I am really honoured to find this blog listed among the best Canadian Investment Blogs in MoneySense magazine, a leading Canadian finance publication. The article by columnist Larry MacDonald is in two parts: the first mentions really good commentators like Bill Cara (check out Mr. Cara’s post about the mention), Irwin Michael and Norm Rothery (of the Stingy Investor). Mr. Michael and Mr. Rothery also write insightful columns for MoneySense.

The second part mentions the hilarious The Market Guy, which I stumbled upon just the other day. He writes mostly about his adventures in income trust investing. I have to confess that I haven’t heard about the other blogs mentioned, but I am going to check out all of them and note down my thoughts over the Victoria Day weekend.

Here’s what Mr. MacDonald said about this blog:
Written by a software developer with a keen interest in investing, this blog has a pleasing design and writing style. There are many links to and reviews of articles, books and blog pieces on investing (and personal finance). It’s good for drawing attention to items you might not otherwise notice. The author goes by the nickname Arbe but his ‘About Me’ button has been disabled — maybe because he has a new job with a big software firm in Ottawa and is trying to play it safe.

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  1. Hi Arbee,
    Congratulations for being voted one of the best Canadian Investment blogs – you really deserve it.
    Frugal Chick

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  3. Does anyone know a good discount broker to replace Ameritrade Canada? I am looking for real time streamer and charting. How can a Canadian use an American discount broker?



  4. My blog is about my company looking for investors, can you give any hints on the best way to approach investors? I am nervous about someone stealing it from under my nose without securing investment FIRST…Thanks

  5. More about Canadian Gold mining stocks please!

  6. Hi John,

    I’d suggest Questrade – but I’m biased because I work there.

  7. Hello.. Just did a search on investment blogs and this site came up #1 on the google search.

    My question is somewhat complicated or maybe not. Perhaps its just my lack of investment knowledge.

    I am a Canadian (non-resident status) living in South Korea as a English Professor. Its now my 3rd year in Korea and i’ve decided to stay for the long haul (5-7 + years). My question is this:

    As a non resident of Canada I don’t have to pay income tax from the money i’ve earned working in Korea. Thats the sole purpose of claiming non residency in Canada. However as a non resident I am very limited to owning property, assests, even a driver license which can change my residency status.

    I am saving about 1500.00 (CDN) per month. I would like to start investing with that spare 1500 per month but dont know where to start.

    All info would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Please take a look at the investment strategy paper on http://www.copstrat.com. Nothing for sale on this site — just an investment research paper and the results of a research model that ran 15 years of monthly data on mutual fund asset classes.

    I am interested in your opinion.

    Thanks, Mal Williams

  9. Jody non-resident expats can own property in Canada. There are many options available. Now especially is a good time to invest in Canadian Real Estate.

  10. I think real estate is always a good investment as it is a great hedge against inflation; however, searching for the right market is extremely important. For example, investing in the Vancouver market today might not be a good short term decision since it seems we could be at a peak. Long term real estate is always a good be though. Most Canadians are over invested in real estate though and should diversify into equities and fixed income instruments as well.

  11. Real Estate investing is indeed a great way to make money. Of course investing for the long term is the best strategy when the local market is not booming.

    If you are interested in short term real estate investing, you have to be working in a hot market. There is no hotter market today than Dubai.

    Check out our new company: DubaiCanada. We have associations with exclusive developpers and resellers of residential projects in Dubai. The returns are absolutely phenomenal. We just had an increase in value of 40%cin 3 months on one of the projects we have available.

    If you are North American and want to get invested in Dubai real estate market, check out our blog. http://dubaicanada.blogspot.com/

    Good investing and great returns from Investor Guy

  12. what is the best thing to invest in right now? anybody know?

  13. I put my money in ‘the mattress’.

    I just bought a king pillowtop bed and its awesome! I bought a mattress and someone bought T.Z.un. Go figure.

    To be honest many things are cheap right now. It worries me more that people are stuffing money into mats than actually investing.

    I won’t profess to tell you what to buy right now because nobody knows for sure. I will tell you what i am doing and that is dollar cost averaging in every month into my current funds (which are US, CDN and Overseas).

