When I was recently offered a new job, I had to find out if I was being offered a competitive compensation package. I was already gainfully employed and was in no pressure to accept the job offer. I couldn’t just ask my friends and co-workers about their salary, so I turned to the web for research.

Job site workopolis.com features a salary wizard that allows users to select a suitable job description and their geographic location and it spits out 25th percentile, median and 75th percentile information for base salary and total compensation. The information is extremely useful to evaluate a job offer or negotiate a raise.

Another website, PayScale.com allows the user to provide a lot of information (like school attended, years of experience, job skills etc) and grades the compensation. I am a little bit sceptical of the results because the matching profiles were very quite different from mine. They also offer a “premium report” for $14.95, but I didn’t order one for the above-mentioned reason. The free report is worth checking out anyway.

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