  4. Canadian Capitalist

    I’ll include your post. I didn’t get any of the submissions through the form or conservative cat. I’ll close the carnival after tomorrow though.

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  7. Hi CC,
    I also submitted through Conservative Cat, and that doesn’t seem to get to you. So I will just put the link here: