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Call For Carnival Submissions

September 26, 2005


I will be hosting the 16th edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance next week. Bloggers, send your submissions to ccapitalist-[at]-yahoo-[dot]-ca with the following information:

  • Name of your blog.
  • Title of your post.
  • The URL of your post entry.
  • A short summary of your entry.

Entry deadline is 5 P.M. Eastern on Sunday, October 2, 2005. I will be featuring entries in the order in which they are received.

This week’s Carnival is hosted by Free Money Finance. Check it out!

Trade by Numbers Issue

September 24, 2005


This month’s Trade by Numbers issue (from The Globe and Mail) features columns on investing in technology. Rob Carrick recommends ETFs like the QQQQ though he wonders if the sector is worth owning at all. Other columnists write about the train wreck that is World Heart, a cryptography software company called Certicom, a company that makes micro turbines and a technical analysis of the Philadelphia Semiconductor Index (SOX).

Personally, I try to avoid technology as much as possible for two reasons:

  1. Technology is constantly changing and evolving at a furious pace. Ten years from now, I am fairly sure we will be drinking Budweisers, but I am not so sure we will still be using Google.
  2. I work in technology, so the vagaries of the sector already affect me. I don’t want compound the risk by investing in it.

Shopping for a Van

September 23, 2005


With recent additions to our family, our 92 Honda Accord is starting to feel very cramped even during short family outings. So, I have started shopping for a van that fits the following criteria:

  • Clean, well-maintained Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna
  • Recent model with 50k – 100k clicks
  • Private sale, so that I pay only 8% tax instead of 15%

Online resources that I find very useful:

I would also appreciate any comments or suggestions, as the last vehicle I purchased was more than seven years ago.