November has been designated as Financial Literacy Month (FLM) by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, a Federal Government body tasked with educating consumers about financial products and services. As part of FLM, Glenn Cooke of Life Insurance Canada organized a campaign by Canadian bloggers who published their best financial tips below in reverse alphabetical order. If I missed yours, let me know and I’ll glad to add it to the list.

And last, but not the least, Canadian Money Forum members shared their money tips here. There were a couple of interesting tips (such as this one) in there that normally one wouldn’t think of.

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  1. Thanks for rounding up these tips for us, CC. Good tips in the CMF thread, too.

  2. It was great to be part of this event and I hope that Glenn or someone else organizes all the bloggers to do this again next year!

  3. Great list and a very good initiative by Glenn.

    I hope this is an annual event.


  4. Thank You for putting this list together with sites and subjects! This was a great idea and it was a pleasure taking part. Hope it becomes a yearly event. Cheers!

  5. Thanks for your comments guys. I don’t think I’ll be doing this next year. Too much thankless work and not much fun.

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  7. I loved the special “be good to your partner” tip!

    And I would add… if you can find a partner (treat them right and keep them), it is a very nice thing financially. We have many single friends and we’ve really seen how tough it can be for them to get ahead in any meaningful way. In contrast, after 20 years together and a reasonably frugal life, we are doing a lot better. Heading out to buy flowers…

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