Thanks to everyone who participated in the Third Blog Anniversary Giveaway, which received a record 224 comments and an extra 65 comments and blog entries. The winner of the iPod is Peter from Calgary and the winners of the gift certificates are Antonie from Toronto and Tavis from Calgary.

I would also like to thank the following bloggers for participating in the group-writing project:

  1. Loonies and Sense lived frugally during his student days but got into debt as soon as he landed a full-time job and he shares what we can learn from his mistake.
  2. Growth in Value regrets accepting less than he has paid for and is diligently working on fixing it.
  3. Thicken My Wallet reports how he suffered from “analysis paralysis” in researching a stock.
  4. Plan Your Escape got suckered into buying a Universal Life Insurance Policy just out of University but he isn’t crying over spilt milk.
  5. Renaissance Canuck is still working on avoiding impulse spending that throws a wrench in her budget.
  6. The Financial Blogger shares the mistake he made in selling his house through a realtor.
  7. Blessed by the Potato shared several mistakes where he didn’t take the time to stay on top of his money situation.
  8. The Money Gardener hasn’t made many mistakes but he did note that he tended to ignore small, repetitive expenses.
  9. Buying or leasing a shiny new car as soon as landing a new job after graduating seems to be a common money mistake. But Canadian Dream also found a bright side to the mistake.
  10. Fecundity tells us why it took a smart person like her eight years to graduate from university.

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  1. Great contest CC!

    Thanks for the mention too!

    It still hurts when I think about this mistake 😉

  2. CC: Thanks for the great topic idea. It’s a valuable exercise to critique old decisions. It’s also nice knowing you’re making progress with your financial sense so you will be less likely to make similar mistakes again.



  3. Thanks for the site, the contest, and the link…

    Unfortunately, my site’s gone down for the moment. If anyone would like to read my financial mistake, a plain text backup is currently up in the root:

  4. Congrats to Peter and thank you to everyone who shared such good stories.

    Thanks very much for the link, CC.

  5. Thanks for the link!

    Congratulations to the winners; enjoy the electronic goodness this holiday season.

  6. thanks for the link CC.