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Buying an Inkjet Printer

December 30, 2004

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I was in the market for an el cheapo inkjet printer that should be able to print:

  1. Directly on ink-jet printable CDs and DVDs.
  2. Near photo-quality images.
  3. Occasional text documents.

I found the printer guides at Steve’s Digicams, PC Magazine and to be quite useful. At the local big box retailer, basic inexpensive models offered by Canon, Epson, HP and Lexmark, provided a lot to choose from.
Before buying, I wanted to research the ongoing cost of owning an inkjet printer, as the makers often sell the printer at a loss and make their profits on the ink cartridges. Tom’s Hardware Guide has a detailed comparison of the models I was considering (Canon PIXMA iP3000 and Epson Stylus Photo R200) in this article. The cost per page for most printing purposes seems to be cheapest for the printers from Epson and Canon. I finally bought the R200 because it has the ability to print directly on DVDs. It was also the cheapest printer at only $75 after rebates.

Save on Gas

December 29, 2004


The website regularly updates gasoline prices in our area. A particularly useful feature is Price Statistics, which can be used to figure out the best time to fill-up. For me, the best time (mostly) turns out to be Mondays.
Try website to search for a similar website in your area.

Earthquake and Tsunami Relief, contd…

December 29, 2004


As the losses in the Indian Ocean tsunami keep increasing, the following organisations are also appealing for help: