Here are some recent posts I enjoyed from the Personal Finance Network:

  1. There’s plenty of blame to go around for the credit crisis. Yes, the banks and credit card issuers employ tactics that can only be called predatory but Clever Dude points out that we alone are responsible for our debt problems.
  2. Money Ning points out why it is important to budget and keep track of expenses.
  3. We all know that grocery prices are going up. Blunt Money finds that the cost of pet food is increasing significantly as well.
  4. Squawkfox lists 50 (fifty!) reasons to go green with reusable shopping bags.
  5. Mr. Cheap reviews Maxed Out (the movie) and despite its flaws, recommends the book and the movie.

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  1. Shopping bags are increasingly an embarrassment, but we shop sales at both Loblaws and Sobeys. Both sell the bigger sort of reusable bag, about equivalent to an in-store basket. I could never bring myself to carry one chain’s (big logo) bag through the other chain’s checkout, much less parade it that little corner merchant’s humble store. I did once see a sturdy college kid shop groceries with one of those massive Ikea shoulder sling bags, about equivalent to a wheeled cart. Sensible grocery-neutral solutions appreciated.

  2. Thanks for the link CC!