Canadian Financial Links


Shakespeare’s Investment Primer – A comprehensive online resource for do-it-yourself investors written by Keith Betty. I wish I had read this guide before buying my first shares in JDS-Uniphase.

Financial Webring Forum – A message board that features vigorous debate on stocks, bonds, index funds and everything financial under the sun. If you have a question, this is the place to ask.


Stingy Investor – Norm Rothery, a financial consultant, compiles links to various value investing articles appearing on the web.

Bylo Selhi – Bylo is the nom de plume of a self-described “fund industry gadfly”, frequent contributor to the Financial Webring Forum and passive investor. Be sure to check out his Dilbert on Investing page. It is a hoot.

Money Managers

Value Investigator – Irwin Michael, a deep-value manager runs the ABC Fund and explains why he bought a particular stock, ongoing commentary on his holdings and why he exited a position. He also writes articles on his investment philosophy.

Leith Wheeler is a Vancouver-based money manager with a value-investing bent. Their quarterly outlook is worth checking out.

Phillips, Hager & North, a well-regarded investing firm, publishes articles from their quarterly reports on their website.


Canadian MoneySaver is a magazine that features articles on various personal finance topics written by some of the leading professionals in Canada. The website offers a free sample issue and a generous selection of articles that appeared in past issues.

MoneySense Magazine is Canada’s leading personal finance magazine. Their website has a wealth of resources and articles from past issues, but it is too bad that they are not indexed properly.

The Toronto Star Business pages feature columns by their personal finance columnist Ellen Roseman.

The Financial Post, unfortunately requires subscription to access many of its columns, including those by Jonathan Chevreau.

Report on Business occasionally provides access to personal finance columns by Rob Carrick and business columns by Derek DeCloet.

Richard Croft’s Portfolio Matters columns for the Financial Post are archived here.


Ernst & Young Tax Calculators and Tax rates for all provinces and territories.

Tax expert Tim Cestnick’s website has tons of information including his columns in the Globe & Mail. provides tax calculators, tax rates and useful tax-related articles.


Everything you wanted to know about RESPs from HRDC Canada. The site also has a FAQ section.

Before you open a RESP account make sure that you can receive all eligible government grants with the promoter.

Credit Reports

You can order credit reports for FREE via mail from Equifax, TransUnion or Experian. Check this post for more information.


The Callan Periodic Table of Investment Returns explains why forecasting is a tough business.

Why Diversify? – The Canadian version of the Callan Periodic Table from Franklin Templeton.