    I would buy ishares etfs. XFN, XEG, XIN, XSP, and XRB split up in some manner (perhaps 20 % evenly) depending of course on risk tolerances . I tilted it to financials and energy as of today, but to be conservative i would go (XIU 20%, XSP 20%, XIN 20%, XRB 40%)


    At this point in time its not so much ‘what to invest in right now’ but rather ‘what not to invest in?’

    Ok i can’t resist, but one short term pick would be PCA.

  14. Congratulations on being among the best canadian investment blogs.

  15. For most people it would be Great to get ” Return of Investment”
    Not return on investment.
    Let patience be your guide. We need consolidation in 2009.
    Opportunity will come earily in 2010.

  16. Where do they find these managers like Curt Custard. Appointed Dec. 2007 and promptly looses 34 % per annum continually in a monthly income fund. In business these guys get wacked “Kevin O’leary” in mutual funds they get 2 %. It’s ridiculous .

  17. When there is fear in the street those that take back control proactively will seize the “right time, right now” opportunities and put power back in their pockets. We have a tax efficient Mutual Trust Fund that cosists of a diverse pool of opportunities that are Commercial Real Estate based including distressed strategically identified debt and high caliber under-valued cash flow properties in Western Canada.9.25% quarterly cash flow, and at the end of the day, the potential for signifiocant returns (your initial investment + 60% of the net proceeds) This firm has significant “skin in the game”, they don’t front load and they don’t make money until their other investors make money. Email me and I will send you their prospectus. Have a great day and fun embracing our new economy. kcalvert@intreowealth.com

  18. Just started reading your blog. Looks great. I am trying to learn how to do this myself.

    I am an investment advisor with Research Capital. Any advice?



  19. I thought I should mention two blogs that are investor based with a slant toward resources. http://www.shareknow.net uses calculators that actually tally up the value of mines and exploration companies on a per share basis. They even let you change the tonnage, metal prices, recovery rates etc to suit your preferences. You should also check out http://www.resourceintelligence.net. They interview mining executives, but not in the typical infomercial way. These are actual interviews with CEOs, pressing them on their production models, level of advancement, obstacles, etc. resourceINTELLIGENCE also interviews analysts on each episode to dig deeper into the issues surrounding various resource commodities.

  20. These are great…Investors on both sides of the 49th parallel are looking for reliable information. Big picture investors and new investors should consider this new blog: http://www.investinglikeapro.blogspot.com as well.


  21. These are no doubt great. I have been studying about canadian investment from the past 4 days and realized that canada is also a good place for real estate investment.

    I took help from nice investment services provider ASG Financial Corporation (http://www.activetrader-links.com/Business_Investing/Real_Estate_Investing/Commercial_Real_Estate_Investing/24479-1944.html) and also read some information from http://www.moneysense.ca/2010/05/03/nominate-your-favourite-canadian-investment-blogs/ ….

    Very appreciative knowledge.

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  23. I found your site by looking up “popular investment blogs”, your site came up #1. Congratulations! I would like to direct your attention to a site that I think might interest you. It was started by a man in his 70’s, and has been running for the last 10 years, collecting comments that investment experts make on the TV shows Market Call, and Market Call Tonight. These are call in shows where users call the expert of the day and ask their opinion about a stock.

    The site has become quite popular over the years, and I think you might find it useful.

  24. The Globe Investor website (http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-investor/), has begun to block articles they publish and request a fee payment before they let you read the article. This is just another attempt to gouge individual investors who have been using the Globe and Mail Investor website, like me for more than 10 years I have been using there free service. They have enough advertising on this website and this new method to extract more money from us free subscribers is just over the top!
    I contacted the Globe Investor management and asked why they are blocking content that I was able to read just last week and now its “Blocked” until I make a payment? They wouldn’t answer me and asked me what type of subscriber am I? I told them I have been a free subscriber for more than 10 years and now you are making me pay for this free service…no response. I am now looking for a replacement Investor website that I can use alongside, Seeking Alpha and StockChase, do you have any suggestions for me?