Most of us are annoyed with dinnertime calls from telemarketers asking us to subscribe to newspapers, buy time-shares and myriad other things. And we’ve been jealous of American’s do-not-call registry, where millions of households have signed-up.

The Toronto Star (registration required) is reporting that the federal government is finally going to introduce legislation for a national do-not-call registry. Now, they should find a way to prevent annoying dinnertime doorknocks.

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  2. Lynda Hammond

    The exemptions to the DO NOT CALL List are the people who are annoying me the most. Our household does not give to any plea from a telephone canvasser, and deeply resent the intrusion into our life. The cost of these telemarketers far exceed the cost of mailing their requests to our door. Any charity or business, that we do not wish to deal with, will never be included in our donation, vote or sales budget!

  3. When you posted this news in 2004, did you think that it would be September 30th 2008 before the Do Not Call List came into effect?

  4. Canadian Capitalist

    euphemus: I believe they were originally targeting a 2007 launch date (not sure, I’m a bit fuzzy on this point). Hey, that’s government for you 🙂